Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Kevin Spacey & George Clooney together it worth the top spot. Plus it is extremely rare to see Kevin Spacey photographed from this side.
One of my least favorite actors is Anthony Edwards. Oh, he is a decent actor, but he just is so condescending to everyone that it really gets on my nerves.
Anthony Kiedis is looking a little rough here. Love him though.
Alicia Silverstone takes that book of hers wherever she goes. Here she is trying to get Alanis Morissette to buy a copy.
Britney Spears filming the video for "3"
See that man behind you kids? No, not Bill Nighy. The other guy. His name is Danny Boyle and if he promises to buy you an apartment don't start packing.

It hasn't taken Elisabetta Canalis long to start working the red carpet. Here she does a slow strip tease right on it.

Ginnifer Goodwin with the queen of the puffy jackets.
Damn it is a gaggle of Trumps.
Yesterday was Vince Vaughn so today it is Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell from the same movie.
I love Kristin Chenoweth so I am going to give her a pass on this "candid" photo with a pumpkin while hailing a cab.
Scarlett J said yesterday she would be just as happy being a cook or some other job instead of an actress. Uh huh.
I gave this serious consideration for the top spot. Minnie Driver and Uma Thurman.
I have to give it to Neve Campbell. She doesn't get the big parts she used to but she still keeps on acting and to me that shows me she loves it.
Naomi and Liev drinking champagne through straws.
Want to go riding with Patrick Dempsey?
I feel like whenever Peaches Geldof dresses normally I am obligated to post her photo in order to encourage it.
Another Ralph Lauren photoshop job. F**kers. (Thanks Sarah)
It's three real assistants with Rex Lee, the fake assistant. I love assistants.
Rose McGowan really needs to cut down on those pre red carpet drinks.
Tina Fey was on Letterman last night and shared way TMI about how she was a virgin until she was 24 and how she couldn't find any guy who wanted her.
Apparently this whole Hogan reunion thing is sticking.
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson trying to get some attention.
And Maggie Q coming in a close second.
Tanya Tucker - New York
I can't think of a better guy than Willem Dafoe to end the pictures today.


Ms Cool said...

Britney Spears looks the same in every video. Trampy.

I don't believe Tina Fey.

I, too, was happy when Anthony Edwards was killed off on ER.

Emobacca said...

I remember seeing Tina Fey on Road Rules about ten years ago. She was overweight, very frumpy looking, and barely talked above a whisper. Would not shock me if she was a late comer to sex.

RocketQueen said...

Yay Willem Defoe!

And is it just me, or does Anthony Edwards always pose with his head cocked down like that? Over you.

Lainey made a funny joke about how Clooney is too young for Spacey.

I bet Alanis will buy the book - I believe she's a veg, too. That prolly pissed Ryan Reynolds off to no end.

I kind of like Minnie's dress, but for some reason she has always annoyed me.

Peaches looks horrendous - as befits her character.

NotSoAnonMom said...

I can believe the Tina Fey thing. Some people are just late bloomers.

The Trumpster's youngest is such an adorable little boy.

lilbitsolo said...

Ugh, Britney. Why do people like her again?

I don't believe Tina Fey either.

How friggin old is Donald Trump's little boy? Wasn't he just born a couple of years ago? It looks like she's holding an 8yo.

Tanya Tucker, she confuses me. She's badass, I like that. But the work she has had done to her face makes me think of that movie, the one with Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis and Meryl Streep? Where they have to start using spray paint and superglue to hold it together?

pomme said...

Two closet gay actors in the top spot!!! LOL
i LOVE willem Dafoe

lilbitsolo said...

Oh, and I forgot to add:
Ralph Lauren-WHAT THE HELL? Was this one an "accident" too?

faithy said...

UGGGGGHHHHH Ralph Lauren. Not that I bought your tacky stuff to begin with but if I ever had an urge to in the future, I now will never spend a penny on anything you produce.

Suck My Balls Bitch said...

Both Kevin Spacey and George Clooney are turd burglers.

Anthony Edwards looks like he's about to puke.

Anthony Keidis is ripped on smack. Look at those eyeballs

Shittany has a pot belly to lose.

Elizabeth C. has lovely tits. I want to suckle them. Too bad George Clooney is a homer.

The trump women are repulsive, as is The Donald. The kid looks like he has a combover too.

Rose McGowan must be a great fuck when she's ripped.

I wouldn't fuck Tina Fey either. She has that ugly assed scar on her face.

The Hogan family is repulsive white trash.

TinselSass said...

RE: Ralph Lauren... BUYCOTT! NO MORE.

Enty, thanks for introducing

caydian said...

What's with the giant right hand on the RL model? It's even bigger than her thigh!

Anyone remember Stretch Armstrong figures? Will these models be called "Stretch Laurens"?

bluemoon8118 said...

ok seriously? this photoshop nonsense has to stop. what is the point of hiring the beautiful (already underweight) women if you are just going to butcher them into bobbleheads?!? does anyone see that picture and think its for real???

ralph lauren is dead to me

and now im going to peruse the fridge :)

kimmypie1 said...

I don't get it, Ralph Lauren HAS to know how fake that photochopping looks. So are they doing it on purpose to get people talking or what?

As for Tina Fey, someone mentioned her on Road Rules. Like the MTV show? really?

CarolMR said...

I must be really old - 24 is OLD to lose your virginity?

Sarah said...

Hey - I got a shout out from Enty! Made my day...thanks. :)

Now...back to my struggle. I've always bought Ralph Lauren clothes for my family (they hand down well). Looking like time for a change up. Sad Ralph...

Unfortunate Couture said...

George Clooney looks horrible there! Like a raisin.

Ginnifer Goodwin - if I saw that getup in a shop window, I'd feature it on my blog.

Ralph Lauren's photoshopper has to be someone who has never actually seen a nude female. He hasn't even got the basic comprehension of anatomy. Nor perspective. But RL should take the blame. I worked at an ad agency in the print department. There is not a speck of a print ad that isn't gone over by a dozen people. That photo was approved by multiple layers of client and department heads. And yuck.

redhotpepper said...

I will also be boycotting RL, including his American Living line at JCPenney.

califblondy said...

Woohoo, Tanya Tucker. What's up woman? I know it's dumb, but I was just thinking about Tanya and Lorrie Morgan the other day.

Minnie Driver on Will & Grace still makes be laugh no matter how many times I've seen her episodes.

I thought Anthony K. was Chriss Angel at first.

DNfromMN said...

I can't believe she was on Real World/Road Rules challenge, but it's on her IMDb. I can believe she was a virgin til 24. I was until 22, and I'm a hot gay dude. ;)

Say what you will about Danny Boyle personally, he is a great director. Love Bill Nighy.

Love Cheno.

Ginnfer looks like a boy. And isn't nearly as cute as the short real assistant.

Tanya Tucker is a mess inside and out. I caught an episode of her Tuckerville reality show way back when and .... wow. just wow.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I know of someone better that could have finished it off, but it is after lunch and I have promised to stop obsessing over him now *L*

Thanks for the Tanya Tucker though, love her!

ben46 said...

Scarlett Johannssen, va va va voom!

Mooshki said...

Harriet, good luck with getting over that obsession. ;)

Jason Bateman + K.Bell = ♥ ♥ ♥

Wow, Uma looks spectacular.

I have almost forgiven Willem for that horrific Madonna movie that scarred my brain. How scary is it when "Speed 2: Cruise Control" is not the worst movie on your resume?

figgy said...

What? Anthony Edwards is a condescending douche? SADNESS! I always thought he seemed like he'd be cool and down-to-Earth. Rats.

figgy said...

Oh, and I will see ANYthing if Jason Bateman is in it.

I was surprised that Couples Retreat was actually pretty funny.

ea73 said...

WTF is up w/Kevin Spacey?? George Clooney looks rough (and getting close to that AARP membership) but Kevin Spacey looks even waxier (is that a word?) than Nicole Kidman! Yikes-here's a plea to Hollywood: PLEASE NO MORE PLASTIC SURGERY! NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU THINK YOUR DOCTOR IS, WE CAN ALL STILL TELL.

I too love Kristin Chenowith-she's awesome as Miss Noodle!

Britney Spears ho'ing up another video-what a...yawn...surprise...yawn.

When is George Clooney going to come out of the closet??

I think Ginnifer Goodwin is beautiful.

I think Scarlett Johansson seems like a stuck-up, pretentious douche a la Gwyneth Paltrow.

Lauren said...

Scarlett is an asshole for saying that she would be perfectly happy in some other job. She knows she is lying, and that makes it even more annoying.

She can get up at 3am to go to work to throw slimey whole chickens on a shelf and bag groceries for crotchety old people for me if she really feels that way.

chihuahuense said...

I agree that Anthony Edwards seems like a condescending biotch, but if you have ever worked in health care, you will agree with me that he is one of the few tv doctors ever that is truly believeable. He looks, acts and seems like a real doctor, not a pretty boy playing one.

Too bad G. Clooney always picks such major douchettes for gf's. I guess that should tell me something, but hey, I can't help what I dream about.

Sometimes Naomi Watts looks absolutely gorgeous, and other times she looks like any other random girl--nothing special--like in this picture.

Tina Fey was on MTV?? WTF?

Speaking of WTF, WTF is Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Is it a man or woman and why are they famous?

Death Becomes Her. That is that movie that you were talking about. Loved that movie.

HudsonJoe said...


You need to give Kristin Chenowith the benefit of doubt. Having live and worked in NYC for 40 plus years you would not believe what you see people holding while they hail a cab.

Megley said...

Thanks for the pic of Rex Lee! Finally-an-agent Lloyd is the main reason I still watch Entourage.

lilbitsolo said...

@chihuahuense~ Thanks!! Love that movie too.

jax said...

sorry Enty..I only see a Top and a Bottom in the top spot

Harriet Hellfire said...

Mooshki, I read an interview with Margaret Cho earlier today, and she used to date him, and she said that his dick is "uncomfortably large" but that he "knows a lot about women and sex".

So yeah, obsession not fully averted *LOL*.

Miss X said...

If I had better photoshop skills, I'd 'shop Ralph Lauren to look fat as a house. Bastard!

cibele said...

Love Anthony Kiedis :)

Krissie said...

Scarlett's quote made me laugh because it sounds almost like she thinks she's being threatening. Like, "I don't HAVE to stay an actress. I just MIGHT QUIT. I'd be HAPPY not being an actress, you know." LOL Scarlett it's not like you have zillions of fans who'd sob over that. Quit if you want to. Who cares?

I can believe Tina Fey. Our culture is, sadly, so obsessed with sex that everybody thinks everyone is having sex every minute, but meh, 24 is not really all that old to lose it, I know people who were in their 30s and even 40s when they lost their virginity. The only hang-up I have with virginity is when people call it "The V card", ick.

Wil said...

Dafoe .. great guy.

J-Mo said...

Harriet Hellfire: who is this obsession of yours?

linnea said...

I believe Fey too. And I am little bit sad I didnt get to see her all chunky and awkward - she is just so fine now, i have a hard time buying her frumpiness on 30 rock.

canadachick said...

i am so mad that William Dafoe won't be in Boondock Saints 2 - All Saints Day. He was HILARIOUS in the first one

Alice D Millionaire said...

Alanis looks great. I cannot believe she dated that stale dry toast ryan. Even though her understanding of irony is a little off, I still think he has a million times more personality.

Peaches always does that weird thing with her head/neck when she poses.

Naomi should stay away from eyeliner.

Minnie and uma look great but I hate Minnie's dress.

Anthony Edwards really has no reason to be condescending to anyone...I mean has he looked in the mirror lately?

littleoleme said...

Elisabetta Canalis needs to pull her dress up. But her shoes are fucking dee-vine!

RocketQueen said...

What?! No Defoe in Boondock 2?? Blasphemy!