Friday, October 16, 2009

Your Turn

You knew it was coming. The anonymous button is on. Age when you first made out with someone. I'm talking making out and not a kiss on the cheek. And your age when you lost your virginity. If you have stories those are also nice. Not Penthouse Forum type stories, but something fun or humorous like your braces got stuck together or the parents walked in while you were doing it.


Anonymous said...

I was a late bloomer.

Make-out: 19
Lost my virginity: 24

Anonymous said...

14 and 14. Now I have a a14-year old daughter, and I'm terrified.

Anonymous said...

First make-out (just french kissing) = 12. We tried to see how many times we could do it too. LOL.

Lost the v = 16. Nothing special - he was older but I was madly in love with him. He's my friend on FB now. LOL.

Anonymous said...

19 and 21 respectively. Although, I had opportunities to lose it, I wanted to wait for the "right time" with someone I thought worthy. But, at the same time, when I was in college, I was really afraid that I would die a virgin.

Miranda said...

Ha! Anonymity be damned! :)

Make-out: 14. I got my first boyfriend that year and all we did for months was make out.

Lost my virginity at 16 on Christmas Eve (awwww) to a different boyfriend than the one above. It was totally a non-event, really, since we'd done everything except have sex at that point. I went home feeling smug but also kind of "that was it?" Then I went over to his house on Boxing Day to watch a 14-hour Babylon 5 marathon and instead had sex allll day. That was a lot more fun :)

Anonymous said...

Major late bloomer here ... first kiss and loss of virginity at age 25. People tell me I'm beautiful, I just never get male attention. Maybe I give off of a "don't schtup me" vibe.

Anonymous said...

First kiss-13 truth or dare
First french 14-the guy just rolled his tongue around and around and around in circles. I thought that's how it was done and was really embarrassed the next time I made out with someone and they said I was doing it wrong
Sex-19 with a guy who had the smallest penis I have EVER seen! It didn't even hurt. I was really surprised the next guy.

Anonymous said...

Make out: 17

Virginity: 28 to my husband. I've never regretted waiting. Right decision for me.

Anonymous said...

Make-out: 12 or 13
Virginity: 16; Wish I could have had that back - guy turned out to be a real mean asshole.

Only time I got busted was when I was 18 and was making out, half naked in a car in a state forest parking lot. Uncomfortable park ranger had to tell us to leave. Same boyfriend as the one who took my virginity.

Number of total partners in 22 years since losing my virginity: 4

Best sex: With my husband on a balcony of a resort condo listening to the ocean.

Jingle Belle said...

First make out session was an extended one in a tent with 2 boys and another girl and the boys would switch between the other girl and myself. It never went beyond kissing. I was 14.

My first experience in "going all the way" came when I was 16 and the boy was 14. We were in his mother's basement under a blanket with another couple in the room. Young and stupid! At least we used not completely stupid.

I'm not bothering to be anonymous since this in ancient history.

*girl said...

I'm with you Miranda!!

First serious, serious makeout: 14

Lost my virginity: 17

All my girlfriends and I were virgins but in very long term relationships. I think no one wanted to be the first one to do it. Finally, one of my gf's (we shall call her Trish) caved one weekend and had sex with her boyfriend. By the next weekend, the other 7 of us did too!

One of the couples got married; to this day he still says "thank god for Trish, I thought you ladies were going to hold out until your 30s."

Anonymous said...

Kiss-14 back row of a movie theater watching 8 Seconds.

Virginity-16 at the beach in the back of a Lincoln Continental on Valentine's day.

Who says high school boys aren't romantic???

Anonymous said...

honestly, my first make-out session was with the daughter of a woman who babysat me when i was 5. (also female). we used to hide under her bed.

v-card went at 16...didn't try it again until 17. sooo much better.

Anonymous said...

First make-out (if you can call it that)was when I was 20.
I know there are a lot of people who feel all southerners are red-necked hillbillies. Even though I know my share, I can assure you not all of us are. That being said, here is my story:
His name was Cracker. He took me to a moonshine bar. Ordered a mason jar of moonshine-soaked cherries, and rammed his tongue down my throat (he tasted like an ashtray). Then he started telling me how sweet and pretty and hot my sister was and why didn't we look alike, while country(I HATE COUNTRY!!) music played in the background. I gagged (I have always gagged easily) and then cried and asked him to please take me home.
Needless to say I am over a decade older and still a virgin.

Anonymous said...

make-out: 16
still a virgin

Anonymous said...

Kiss/make out: 14

Virginity: 16 and it lasted about 30 seconds. When it was over, I looked at my then boyfriend and said "That's it?"

Anonymous said...

Make out: 12. My family vacationed with a few other families, all with boys my age. Those were fun, innocent summers.

Lost my virginty at 14 to my boyfriend at the time. We had sex several more times during that summer before we broke up....and I ran into him again last NYE. It was like I was 14 again. We're both married now, but the chemistry was incredible. I knew as soon as I saw him that I could get myself into trouble with him.

Anonymous said...

Kiss/make-out/virginity - 16
All the same guy and we dated for like 2 years after that. He was my first boyfriend, too :)

Anonymous said...

First major makeout - 16

Lost my virginity - 19

wade said...

First make out was when I was about 10 years old playing "tag kiss" where you had to kiss the girl you tagged. A girl went nuts for me and I felt like I was on Cloud 9.

Then there was diddly squat nothing until I was 22, when I finally lost it all. It was an amazing 17 seconds. :(

Anonymous said...

Make out - 13
Virginity - 15

southernbelle said...

Kiss 18
Virginity 18

Same guy, first real boyfriend, now my husband. Only person I have ever had sex with. Almost been married a year now

I remember the first time when he finished I was like that is all? LOL, we still joke about that

Anonymous said...

First kiss-13. Boy from down the street. He kept putting my hand on his crotch, and as I reported to my friends "something keeps twitching!" I knew about erections, but was surprised by the real thing.

Virginity--15. Different guy. Drunk on the seat of a pick-up truck. Hey, we lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, probably 3/4 of the population there lost it in a pickup truck! ;-P

Syko said...

14 and 19.

I was engaged and all the make-out sessions were hot and heavy and finally one day I agreed to go through with it. But then I changed my mind. And changed my mind again. We'd gone to a lake about 60 miles from my home that day, and all the way back we stopped about every 15 minutes because I had my courage up, and then I'd back out. Finally got home and IT happened on the sofa in my living room, with my mother hopefully asleep in her bedroom 30 feet away. It was no big deal at all.

Happily, it has gotten better. Especially since I divorced him.

Anonymous said...

First kiss/make out during a truth or dare game summer between 6th and 7th grade. I'd told lots of people I knew how to "french kiss" (like it was some big ol' mystery) and David Martin called me out on it. Quite possibly one of the best kisses I've ever had.

Lost it when I was 15 with my best friend's older brother who did not realize I was a virgin. The next morning, passed him in the hall of their house and this was our exchange:

him -- So do you owe me your first born or what?

me -- With my luck, it will be yours.

I still laugh when I think about it.

Anonymous said...

First major makeout - 12

Lost my virginity - 15
It was really bad, he had a room in the basement of his parents house and lucky us, he didn't have a door. But hormonally charged teens will not be denied so we did it anyway - on an idle tuesday afternoon and afterwards I put my clothes on and went off to work.

I do wish I'd waited though.. 15 year olds have no idea what great sex is..

Anonymous said...

Another late-bloomer, though I'm glad I waited.

First kiss was at age 21. It was in Paris, at midnight in the park by the Eiffel Tower. It was the most magical place and the only thing I could think of was "gross, please stop shoving your tongue in my mouth."

Virginity was at 23. Another big disappointment.

Kristen S. said...

17 and 22

Anonymous said...

I was probably 13 or 14 when I full on made out with a guy.

I was 24 when I lost my virginity. I met the most beautiful Jamaican while on vacation and had my own little "How Stella Got Her Groove Back".

He looked just like Taye Diggs. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

When I was in middle school I "went out" with a guy who liked to feel my boobs but never tried to kiss me. Yes, very healthy. So, first boob grope at 13, first make-out (with a different boy) at 14 and lost virginity at 15.

whole_lotto _luv said...

18 & 21. I didn't want to graduate college a virgin. It was lousy.

Anonymous said...

19 and 19
another late bloomer

Anonymous said...

1st kiss was in 6th grade with a very nice boy that I liked but nothing more than friends - that summer was when I first made out with another boy - and losing my virginity was at 16 - on the living room couch - with my parents sleeping 3 rooms away! I shudder to think about my daughter now who is 14 - and you can bet we have already had "the talk"!

Anonymous said...

First Make-Out: 25
Still a virgin at 28

I was a very shy and reserved teen, but after working on that, I date a lot now. When I tell a guy after a few dates that I'm a virgin, I can see his interest in me immediately nosedive, and within a few weeks we've stopped talking to or seeing each other. Men over 25 do not find virgins attractive. But I'm not so bold or comfortable enough to have a casual hookup.

So, I'm kind of stuck. I'm not looking to get married, am not religious, and am not particularly romantic so I'm not going fall in love with the guy or think my first time should be special and majical. LOL. I'm like, can I date a guy longer than 3 weeks without him bailing on me because of his preconceived notions of a 28 yr old virgin?

kelly said...

I Think the first time I really "made out" I was about 14 and was positive I was in True Love Forever.

The first time I had sex was with my now husband of 25 years and I was 19. I was afraid to go home after because I was sure my dad would know and would kill him. lol.

My children are 24 and 21 and I am positive they haven't had sex yet, lol

Anonymous said...

13 & 19, respectively. Was convinced I was going to die a virgin!!!

Anonymous said...

12 y.o. with boy in catholic school in janitor's closet.

Lost virginity at 21 to my husband while he was sh!t, fun....didn't realize that was a precursor of things to come...but that's a story for another time.

Anonymous said...

First Makeout: 16
Virginity was at 17
Really wish I waited

Anonymous said...

I was 18 before I made out with a boy..

and I still haven't had sex at 29.

Anonymous said...

Make-out = 18
Virginity = 20

lost it to a guy that i had no feelings for, but the attention was nice, and so i decided to just get it over with.

Anonymous said...

Spin the bottle in my friend's basement in the 6th Grade...what was I, 11? 12? Geez.

Anonymous said...

I was 13 the first time I made out with someone. It was in my best friend's basement. He had acne..ugh.

I was 16 when I lost my virginity and it was hilarious! First, he made me get on top...nice, eh? THEN, my mom came home during the deed and he had to hide in the closet. Did I mention that he was 19? It was pretty amusing.

Anonymous said...

19 and 19 here as well.

He was my teacher. I kind of have to leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Make out - 15, not very much fun. I wasn't into the guy.

Virginity, 18, with actually the third guy I slept with. The first two couldn't get it in!

But #3 - the bassist of my favorite goth punk band - was actually very skilled and gentle and, when I look back, very well-endowed.

That evening (and it was only one) is still one of my nicest memories.

Anonymous said...

19 for make out and v-card at 27 with my husband, who actually does not know that he was my first.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon 1:04pm...I forgot to mention, my mom FOUND him the closet, hiding, and chased him out the door, threatening bodily harm. I am dead serious.

Anonymous said...

25 for the make out and bad, clunky, fake-orgasm same-sex activities with a woman, and 31 with a man. both have improved markedly, thank goodness.

.robert said...

12 & 14

Anonymous said...

First make out session was at 15with a guy 2 years older. We went out for about 2 months, but it was most definitely never love on my part.

Virginity was at 16, with a different boyfriend, who was a few days shy of 15. We've now been together almost 20 years, and married for 12. I'm glad it was with him. If I'd discovered sex before we met, I probably would have been a huge slut.

Anonymous said...

Make-out: 14 and it was awful. The guy needed a dental vaccum, there was so much saliva. Still makes me cringe.

Virginity: just before my 18th birthday, with Space Jam on TV in the background. Yes, I just dated myself.

feraltart said...

I don't feel the need for anonymous, no shame.

First kiss 14

Virginity given away (because I too was convinced I would die a virgin) at 19 in my friend's home in her brother's bed. Brother apparently couldn't look at his bed the same again (I am still friends with his sister). The guy and I were only together about 3 months. I don't regret it. Now I have a wonderful husband and we have been together over 10 years.

Anonymous said...

first kiss at 18. It was also my first make-out, which happened in front of my prom group. My date just dove in and went a little crazy, to say the least...and he felt bad after when I told him it was my first kiss.

Virginity- 21 w/my 1st love

Juxtapoise said...

I was 13 when I first started playing around...

I lost my virginity about two months before I turned 17.

sunnyside1213 said...

make-out = 12 and it was gross
virginity = 18 and I was sorry I had waited so long.

Anonymous said...

First make-out was at 15 on the Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney world. If you held a gun to my head, I couldn't tell you a thing about the ghosts. The guy was a fab kisser, though.

Lost virginity at 21 to a cute bass player with long blonde hair. He was hot. The sex was only so-so.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember how old I was at first make-out. Must not have been very good because it obviously wasn't memorable.

But losing my virginity...I was 13, almost 14, fat, and anxious to be "grown up" during the summer before starting high school. He was 19, a loser who noticed me. He invited me over, I had to walk about 2 miles (even though he drove and had a car), he gave me melted slurpee laced with tequila, and took my virginity while playing a mixed tape of Mariah Carey and oldies. To this day I can't stand Mariah Carey. Then he made me walk home. I spent years filled with shame from that, and became very promiscuous for the rest of my high school years because I thought, "what does it matter? I'm already a whore". Ugh...big regrets...but at least I never had an STD. I did get pregnant at 17 son is now 13 and the best thing to ever happen to me and his dad is another loser.

Now married, very happily, and thankfully we have great sex. Husband doesn't know what a big whore I was, thank goodness.

Cor said...

I don't need to be anonymous :)

Make out...12...summer before 7th grade. I ended up marrying him and having two of his babies, we are still together:)

V: was my moms birthday. Guy was a loser. Hope my kids don't make the same mistake.

redhotpepper said...

14 for the make out and my 18th birthday for the big V. It was with the same person but we weren't together that whole time. We just reconnected. I was so drunk that I don't remember the sex, which was probably a good thing!

redronnie said...
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Anonymous said...

First kiss - 12. It was pretty terrible.

Virginity - 16, with a guy I'd been with for 11 months. We ended up going out for two years but it was a horrible, draining and emotionally abusive relationship. So glad it's over. I met an old friend and learned 3 days ago that he got some girl pregnant shortly after we broke up. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

I was 14 when I had my first real kiss...he was 16. I was then informed he would wait at least a month before going after my yeah buh-bye. same for being felt up...he was 18... again- the whole I am going to take your virginity thing.... however- I waited and promised myself that I would be with someone I cared about since I considered it something special...I lost my v @ a guy I was seriously dating and really cared for. He was a virgin too. We did all the serious firsts together and it is pretty cool to know I took his virginity also. Glad I waited till when I did.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yes! I was 13 in the front seat of a pickup truck amking out, once. Some guy slipped his hand down my blouse, and then his mouth. I wasn't too interested, and am still not interested in anybody hanging around my blouse bunnies.

Then I was 34 when I got in bed with a guy. Yes, it was hot!

selenakyle said...

1) first mild making out--7th grade
2) first heavy making out--8th grade
3) first fellatio--just before 10th grade (I think)
4) first intercourse--just after 10th grade
^^all before 1982

5) first real, 100% strictly man-powered orgasm--after 2001

I've cum a long way, baby (pun intended)!

Anonymous said...

First proper 'snog' 18,to a boy I had been to school with. It was so-so,but then we were both pissed at a pub!

Lost my virginity at 26 to my loving boyfriend. I was convinced that he was only after that one thing,and I was that crazy about him that I let him have it!we are still together 8 months later :) I thought I would never have sex....soooooo many body issues,all my friends knew I was a virgin,and a lot of male friends asked to be my first.I'm glad I waited for my man,it was totally natural,and sooo not the big deal everyone says it is!

Cheryl said...

First kiss 18 at college with a guy who was a Billy Idol wannabe.

24 for big v and big mistake. He lied about his age. He was 34 but knew I wouldn't date someone 10 years older than me so he lied. Had a baby he didn't tell me about too. Insensitive partner, but I kind of didn't know better.

I met my husband the next year and we have been together for 17 years. He was only 22 when we met and sex was good and still is.

Anonymous said...

I lost my virginity when I was 19 to my hot 30 year old tennis instructor. Since then, I've slept around with a ton of men (always using protection), but I'm happy to say that the only man in the world I ever want to sleep with is my husband.

In a sort of related embarrassing admission, I have an embarrassing crush on Dave Mustaine. And Jeff Goldblum. I can't believe I admitted that out loud!

Anonymous said...

7th grade, at the drive-in, not in a car.

Anonymous said...

First kiss - I can't remember. So young
First french kiss - 17
Lost my virginity - A week after my 18th birthday. (two or three months after my first french kiss) This guy had the smallest peen ever. The next guy ended up being a boyfriend of mine and damn, what a surprise I got then.

Anonymous said...

Make out: 15 in a graveyard. I was the preacher's daughter, not many places I could go and not be noticed. He was one of the town bad boys. We both had braces. We only date 3 weeks, but he was a very important person in my life for years.

Virginity: 17. different guy. Senior Year Sweetheart. We got drunk and I lost my virginity with his best friend "sleeping" in the other bed and some trailer in the woods. Broke up before I went to college, and dated ten years later. I discovered that after ten years, he was still the douche I dated in high school.

Lindsay said...

First make-out: 17 y/o, freshman in college. Oh I had the biggest crush on him and thought I would die of happiness that he liked me enough to kiss me back. We ere both roaring drunk. :)

First sexy time: 22 y/o, with this total muscle-stud from work that I was sure had no idea that my chubby, red-headed-self existed.
We fooled around for a few months, but I never thought it was very serious.
Then, BAM - he asked me to marry him. 8 years later - still married and madly in love, and I still become a giggly 22 y/o over his muscles.

I never would have thought I would end up marrying the first guy I had sex with - you know what Ferris Bueller would say about that ... but now I'm glad that my first and only was/is my hubby. It seems special and unique.

Anonymous said...

Making out in truth? 7th grade in an empty classroom. I was 12.
First stirrings from making out? 8th grade at our 8th grade dance. I was 13.
Lost virginity? the summer after my freshmen year of high school. I was 14.

I can'tremember the first time I ever gave or got head, but I'm sure it wan't too much sooner than when I lost my virginity. I was in a relationship and "in love."

The guy to whom I lost my virginity was lovely. We'd been dating 10 months (I started school early, hence the age), it was a rainy day, my parents were gone, it was summer break, and 311 was playing. I was in heaven, though at first I wasn't sure we were doing it correctly. We round our rhythm and figured it all out.

Anonymous said...

make out 17
sex 17

Anonymous said...

First major makeout sesh: 15
Lost my virginity: 19

was with the same guy, his parents owned a restaurant, we used to go in there after hours and mess around in the booths and on the floor. Got some nasty rug burns more than once, but damn it was fun. Still miss him.

Anonymous said...

Ah. Two massive disappointments. First french kiss was aged 12 or 13 with a kid called Stuart at the school dance. It was gross and I think he was trying to choke me with his tongue. Everybody hated him, and he seemed to cry a lot. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I agreed, then spent a week avoiding him before dumping him.

Lost my virginity aged 17 with my third 'real' boyfriend. Biggest. Disappointment. Ever. I don't think he ever washed...down there...and so foreplay consisted of me washing it and telling him it was a turn-on for me when, in reality, it was because the smell was so bad. Also, it was tiny and we only ever did it missionary-style. No foreplay ever. Awful.

My fiance, however, is truly fantastic at sex and in retrospect I wish I had waited. Oh to be young again but knowing what I know now.

Kate said...

first make out was 13 in front of the school buses. i was left with his spit like dripping off my face. gross.

lost my vcard at 17 to my bf at the time, who was leaving for college the next day. his dad winked at me before his parents left for dinner, and told the bf that there were more condoms in the bathroom. mortifying. after kissing for 3 minutes he left to go to the bathroom and came back completely naked except for a bright red condom. proceeded to tell me that he and his best friend thought it would be best if i got on top and then waited for me to undress myself and get on him. didn't touch me again besides gingerly holding my hips. lasted 40 minutes until i yelled at him that he needed to finished cuz i had to pee. and i found out later that he made his little sister wait outside in the backyard until his bedroom light went back on before she could come back in the house.

best part is that for almost 2 years whenever we would occassionaly speak he'd always be like "i think us having sex would've been better had...." and i always finished with "there been any foreplay? you touched me?"

sunnyside1213 said...

I forgot to say, my first was a virgin too and not sure where to put it. Pretty funny figuring that out.

Anonymous said...


Made out - 14
Virginity (if there is such a thing) - 17. Did it to Bush's "Glycerine."

Anonymous said...

First kiss 16 with a guy named Eugene! He was 18 I think. Lost the V card 17 at the junior prom, he was 20 and my first love. We rented a motel room on the beach and I made him double bag it!! I did not enjoy it.

Syd said...

14 and 19

BTW, I'm impressed with the ones who waited. No judgment against anyone who didn't. I just think it's cool.

Anonymous said...

First make out was at 12 in janitor's closet at school. She was 12 too. We had to get a mop and bucket to clean up a spill and I didn't realize she had closed the door. I turned around and BAM...she put her mouth on mine. She had a big crush on me but at the time I thought girls were nasty. She activated my hormones...LOL

Lost virginity at 13 on a couch with the babysitter, she was 18. She was babysitting my younger brother and sister. She noticed my erection and told me not to be embarassed about it. She said she knew how to take care of it and got on top of me. Ater a couple of minutes I told her I had to pee. She told me to hold it. After awhile longer it got to the point where I couldn't hold it any longer. She said I did good...better than her boyfriend...LOL

Anonymous said...

To my college boyfriend, we were 22.

He contacted me online a few months ago and the spark was still there. We live 3,000 miles apart, but his business travel has allowed us to get together every couple if weeks.

Just tuesday he told me he loves me and is leaving his wife. I already had planned to leave my husband. We should have never broken up. It's been over 20 years and I am probably happier than I have been since we broke up.

And in case you're wondering, our families didn't approve of our relationship. Mine pulled funding for college and I had to come home. His put other pressures on him.

The heart wants what it wants.

Anonymous said...

I was not allowed to date until college.
I lost my virginity at 20. HATED IT! Painful...
I had my first kiss at 18.

I'm not allowed to bring any boyfriends over to meet the parents unless marriage is in the cards.

Anonymous said...

First made out with someone at 14. Lost it when I was 16....still married to the guy that did it 37 years later.

Anonymous said...

first kiss - 11

first serious make out - 16

loss of the v-card - 17th birthday. the guy was 3 years older than me and had been dreamy and popular when i was a freshman. i totally feel for him even though he was a total player and completely immature. looking back im pretty sure he waited for over a year because he was afraid because i was underage.

it was TERRIBLE!!! terrible, terrible terrible experience. his parents were away (yes, this loser still lived at home with no job or not in school) and we did it in his parents bed where i proceeded to bleed EVERYWHERE. it was like a small scale massacre.

i was so embarrassed and i will give him credit that he never told anyone and was not a dick about it.

i guess he was just happy to have the v-card.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:12 PM

I hope you don't have kids.

Sparks and happiness are fleeting when distance is a factor. Living with someone is entirely different.

Good luck, you'll need it.

Anonymous said...

First kiss(french):13
Virginity:15 to my high school sweetheart. We were both virgins :) I remember that we were fooling around and suddenly, I just FELT ready. I've never regretted losing it to him because he was who I loved back then. Then he slept with my best friend of 9 years...even then I still don't regret it

Jackie said...

I have to say that I feel so much better reading this. I was painfully shy in my youth and could barely talk to a guy. I was 22 when I had my first kiss which turned into a makeout sesh after I told him it was my first kiss. He was 21 and also a virgin. We dated a few months before I broke up with him cuz he got on my nerves. (Five years later now, he's married.) Still a virgin and getting antsy. But I'm not ashamed of it. This has given me the chance to find myself and realize who I am as well as what turns me on before getting someone else in the mix.

Anonymous said...

First french kiss: 15. But I'd hardly call it "making out" as it was with some random guy who started dancing with me at a club and suddenly decided to shove his tongue down my throat without even talking to me. However a few months later, at 16, I began dating my first boyfriend with whom I'd make out aaall the time. Hey, it was all we dared to do.

I lost my virginity when I was 18 (21 now) to my second boyfriend, and it hurt like hell! I freaked out and had to ask him to stop when we were about 30 seconds into doing it... I was so afraid it'd always be like that I didn't even want to give it another try for a few weeks. Luckily, after a few times' practice it got better. I'm still with him now :)

Anonymous said...

19 and 25. I was also a late bloomer. It was awful, horrible, terrible and traumatic. I was convinced I was the last virgin on earth and gave it away to someone to get it over with. I bled all over the place and it turned out the guy was a horrible asshole. I wish I could have lost my virginity to a nice guy at a younger age. I was a slut after that because I wanted to make up for lost time. I hope the next guy I date never finds out I some things from my past. I feel better reading some of the other posts. I wish I could have known back then that many others were also older virgins. I thought I was the only one.

PDQ said...

Can't remember the first makeout age, however the virginity is another story.

25 yrs old - friend since childhood got me drunk in his mother's Jacuzzi. Then I feel his foot come up and play with my ding aling - if you follow my drift.

Have you ever tried taking it in the backdoor in a Jacuzzi with a guy that's lacking in length "down there"? I don't recommend it.

That night I came to understand that size really DOES matter. If it didn't, there would be plenty of 4" dildos sold.

Anonymous said...

Both: 22. For a guy, that's practically being a spinster... But both were good experiences; no regrets.

Anonymous said...

I was 21 for the kiss with a guy I barely wanted to be on a date with. I stupidly caved. I regret making out with him.

I was 24 when I was married and lost my virginity.

Lisa (original) said...

@ 12:24 (2nd poster): Awww, honey, as a fellow Southerner, you shoulda known it would go bad if his name was Cracker! :-(

I hope it's been better since.

Anonymous said...

First heavy make-out at 12.
Traded my virginity for my first orgasm at 14 - definitely worth it! I am glad I did not wait! Also, first oral sex (and the best!) at 18. Sorry I had to wait that long!

Sean said...

First kiss with girl-12/13 6th grade.
First oral(receiving)13/14 summer after 7th grade.
First sex 14, later that summer.
First sex SOBER 16.
First oral(giving)16
First anal 17
First threesome 20

Sis said...

First "real" make out session was with this guy named Jimmy, after sports games and practice, oh now that was fun!

I lost my V to a 4th grade teacher who coached sports at my high school. So stupid, he was bummed there was no blood even I knew that did not happen much on your first time. That "relationship" was a big mistake and I cringe when I think about it, gross and double yuk!

Since then I have had 4 partners, married to 2 of them and I am 48 (and still married).

Anonymous said...

first makeout was at a grad party. i was 16. he was tall, blonde and handsome and known to be a slut. whatever! it was awesome and we hooked up at a couple of parties afterward.

losing the virginity was another story. i was 18 and going out with someone i really didnt like who "couldnt remember" how many girls he slept with. yeah, a real winner. and i was a dumb naive girl from a small town, just eager to have anyone notice me. we slept together and it HURT and i was crying but he wouldnt stop. after he was done, i asked him why he didnt stop, that he saw that i was crying, and he said "oh i thought you liked it". fucker. "unchained melody" was playing in the background and to this day, i fucking HATE that song with a passion. i so wish i would have just lost it to my high school boyfriend...sigh.

Anonymous said...

First make out when I was 12. The boy had a crush on me, and punced on me when we were alone. Puberty had already hit so he was stronger than me.. Not a fond memory.

First major boyfriend at 15. We did everything but sex. I don't know why I didn't sleep with him. In retrospect, I should have.

Lost my virginity when I was 16. It was a older guy I had been friends with for about 3 years, majorly crushing on him for maybe 1 year. He had a girlfriend of 2 years. I was so drunk I don't remember any of it. Serious bed head, and 5 days of intense pain down there let me know what had happened. He calimed not to remember either, and begged me not to tell his girlfriend.

WHen I was 18 I started dating this guy. I didn't know him that well, but he invited me to a party and I went. Hated it there, realized I hated him, started drinking heavily.. Apparently had a 20 minute conversation on the cellphone about how much I hated him- the phonecall ended with my going to call my mom to pick me up. I don't remember the phone call, but I do remember bits and pieces of having sex with him.. Including him asking if I was a tease, and I admitting I was pretty much a virgin. (If you don't remember it, it doesn't really count.) Smallest penis I have ever seen. So I suppose that sums up my sex life so far. Still 18 btw. The sex with the willing to take advantage of you guy happened in september, and it's only now october. Needless to say, I told him not to talk to me anymore. He was a big mistake!

Anonymous said...

first kiss- 13 with a neighborhood crush. we both snuck out in the middle of the night to meet in a local park.

first make out- 16 with my first boyfriend. we never had sex but dated again in our late 20's and had the BEST sex ever.

sex- 17 with some random football player on a whim. sex was meh as was his erection. we never talked again.

Anonymous said...

37 and 37. Sick of waiting... Met some big fat guy in a bar swigging vodka down like a fish does water. He wooed me with stories of hungarian cabinet making and we bonded over our mutual distaste for all things wonky-eyed paris hilton and the evil denise richards (although both admittedly drawn to her show like rubber neckers to a train wreck)... He drove me back to "his place" in what can only be described as a soccer mom's dream car. The minivan had the back seats laid down (he said his mom puts them down so he could ride comfortably to work - he supposedly works as an entertainment lawyer in la...).

Anywho, "his place" turned out to be a small room in his parents basement... With extra wide doors so he could squeeze in.
It was special on that crusty old futon. I could tell it was for him too. I don't think a lot of other women would have braved it with the three inch thick layer of potato chip dust covering the sheets, but what can I say... It was a long time waiting for this gal.

All in all not bad, kind of like jumping up and down on a plastic beanbag chair. You know can get you hot and sweaty from all the effort, but when your wearing shorts, you can sometimes get stuck trying to get off it.
*sigh* I still think of him whenever I catch a waft of whiskey and bacon in the morning...

Anonymous said...

First make-out: 12 at YMCA summer camp. Magical. Wonderful kisser.

Lost V: 17. If ever the gods cried out, "don't do it...!" I ignored every sign: 1)I was wasted, fell and scraped up both hands and knees in the road as I ran across to his house, 2) his dogs started barking maniacally in the garage, 3) I stepped in a huge pile of fire ants as I was sneaking into his window (since the garage door idea didn't work too well), 4) it lasted about 5 seconds, and 5) the condom broke! He cheated on me a month later... I caught him in a car with her!

Anonymous said...

First hot 'n heavy make out session was at 16, with first real bf.

Lost my virginity at 25. It was my choice to wait. Lost it to my now husband. I was one of those "everything but" girls. ;)

Anonymous said...

Made out for the first time in the 6th grade. I went steady with the most popular boy in school so I had to give the goods up to him. I saw him years later and he wanted to repeat history. Sadly, I did not. He did not age well.

Lost my virginity shortly before my 15th birthday. It sucked. The guy who I lost it to lost it to me too. Yes, I do know this for a fact. However, I didn't know it at the time, he didn't break my hymen. The second guy I had sex with did and I bled like the Kennedy brothers got shot in my crotch all over his bed. It was FOUL!!! Looking back, I laugh cause he ended up being a major dick to me. Fuck him and his ruined mattress. Loser!

JMom said...
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Anonymous said...

Make out: 22, a lovely drunk kiss godnight
sex: 22, same guy, after him going down on me steadily every chance we got for a couple of weeks I just pulled him up to my face.

He was a complete asshole but it was fun at the time.
I was tired of waiting for nothing special and found it in him. I didn't even tell him how inexperienced I was, out of embarrassment. I'm glad I didn't tell him, I wouldn't want him walking around with a sense of pride or anything... He was a real jerk and the only time he wasn't selfish was in bed.

Then started sexing with my best friend a year later and we are still going out it. Sex is definately better when you like each other.

Anonymous said...

14 for both.
Uphill fun road until marriage.
Then you learn about cheating and psychos. Unless you don't marry one.

Anonymous said...

Make out - 13 with my first boyfriend. He was a sloppy kisser all tongue kisser. He's married now but I still tease him about what a bad kisser he was.

Sex- 22 with a very nice guy I was dating who was really into me. I didn't love him and knew it wouldn't last but I felt super comfortable with him and more importantly was finally comfortable with my own body after years of insecurity. Funny/sad thing was that it didn't last very long cause he lost it less than 5minutes in but I was okay with that cause it hurt like hell and he was really tiny and kept telling me not to move. Kind of embarrassing but never regretted it even though it wasn't great.

Real Sex - I had to wait 3 more years until I had sex again but after I hit 25 I got into my dating/sex groove and it's been amazing ever since. The second guy was huge and let me move all I wanted :)

Anonymous said...

Makeout: 16, as an American exchange student to Italy. He was a really nice Austrian boy who I thought looked like Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic era) and all the girls loved him. We made out constantly. Like 4 hour trainrides through Italian countryside nonstop. Good times! He liked me lots, I was more cynical, and it was all a blast until he turned out SO NICE it annoyed the hell out of me. He's now a doctor in Vienna. Ah, stupid youth. ;)

Virginity: Just shy of 22. I was very happy to hold on to my virginity as long as it was gonna take to meet the ultimate guy, but after Sept. 11, I got a bit depressed/fatalistic and less choosy/patient. Luckily I met a really kind, sweet Irish boy in a friendly familiar pub in Sunnyside, Queens, staying in the States temporarily, working as an Upper East Side doorman. Quite a gorgeous fella. He took me to see Zoolander (ha!) in Union Square and then I took him back to my Financial District dorm and the rest was history. He was heading back to Ireland within the week and we said our goodbyes & thanks amicably, and that was that. It wasn't a stunning sexual encounter but he was sweet and the whole thing was ultimately pretty perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm 50 years old and still haven't lost my virginity.

Anonymous said...

make out: 14
virginity: 15

Same guy. We spent a summer reading Penthouse forums from a stack of magazines that he had found in his bosses desk in the pool house office where he worked painting pool furniture. We giggled and talking about how gross it all sounded. When we finally got around to thinking maybe we should give this a try, we had quite a bit of knowledge to work from. He was 14 with a goal of making sure I enjoyed myself. :) For his part, he had the best 15 seconds of his life after I was satisfied. ;) He wasn't my one and only, but he was the one I knew I loved. Married him. Still happily married 27 years later.

Anonymous said...

Make out: A Friday the 13th party with my second boyfriend (the first one didn't kiss me) at 13.

V: First SERIOUS/LOVE boyfriend at 15 (thisclose to 16). He lied and said it was not his first time, but he later told me it was. Way to ruin a nice moment! We're also Facebook friends now. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the diversity of experience on here. :)

I wish we could tell all the kids out there not to do things just because you think everyone else is doing them. (That includes doing it, OR waiting.) Personally, I know I felt totally pressured to be flippant about sex, as a teenager. That's not right for everyone.

Got to do what you feel, when you're really ready, there's no standard, just private choices and opportunities.

Hope it works out well for those who are still looking for the right thing.

Anonymous said...

First real kiss - 16/17 not for sure exactly.

Lost virginity - Still havent. I'm 38 and, I shit you not, the film the "40 year old virgin" could literally be my life story right down to the collectible, not 'action figures' in my case but boxes and boxes of comic books and novels. Have had nearly the exact same converations with my friends over the years, so much so that when I saw the movie for the first time I was finishing the sentences some of the characters were saying.

First girlfriend was at 21/22, also the only girlfriend I've had. She broke up with me because I wouldn't have sex with her do to the near paralyzing fear I felt. Again just like the film.

Have had the opportunity to have sex with at least 10-12 girls over the years.

I'm not a bad looking guy either,or so I've been told on numerous occasions, I'm just kinda boring and have panic attacks in intimate situations plus I'm fairly ignorant in picking up on 'signs' or 'clues' given off by girls when they're interested. The 10-12 I mentioned above were pretty much the ones who flat out told me what they wanted to do to me or told my friends after I didn't pick up on what they were hinting at. asked.

Anonymous said...

First kiss 11 or 12
First time getting to third base 16
Lost the v at 18 to my first true love. We had been together for about 4 months exclusively. He was a virgin too. We had decided to "go all the way" about 6 weeks into our relationship but wanted to wait until I went on the pill. My parents were out of town the day I was supposed to be 'safe". We did it in hallway of my parents house because it was in the middle of the day and I insisted we do it in the dark. I didn't mind the pain cuz we had been waiting so long. Sure enough, just a couple of minutes after he entered me, the doorbell rang. Thinking it was either my parents or one of my siblings, we stopped and he went to the door. It was some guy letting us know that someone left their lights on in their car in front of our house (?). Thanks dude. The moment was ruined. I cried a little but got over it quickly. We were together about 2 yrs and f'ed like bunnies the whole time. Ah to be 18 and horny again...:)

Harriet Hellfire said...

I won't tell you how old I was (I can tell you it was later than the majority of my friends), but I'll tell you what music was on: "Generation Terrorists" by the Manic Street Preachers. Was it new? Had it been out for a while? Who knows?

I still giggle to myself every time I hear "Motorcycle Emptiness".

mygeorgie said...

All I know is I'm sure as HELL not going to lay a guilt trip on my own daughter about the importance of 'saving yourself'. Much ado about nothing, the first time. Ten years later & a gorgeous, horny italian with sexual confidence, now THAT'S great memories!

Anonymous said...

I was 16 and he was 28. The night that I got my first kiss was the night I also got to the Clinton definition of "not sex". Next time we did the deed in his waterbed in his estranged ex-laws house. I was a really naive and stupid teen, but I was also fully consenting. He was great for a first.

Anonymous said...

Made-out: 15
Virginity: 18 - hurt like hell. Didn't let a guy touch me after for 8 months.

dbfreak said...

First french kiss 9 - with a 9 year old boy and I remember thinking it was fine.

First heavy makeout session 12 or 13.

Lost the V when I was 14 to my first "real" boyfriend, who I dated for 6 months.

I don't have any particularly strong feelings about becoming sexual so young - it is what it is and I felt sexual very early.

Anonymous said...

Lost my cherry at 24, on my best friend's couch, while she and her husband were in bed upstairs in their loft apartment and yes, they heard most of it. It was a guy I'd gone to high school with and hadn't seen in years. He was kind of freaked out when he realized he was Teh First but I had a good time.

P.S. He was HUNG. I'd heard about it for years but didn't believe it till I saw it. No one has "measured up" since (but I wound up with the right guy, nonetheless).

Anonymous said...

First make-out: in college with an Albanian asshole

Lost my virginity: in New Hampshire while doing my internship. Not at the job, but one weekend.

Wil said...

Didn't we do something similar .. cause I swear I told you guys about my "adulterous" first kiss. Oh well .. I can always write about it again - LOL!!

My first real kiss .. actually any kiss of any sort .. was three weeks after I turned 14 with my friend Ed .. who was the friend of Glenn, the boy I was "dating." Mind you "dating" consisted of talking on the phone at night and passing notes in school. [So .. by today's standards pretty damned lame .. but it was 1980 and I went to a Catholic high school so gauge that against your giggles of me!] I went over to Ed's house to study Biology and ended up studying an different kind during a M*A*S*H rerun. We started kissing and didn't stop for .. well it seemed like forever .. but I think it was more like 45 minutes.

Second base .. my boyfriend John. And as I write this .. I am totally struck by the fact that the love of my life Nik looks STRIKINGLY like John!! [Both 6'3", Blue Eyes and damn near the same shade of Blonde hair.] But .. anyway .. I was the one who made the advance, during some pretty passionate kissing and having seen him uh .. happy .. I decided I wanted to see what it felt like. He didn't seem to mind. I am remember thinking .. HOLY COW! I get why they call it "hard" now!

Half way between Second and Third base followed in pretty rapid order when I wanted to do a little more "research" and I unzipped his pants. I remember he was so warm to the touch and silky soft, skin-wise, granite otherwise. Then again in fairly rapid order, I took my hand out of his pants, took his hands in mine and lead him off his bed so he was standing. I stripped off his pants pretty damned clumsily .. I trapped his sensitive part on the elastic band of his undies as I quite un-deftly tried to take them off! [Ugh! I was terribly embarrased by that one and he could have been maimed! I almost stopped because I was so upset with myself. But now looking back .. pretty much this is the way the crucial moments in my life go!] But, I let passion, curiosity and my desire take back over and progressed to the point these things usually do. I distinctly remember his body smelled like Downy fabric softner.

Virginity .. damn. This could be embarrassing if he ever, ever, ever knew I wrote this in cyber-space. But .. I lost it twice. John was .. um .. well .. I had no frame of reference at the time and I didn't know he was really tiny and didn't break what needed breaking to un-virginize me. So my first attempt was when I was 15 .. but was called on account of mechanical default. But the non-virginity losing took place on September 25, 1982 - second anniversary of John Bonham's death. I was a huge Zeppelin fan - as was John .. but it was totally not planned on that day. It just happened. And didn't really ever happen again. We were together til we graduated from high school in 1983 but we just never did the intercourse deal.

The second attempt - successful and painful - was yet another 6'3" Blonde with blue eyes - Rich, my first college boyfriend. No funny stories .. no one walked in .. he later broke my heart into a million pieces.

Later in life when I was 22 and back in Chicago on a break from college - it took me 7 years to complete my degree due to my kidney issues - I ran into John again and we quasi-dated for awhile. I had occasion to begin another more adult relationship with him .. and it was then that I learned that he had a very small member. I was heart broken. I would have married John and lived with him forever if 1. he wanted that and 2. I wasn't a huge slut and need a man with a fairly nice sized member - not that at 44 that is even remotely a part of my life any more. : (

Wil said...

Wow .. I wrote a damn book and left out the number of the second successful attempt!! I had just turned 18 and Rich was 21 and a Senior at the University of Minnesota.

Merlin D. Bear said...

First kiss, at my Bar Mitzvah party. Thought I was some really hot shit at the time.
Partially lost my virginity (no orgasm) at Dekalb Honors when I was 14 with the maintenance guy of the host HS - lost it "officially" when I was 15 from a guy who picked me up at the YMCA locker room.
God I was a trashy teen.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Oh crap... and I just thought of something...
Andrea, if you've come across the above post at sometime while researching your Grandpa Merlin, you need to do as I say, not as I did. Got it, young lady?

Anonymous said...

First make out? 14
And I lost my virginity at 15.

seriously, sometimes i'm afraid he'll be damned by the law for having sex with a minor.

& people thought asians were conservative. ha. ha. ha.

Anonymous said...

i'm 22 and still haven't lost my virginity. i've never been a really sexual person. i never even really thought seriously about sex until i was 15.

all of my friends have so it's a little tough to feel all proud and shit that i'm saving myself still, even though my friends all say it's awesome. i still can't help but feel that it's not gonna be worth it to wait, but still i wait for the guy i feel will be special enough.

i also have to say that it's a comfort to see that alot of you guys were older when you lost yours. because i'm young the situation seems more dire to me but i have to remember that it will happen when the time is right for me.

Anonymous said...

make out... hmm i think around 12 or 13. hard to remember.

v-card. 15. boyfriend i dated for 4 yrs and still remain really good friends with today (16 yrs later). lost it in my parents bed. his first time too. lasted a whole 30 seconds :)

trogdor said...

Late to the party as usual... Goddamn Black Label.

First kiss - 17 with a girl that was super hot. 6 sport athlete at a private college here in the bay area. Yes, 6. I kept laughing while kissing, cause I couldnt believe it. I walked her to her front door after a date and just grabbed her and started kissing. When I got back to the car, two of my guy friends kept sayig they couldnt believe that just happened. And my female friend was saying it was so romantic that she was going to have to call one of her man whores tonight cause she was turned on.

V-card got crumpled two weeks after I turned 21. Cool girl, bat shit crazy. 8 years and 3 girls later, she is still the best. I dunno if that makes me sad or super duper sad.

I guess I shall return to the Black Label to figure it out. Wait crap it's 6:30 in the morning.

Damn. FML. Then again its always drink o'clock in Walkerland. yay me!

Anonymous said...

First made out with a guy who was a drippy, disgusting kisser at age 14. Lost my virginity seconds after the clock clicked over to my 18th birthday. I'm sure my mother was so proud that I waited.

Anonymous said...

First time posting on this site, which I read every day - I love you, Enty!

First make out: 18 - he was 30 , studying for his masters. It was in the backseat of his car. He was nice, but I didn't want him to be my first. I'm picky.

Lost v card at age 18, too. Different guy, he was 24.

It was in my dorm room. I was the first of my room mates back from Christmas Break, so we had the whole place to ourselves. He was a charmer: a month before, he looked into my eyes, and said, "I want you in every way."
But I had to be ready; that night in January, I was. We had sex for over two hours that first time. Amazing!!
I later discovered (after 2 years dating) that he aspired to share his great, big gift to just about every other girl on campus, so I dumped his ass.

He was great in bed, empty in the head.

Anonymous said...

First make out at 14. Same age as my daughter now. The guy was 16 and was THE GUY every girl wanted to be with. He kept the pressure on, but I was way too terrified (of getting pregnant) to go all the way. My Mom found out all about it when I bragged in a letter to a friend. Wasn't allowed to leave the house for 2 months. I never saw him again.

Lost my virginity at 16. The day after Christmas. Ok...but not what I expected. We were together for a few years after. He was the first great love of my life. I actually ran into him two years ago and we began a friendship that led to a very intense affair. THAT sex was AMAZING! It ended about a year later. We were able to work out our separate marriages, but we're still close (secret)friends.

Anonymous said...

First make out: 14 with my 17 year old boyfriend. He was crap lol. Really didn't know what he was doing.

Virginity: 18. This summer on Joe Jonas's birthday, actually haha. I don't know why I remember that. It was with a boy I had only known for about three days. He was nice and didn't know I was a virgin. He felt kind of bad about it later on. Anyways, it was pretty boring. He wasn't very big so it didn't hurt that much and neither of us came.

frumpyrabbit said...
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missycaro said...

When I was 14yrs old I was very unattractive and desperate to have a boyfriend. So this really hot popular with the ladies said he "loved" me. We had sex and he was pretty big. It hurt :( After it was over I asked him (so embarrassing) "Are you my boyfriend now?" He said "Yeah sure, whatever, I'll call you." Funny thing is I knew him in grade school and he use to send me roses when I was in second grade. He was madly in love with me I guess he was much more romantic at 8yrs old then at 15yrs

shakey said...

First makeout - I was 16 and threw a party while my mother was in Florida. Spent most of it in my room making out with someone I still consider the best kisser ever.

Lost my virginity at 19 in the parking lot of the park at Scarborough Bluffs (I was in a Rabbit at the time). I only gave it up because he was the first guy to whine, "Oh come onnn." I figured why not then when it was over asked if we could do it again because I thought, "that's it?" I've had better since then.

genesis said...

18 & 18, kissing was good, sex...was not. Youd think being a virgin Id be able to tell when it was inside but no...had to get in a different position to actually feel anything and then the painful 2 min sex commenced.

Could never tell when it was in me lol ah well, also every time HE had sex, we were in the back of his car =/ He was so lame.

Cuddlebutt said...

I first made out when I was 15 on a family vacation to Destin. My mom's friend's daughter got dry humped on the beach. While she was next to me. Awkward. I lost my virginity when I was 17 in my mom's bed. No, she wasn't there! Out of my friends I was late. They lost their virginity a couple of years later.

Cuddlebutt said...

Oops. Meant my friends lost their virginity a couple of years earlier than me- 14 and 15 years old. I was the prude! Lol!

Ice Angel said...

2:12-Your story sounds oh so sounds so close to another story I of my very best friend's husband is doing the same thing! He contacted his high school sweetheart online and they've "reconnected" and now he is leaving his wife for her. She also lives 3000 miles away. It is like a dream come true for the two of them. Too bad it a the worst nightmare for my friend and their two young children. They are devastated beyond console.

Hopefully, this is not the same person and hopefully there are no children involved.

laurenbelle said...

my first kiss was at 12, my second day of high school we relayed messages through friends and met behind the canteen. i told him i had never kissed anyone before, he told me it was ok - he would tell me what to do. it was like making out with a dishwasher on cycle, rotating tongue, pints of saliva. then he slid his hands up the back of my school dress. i froze in shock, he whispered in my ear "its ok to touch each others bums". i ran away hahahaha.

virginity two weeks before my 17th birthday. he was 25 and the singer in a punk band i loved him with all my heart. i bled on his mattress, he just flipped it over and never bothered washing it out. he broke up with me two months later, it took me two years to properly get over him. he sent me a tree on facebook farmville the other day and i couldnt stop laughing.