Friday, January 22, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today and you probably could have guessed that because there is no way I would put Kanye West and Amber Rose at the top of any list except fashion disaster. I can't believe someone has made Lady GaGa look amazing but Amber Rose has done it. I honestly can't figure out why you should even bother with the black part of the outfit. You do realize that "dress" probably cost over $1000.
Kate Walsh never really seems comfortable in dresses but she usually looks great in them.
This is from the same Lady GaGa concert I posted yesterday but look on her arm, right above the peace tattoo. She has the ugliest looking burn or scar. I wonder what she did.
Lucy Lawless twice in a week? Doesn't get much better than that.
Mariah Carey - Hollywood, FL
The funny thing is the woman just wanted directions. Mario Lopez just assumed she was a fan and wanted a tongue in her ear.
Marcus Schenkenberg what are you doing to your face?
At what age do you stop with the spiky hair look and stop using a sidekick?
Paul Bettany can make a suit look good.
Here he is again in front of his poster.
One of my favorite pictures in the past month. Prince William on a dining room chair looking longingly at where he hopes to sit one day. So, do you think he went ahead at some point and just gave it a try.
If I didn't know any better I would say that Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick might have had a quickie on the way over.
Tia Carrere came prepared with an umbrella last night. Not sure how it would hold up under actual weather conditions.
Hey, at least the baby is cute. One out of 3 isn't bad.
Zachary Quinto looks like he was surprised to be photographed.


Pookie said...

amber just gets tackier and tackier. i guess it's only appropriate she's w/ kantye.

what a great little black dress on kate walsh. love it.

so sad gaga has droopy boobies at such a young age.

loooooove lucy lawless' dress, esp. the color.

omg, marcus shenkehfhtyjygrhnfiguortknberg has gone the way of heidi montag. so sad, i remember when he was hot.

i like nick lachey, spikey hair and all.

sorry but that throne chair look like a a funsy joke is the real mccoy?

Alice D Millionaire said...

I know it is unlikely that Lady Gaga was cooking but the mark on her arm looks exactly like the eight billion I have gotten from a hot oven and carelessness.

Anonymous said...

i'm not a fan of one single person in this part of he photos today, lol

well maybe Zachary Quinto, but only as Spock in Star Trek.

try to redeem yourself with part 2 EL!!

MontanaMarriott said...

OMG Marcus Schenkenberg looks like Siegfried or is it Roy? I can never tell them apart.

Is Nick Lachey trying to join the cast of next season's JERSEY SHORE?!?!

Enty you are soo bad with the Kate Walsh remark, lol

skeeball said...

I like Prince William, looking at the pictures from Austrailia, he seems like he is down to earth.

121007 said...

i dont think that is a scar on gagas arm- its just the way her skanky dress is reflecting off her ?

121007 said...
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Goodgrief said...

I saw another pic of Amber today in her tacky outfit with her boobs hanging out of her "dress". She must totally lack any self respect.

Kate Walsh does look great in her little black dress.

Lady Gaga's arm looks like mine after I made the Thanksgiving turkey

Mariah, what is she frickin wearing?

DNfromMN said...

To me it looks like Marcus just gained weight in his face

And I love Quinto's suit!

Sylvia said...

Amber Rose looks trashy as hell.

I also thought Lady Gaga boobs were very droopy.

Lucy Lawless dress is very nice and I love the color.

Mariah needs to stop dreaming she is a fairy princess LOL.

Marcus looks horrible. He used to look very attractive.

Nick sure gained a lot of weight.

I like Paul Bettany, good actor and he and Jennifer Connely look like a very nice couple.

I can't stand SJP. I still think Matthew B. is gay.

SkittleKitty said...

Plus, are there some plugs on Schenkenberg's head? He does not look good now, bless his heart.
(That makes it OK to say that, so I've heard.)

Mooshki said...

GORGEOUS picture of Lucy Lawless.

How much you wanna bet Mariah wishes she could be carried around on that swing wearing that outfit every single day?

Aww, that poor girl probably has ear herpes now.

I can't wait to see 'Legion.' It looks awesomely cheesy.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Lucy Lawless - she looks beautiful in that dress. Never realized how large her head is though. At least it's a pretty head. :)

BigMama said...

Mimi is just in her own little world isn't she? I wonder if the colors are prettier there.

Zac Q is one sexy beast!

BigMama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mango said...

Amber Rose smells of desperation. Her clothes always shriek, "NOTICE MEEE!!"

Kate Walsh does look fab!

How much you wanna bet Mariah wishes she could be carried around on that swing wearing that outfit every single day?
LOL, agreed! Mariah Carey is such an ass...

I loooove Paul Bettany! Oddly, there was an article in this month's Vanity Fair (the thuggish looking Tiger issue) that had an article with the photographs credited to "Paul Bettany". Is it him? How many Paul Bettanys are running around?

I don't think that Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick sleep together. Well, they might sleep together, but I don't think there is any sexie time.

I like Pete Wentz. Too bad he's married to a tool.

I have a friend who lusts for Zachary Quinto and she refers to him as, "Hot Spock!". Personally, he doesn't do anything for me...

califblondy said...

Now we know why Mariah travels with so much luggage. She must pack up that swing and big foofoo dress everywhere she goes. How many times has she made that same entrance?

I'm hoping that just a bad camera angle for Nick Lachey.

Janie said...

Anyone remember when Lucy Lawless sang the national anthem at a Red Wings-Mighty Duck playoff game in '98 and gave us all a show when she lifted her arms Evita-style at the end?

Janie said...

Correction: it was '97.

kimmypie1 said...

I see what you did there re: Kate Walsh and SJP/Broderick, thanks Enty ;)

RocketQueen said...

Re: SJP/Broderick - we ALL know better, Ent ;)

I too, remember when Marcus was hot. Sigh. That makes me feel old.

Bettany's hair is just too light for me now - usually I find him really sexy. Not at the moment.

Oh Kanye. Get this tramp off your payroll.

Kinsey Holley said...

I think Lucy Lawless absolutely kicks ass. Love her.

And while I find Wentz and Simpson as obnoxious and superfluous as everyone else, I gotta say - they do seem like attentive, hands on parents. You never see them with a a nanny or assistant, and they seem to spend a lot of time together as a family -- same for Nicole Richie and the Madden guy, whom I like a lot better. Manhattan Baloo seems like a happy, cared for baby.

not on my dollar said...

I'm just happy that little Bronx Mongli is dressed appropriately for the weather and I just love his little mittens.

john said...

...but it's what inside a dress that seems to make Kate comfortable..

ms_goddess said...

Does anyone else remember when Rose McGowan wore Amber Rose's outfit first (sans the black overcoat)? At least Rose had a decent body to be flashing in such a tacky dress!

I thought that mark on Lady Gaga's arm looks like a cut.

"Mariah needs to stop dreaming she is a fairy princess LOL." Agreed Sylvia - she is WAY too old for that one!

Can't believe we actually got a pic of Pete Wentz and Asslee together! Yeah, their kid has a stupid name, but he is pretty cute!

I like Nick Lachey - I wish he and Jessica could get back together (without Pimpa Joe's interference).

Lana's Blog said...

Wow, my 3 year old just saw my screen and said "Is that Lady Gaga?" I am impressed with her.

Kat said...

Asslee looks ill. The way her chin is jutting out at that weird angle in that photo is disturbing. She looks like a comic book villain.

libby said...

I don't think that is a 'longing' look at that chair from Wales, looks more like wincing dread.
Poor Wills really loves his Kate, too, but the logistics of just planning a wedding are just one big classic hassle. He seems like a good guy, attentive to and prepared for the duty of his birth, but one must imagine how difficult it is to be in that position 24/7, from birth. I really wish Diana could be here for him, especially now as Wills starts his public life.

Paul B: I am absolutely 'switched on' by a natural blond, blue-eyed, pink guy in a suit. Really gets me going. Especially the ultra-pink nether regions. ahem

Quinto in a suit or the Spock costume is Sex on a Stick! I feel like a child molester for saying it, but there you go.

E. DuBois said...

Lucy Lawless and Zachary Quinto look fantastic! He was a great Spock in the Star Trek reboot.

Don't quite understand the value in pointing out someone's cut/burn/ there something smutty here that we should know?

linnea said...

Man, Paul Bettany is just looking AMAZING these days. he keeps gettin gbetter and better!

parissucksliterally said...

*in Eartha Kitt voice*

Marrrrrcus Dahhhling....what have you done to your beautiful face?

TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

I love the thought provoking pic of the Prinve and the Throne.

I also am a big fan of natural breasts, be they small, droopy/saggy or all of the above. Naturally I love lady Gaga's boobs just as they are and hope snarky and downright rude comments about them dont make her think badly of her beautiful self...or like she has to do something to appease the critics who probably fall much shorter of perfection themselves than GaGa has.

Natural, unretouched, unsurgically altered women who are obviously comfortable in their own skin are incredibly attractive -- not just in a "physically genuine" way but also from a confidence standpoint. Beauty, as is sexual attraction, is so psychological. The beat you can hope for is a genuine person sharing with you the real them. So, dont get a boob job or an overall tan or a bleached brown hole...just be the real you and you will be loved for who you truly are.

Leah said...

I love me some Paul Bettany!!!