Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek get the top spot, although
Stan Lee was a close second.
Adrian Grenier must still have some feelings for Isabel Lucas. He went all the way to Australia just to go to the premiere of her new movie.
Ali Larter shopping for baby clothes and making some tourists happy.
Amy Winehouse and Nas go out for the second straight night.
Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd was arrested over the weekend for allegedly shoving his wife.
Bill Murray takes a dive on Letterman.
If Chelsea Clinton does not end up getting married in Rhinebeck, NY, there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be upset.
Cindy Crawford and her look a like daughter.
Catherine Keener and Jeffrey Dean Morgan film their new movie.
In case you were wondering what Carlos Leon looked like now.
Dick Cavett does a dance on the red carpet.


RocketQueen said...

Anyone else see the pics and articles suggesting Amy Winehouse might be pregnant? With her still boozing it up every night, I HOPE like hell that's not true.

Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek make the best Top Spot pic I can remember for a while :)

Syd said...

First time I've ever thought Carlos Leon was even remotely attractive. He looks good here.

Sylvia said...

I love Robert Duvall.

Amy Winehouse is so trashy. Can't see her as a mom at all.

Cindy's little clone hahaha.

I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Majik said...

Conan=Cavett in about 35 years.

Tania said...

I know Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets compared with Javvier Bardem, but I think JDM is hotter! Love the salt & pepper beard and hair thing he has going there.

LULU said...

wow @carlos leon i know that is lourdes tshirt if my dad wore stuff like that and he is in his forties.. we needed to have a talk

shakey said...

I thought Dick Cavett was dead.

Majik, I believe you are correct. A very tall Dick Cavett.

Mango said...

Re Robert Duvall - I just posted about him in today's B.I. Fans of his, read at your own peril.

OMG - My first thought when I saw that Winehouse pic was that she is pregnant. She actually looks kinda pretty in that pic.

LOL @ Color me Badd. I'd forgotten about them!

Carlos Leon is a fairly regular actor in circulation on the Law and Order franchise, so I've seen him (on TV) a few times recently.

Dick Cavett looks pretty good! LOL @ the Conan remark! BTW, I'll bet Conan is a full foot taller than DC. Cavett is pocket-sized.

kimmypie1 said...

did I miss something? why is Ali Larter shopping for baby clothes? Is she pregnant?

The Real Icecat said...

Love Katherine Keener!!

Mooshki said...

Catherine Keener and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, now that's a pair!!!

Kimmypie, yep, she just announced her pregnancy a day or two ago.

bionic bunny! said...

is that bill murray bill murray? as in "meatballs?"


Henriette said...

Did anyone read Bill Murray's great interview in GQ? It is priceless! He skewers Seinfield and SNL. It is too funny.

Jamie's Girl said...

Murray has a huge ego now.

Love Jeffrey Dean.

gossip said...

Adrien's actually at the MIFF for his movie, but since The Wedding Party premiered before it, he went to the premiere of that too.

chihuahuense said...

@ Tania--really? I like him so much better clean shaven. He looks like crazy Mel in that pic with the weird beard.

I love Bill Murray, and I have said it before, but when he came into a bar in St. Paul he left a $100 tip, was quiet and polite. Maybe he has a big ego, but he's paid his dues. I love him.

not on my dollar said...

Dick Cavett looks damn good for 73 years old.

Awe Cindy and little Mini Me how cute.

I wonder what happened to Calos' hand?

Lissette said...

"It just doesn't matter!!!"

SFG said...

Cindy Crawford's child is STUNNING. Wow. Wish I had those genetics!

mygeorgie said...

Adrian Grenier was attractive for about 10 minutes.

__-__=__ said...

Carlos Leon is the hotness! I've noticed him on L&O too. He can wear anything he wants, or nothing.... As a matter of fact, maybe I don't like that shirt either. He should take it off right now!

Dick Cavett does look good! Hope I look that good at that age!!

RocketQueen said...

@Henriette - really enjoyed that article. That part about how he'll come up behind people, cover their eyes and say "guess who?" And when they turn around he whispers "No one will ever believe you!" and then run away? Priceless and hilarious.