Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

It has been a long time since I had Donal Logue in the photos. So, to welcome him back and because he has always been so good to the site, he gets the top spot with his son Finn.
Alejandro Fernandez - Madrid
I'm trying to think of what someone could offer me that would ever make me want to suck Amy Winehouse's thumb.
It's a Bee Gee. Barry Gibb.
Blake Shelton in a parking lot somewhere. Did you hear they are going to stop making the red Solo cups? Urban legend?
Welcome to the hell that is Britney Spears' hair.
Not really going to help, but better.
Congrats to Christina Applegate who is pregnant. She has been through so much that it is great news.
The ageless Cyndi Lauper.
Emma Roberts in Foam Magazine.
Marion Cotillard in Interview Magazine.
There is nothing quite like Fashion Week in Mexico.


Stacy said...

I want:

1. Cyndi Lauper's boots
2. Marion Cotillard's body


RocketQueen said...

I'm guessing it was the Alice in Wonderland collection in Mexico?

Britney's hair makes me want to cry. If she would have just let it grow out naturally without effing with it after shaving it, she'd have long hair by now. This is why her weave always looks looks like crap. It's not too late, Britney!

lisap515 said...

OMG no weave ever! That is some scary nasty looking hair. Poor Brit.

Electric Warrior said...

Its true about the Solo cups, they're closing the factory near where I live and thus eliminating 500 full time jobs. The US has zero manufacturing industry anymore.

selenakyle said...

I really like the Mexican Fashion Week photo #4. I totally would wear that, maybe to a Christmas party or something equally as festive. It would be funky yet flattering and, above all, comfortable!

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Marion Cotillard is absolutely stunning.

memyselfandi said...

Brit shaved her head 3 and a half years ago...why the hell is she still wearing a weave?

TinselSass said...

Sad to hear about 500 more manufacturing jobs disappearing but there are positive signs that manufacturing is reviving:

OK... back to the photos. Was Emma Roberts or Demi Lovato ever revealed to be the under age drug loving public sex BI?

Marion C is beyond gorgeous... and so are Cyndi's boots.

jen said...

Love Donal Logue!!! Good Canadian guy :D

LOVE Christina Applegate. So happy for her :D

OK Britney', or whatever it is. I might just be looking at it the wrong way, but it no longer looks like a weave to me. It looks like the hair of those people you see who haven't washed their hairs in EONS and just have it piled on their heads, all matted and dirty. They are generally of the mentally ill homeless ilk, which makes me sad - for them and for Britney, because maybe she's not doing too well again? :(

parissucksliterally said...

Britney is a fucking slob, nothing will help her..

I hope Christina Applegate stops smoking- cancer sure as hell didn't stop her.

MadLyb said...

That pic of Barry Gibb made me feel so old - then I saw the pic of Cyndi Lauper and felt young again. Looking good! Marion Cottillard reminds me of E. Hurley back in her heyday - except she's even prettier.

Those fashions from Mexico remind me of a line in a Burt Reynolds movie 'It looks like Walt Disney vomited'. Love 'em!

Britney's hair - Jesus. She should take a tip from Amber Rose, shave it off and let it grow back. She is one of the few who looks good bald. I learned from Naomi and Brit this week that weaves are scary NASTY! It's like giving yourself head herp. Britney probably pulled out her bun because that weave nest was getting hot and itchy. Poor girl. :(

Mango said...

OMG@ Britney's head. She must be off her meds again if she allowed herself to be photographed like that.

Christina Applegate still smokes? Yikes! I love her, though. I always stop and watch, "The Sweetest Thing" when it's on cable. Cameron Diaz was supposed to be the star but Christina was hilarious and blew her away. Bonus: Jason Bateman is in it, too!

Cyndi Lauper looks great.

Good lord, Marion Cotillard is a goddess...

The two ladies in the middle in Mexican Fashion Week pic #1 look like pinatas. Or at least their fabrics do.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lmnop123 said...


I totally agree with on both accounts regarding Britney and Christina.

chihuahuense said...

Marion is SO HOT in that picture!! WOW!!

At least those models in Mexico smile. That's refreshing.

Geebz said...

Yuck to the weave!
Glad for Applegate & hope she kicks the nicotine habit for the baby's sake!
Love the 2nd to last outfit from Mexico's fashion week. I'd wear it!

Meg said...

No more red solo cups?? A company I used to work for had Red Cup Friday. I can't imagine not having those at tailgates. HTH am I supposed to make liquor drinks at tailgates now?

MY GOD. Brit's hair is so bad there she looks like she has mange. Why doesn't she not just leave it alone & let it grow out properly???

Yay for Christina Applegate. I love her.

sylmarillion said...

@MCH because everyone in H'wood knows you can't do 'sex kitten' without long hair....which is basically what they all have to do to sell their music. When was the last time a man went nearly nekkid in their videos - boybands aside.

karen said...

Britney doesn't have a weave. Those are extensions. A weave is a full hair piece which is sewed in to your natural hair. If only she would use a weave she would look so much better.
I'm really wondering what idiot hairdresser would agree to use that long extensions when the natural hair is still so short? This can never look good, let alone natural.
I would never admit to be Britney's hairdresser. The way her hair looks since her shaving session must be a complete career killer for any hairdresser admitting to have laid hands on that mess.
A real pro would never agree to use extensions on that. No matter how famous and rich the client is.

Brew Belle said...

Where did y'all hear this about the red solo cups!?!?!?! I thought my tailgate krewe was enough to keep them in demand!!!!

wonderdiva said...

I saw the photo of Barry Gibb and thought to myself, "Didn't Pat Morita die recently?"


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