Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

The boy band Connected from Britain's Got Talent. Also, the most confusing name ever. Worse than the Oneders.
Jenna Dewan always knows where that camera is.
I feel like we are snooping on Carrie Underwood's honeymoon. They should have some alone time. Meanwhile I say that knowing I will keep posting them.
Not one of Daisy Lowe's better ideas.
Enrique Iglesias is either healing a fan or groping her.
George Clooney testifying at a trial in Italy.
Long time no see Gabourey Sidibe.
It looks like Hilary Duff spent a few bucks.
Sienna Miller loves cuddling with guys on beaches in Italy.
I think Jaime Pressly needs a cigarette.
I can't decide if this movie is going to be a train wreck or not.
Kellan Lutz out walking his dog.


nancer said...

katie holmes as jackie o?

are you kidding me? she doesn't have the chops to pull that off. poor jackie must be spinning in her grave.

nunaurbiz said...

I was gonna say that I thought Sienna was back with Jude. Um, that's a real good pic of Jude. Didn't recognize him!

George Clooney and trial and Italy?????

RocketQueen said...

lol - Jaime's Pressley's "peace" sign there appears dangerously close to a sign for something far more lewd.

timebob said...

Looks like Gabourey lost her 'tude once the media forgot about her.

Channing really needs to get back to the weights. He isn't a good actor he just has a smoking body when he is in shape.

Kate said...

Katie Holmes as Jackie O...that movie is going to suck. She is one of the most wooden actresses ever. At least Suri isn't in high heels.

Missjenny619 said...

I disapprove of Katie as Jackie-O too.

I love Suri though! She's adorable =)

angelina said...

I'm going to go with train wreck regarding the Jackie O movie

chihuahuense said...

what's wrong with Katie's face? It looks weird.

Yum, George. What's this trial about?

Mango said...

chihuahuense - Katie has looked weird in more than one recent pic.

I agree that the movie will be a suckfest; Katie's a bad actress with a terrible speaking voice.

RJ said...

Let it to me to know my George's business. A company in Italy used his likeness and name to promote a line of clothing without his permission. They forged his name on a contract and hired someone who looked sorta like him to be in the ads and said that it was him. He testified for an hour and a half today. The judge said that he felt like he'd sat through a movie after his testimony.

chihuahuense said...

@ Mango. So weird! Do you think she had something done. The only thing I'd have done if I were her is get rid of that stupid half smile/smirk. (I know I know, bell's palsy, bell's palsy) said...

I thought Kellan Lutz was wearing some kind of kilt at first glance.

RenoBlondee said...

Does Katie EVER let that child walk by herself?

MadLyb said...

I don't know why, but I like that Sienna and Jude are back together. Never cared about them before all the scandals, but I'm rooting for them now.

'Train wreck' - and I hope I'm proven wrong.

I wonder if Kellan Lutz calls the paps before he leaves the house. I can't imagine them lying in wait for him. I don't think there's a day that's gone by lately where I haven't come across a new pic of him. Blah.

not on my dollar said...

from rj regarding George Clooney's testimony,

"The judge said that he felt like he'd sat through a movie after his testimony."

Too funny!

shakey said...

Does Carrie pre-approve pap photos for release? What *is* Enrique doing to that woman? Did Gabourey pay them by the hour, or for the night? Looks like Hilary has 2 scram bracelets.

I would doubt a child would want any kind of blanket in sweltering heat. Oh, about Katie's awful speaking voice - didn't Jackie O have a weak voice, too?