Friday, July 16, 2010

Tracy Morgan's Invictus Audition vs. Ferris Club

If you did not watch The ESPY Awards, then you probably had a better night than most people. But, there were some highlights. One of them was seeing Tracy Morgan in the Morgan Freeman role of Nelson Mandela in Invictus. After watching the audition, I think Tracy would have been brilliant.

If you have ever thought Ferris was a figment of Cameron's imagination, then you need to see this. Or if you are a fan of Fight Club. I know. Bizarre combination. But great.


Mooshki said...

Save Ferris!

jax said...

that was fucking genius. i wish some of these guys would make full length

Majik said...

Did anyone else see the half-second cut of the penis?

2:57, there is a semi-erect penis cut into the shot.

chopchop said...

^ Yup, just like in Fight Club. :-)