Thursday, December 23, 2010

Greatest Press Junket Ever

Put Owen Wilson and Dustin Hoffman in the same room and it is apparently gold. The pair were in New York plugging the new Focker movie and Dustin Hoffman and Owen riffed on whether there should be arranged marriages. Dustin says yes and Owen no. They also talked about whether you are more likely to go out with someone you sleep with on the first date. Dustin said yes, because he ended up marrying his wife after they had sex the first date. Owen then went into a debate about the whole cow thing and having milk, and if it is really delicious you would be back for more.

Owen also says that in the whole Focker universe thing, he should be married o Teri Polo's character and she should have a tattoo of his naked body on her back. Great stuff. Read the whole thing.


Cheryl said...

Dustin Hoffman gives great interviews and really looks like he's having a good time while he's plugging his movies. A class act.

MISCH said...

Dustin Hoffman is fun, every interview I've seen with him is great, he should do more comedy.

looserdude said...

chocolate chip cookies with the free milk! hilarious!

Mooshki said...

That's my sweetie pie!!!

Jamie's Girl said...

I love Owen and Dustin. They are comedy gold. They play off of each other very well!

Henriette said...

I still cannot believe Robert Redford does not like Dustin Hoffman. I LOVE that man!


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