Friday, March 04, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

The Final 12 of American Idol sponsored by Ford.
Abbie Cornish and suspenders. Not sure about this.
At the same premiere were Ken Jeong and
Ed Helms who came out to support their buddy,
Bradley "Big Hands" Cooper.
Andy Cohen and Cat Ommanney mitzvah.
Frances McDormand flashes the Coen Brothers gang sign.
Hugh Jackman looking as lot like Matt LeBlanc from a few years ago.
Heather Locklear and a man with some really big underwear in the background.
Justin Bieber grabbing his crotch.
I need to start drinking whatever booze January Jones is drinking because she weighs like 10 pounds.


jax said...

Hugh Jackman even has the Joey Murse from Ralph Lauren.

SkittleKitty said...

WTH did Heather L. do to her face?

amoteafloat said...

Abbie Cornish is the poor man's ScarJo.

Frances McDormand, however, is the SHIT, and I want to hang with her and her son at an amusement park or something. Or, I just want him to take me shopping and give me a makeover.

Betty Draper Francis, you had BETTER drink a milkshake and eat a few grilled cheese sandwiches. And those Jessica Simpson momjeans do your gorgeous form NO favors.

Why is Heather Locklear still around? Honestly. Why?

RocketQueen said...

LOVE Frances McDormand. Would love to toss back a drink or three and just LAUGH.

What Skittlekitty said - Locklear's been tweaking her face here and there for years, but something BIG has just happened up in there.

BigMama said...

great, now I have Blister in the Sun stuck in my head *sigh* stupid Bradley Cooper and his stupid hands (actually I love the song)

Cheryl said...

Heather Locklear is starting to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

RJ said...

Funny, I always think I'd be soooooo happy if I were a size 0, but none of these bags of bones ever look very happy, do they? Do you think January Jones might look something other than miserable if she were a grotesque (by fashion and Hollywood standards)size 6?

surfer said...

Enty, in your header with Cat & Andy, "Andy Cohen and Cat Ommanney mitzvah," what did you mean exactly? A mitzvah is a kindness or doing a good deed.

Sis said...

Normally I love Heather Locklear and Richie was my favorite band member until he hooked up with Denise. But, geez can't she leave her face alone? The eyebrows are way too high and the rest of her face looks so botoxed I'm surprised she has a hint of a smile. Also, it looks like a wig to me, check out her hairline.

What... we're not supposed to age or grow older? I would love it if some of these women "bucked the system" and forged ahead anyways, make the roles find you instead of acting or looking 30 years old etc. Look at Meryl Strep, Helen Mirren, Sigourney etc., now these women have it together, and it's up to the women in their 40's to bring up the slack, imo.

califblondy said...

Haven't we seen that wrinkled shirt on January before?

I think Heather looks okay. I've seen her look worse.

linnea said...

Head over to dlisted and look at some more pics of Heather. I honestly did not recognize her.

Love love love Ken Jeong and Community! It is one of my fav shows right now.

Mango said...

Cat from TRHODC (which was the most boring of the franchise despite the whacko Salahis) has a voice that utterly creeped me out. Hard to explain but she was painful to listen to.

Heather's face looks TIGHT. If I couldn't see her ears in the pic I'd think someone had pulled them back and tied them in a knot behind her head.

January Jones looks terrible. Both her frame and her clothing. Have a cookie Jan. Please.

shakey said...

Yeah, Heather looks matronly with all that filler in her face now.

Justin: "Mommmyyyyy, I have to go peeepeee!"

January's looking like a blonde Karen Carpenter.

parissucksliterally said...

Heather had some major work done!

January Jones. I know she is way too skinny, but I still would love to look that way again. sigh.

Love Ed Helms!!!!

Eilidh said...

Jan's "booze" that you want to start drinking is called "Cocaine."

You're welcome. :)

figgy said...

I think Heather has had cheek implants, which ALWAYS look horrific, make the face look scary! Even worse than those dumb-butt lip injections.