Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Photos Part Four

Well, at least if Ashley Greene and Adrian Grenier start dating they can wear each others monogrammed clothes.
"Bring on the strippers."
"Does someone have $20? I think I got one to give me a lap dance."
Bono celebrating his 51st birthday in Mexico City.
Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams taking a lovely Cannes photo when
Adrien Brody decides he wants in.
Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek practice for their circus career.
Jude Law, Uma Thurman and Robert DeNiro are members of the Cannes jury. To get ready, Uma
stayed up late smoking and drinking.
Esai Morales has always had a leaning problem. That is why he supports Lean On Me, a non-profit group for people who lean while posing.


parissucksliterally said...

Esai Morales looks GREAT!


*fans self*

Pookie said...

i'm sure adrian garnierfructis is a good actor blah, blah...but i just can't get past those cockroach eyebrows. they freak me the hell out.

i think the sitting-down pic of schwarzenegger is awesome...great smile, great suit. no hate here. the next one...meh.

i *heart* u, bono!

adrian brody's hassidic look & photobomb = win!

JasonBlueEyes said...

Ashley better step away from Adrian. The grease coming off him is working it's way into her hair.

Hey Arnold - I hear Jennifer Love Hewitt is single. Here's your chance. Shouldn't his caption say "Bring on duh strippas."

Remember when Antonio and Salma did that steamy sex scene in Desperado? Anybody want to see the two of them re-create that today? Anyone? Anyone?

RocketQueen said...

Adrian Brody is such a douche. Why does he always look like a cartoon character from TinTin?

DeNiro really doesn't care anymore, does he?

Jen said...

I love how Uma has to be leaning on something so she doesn't tower over Jude and Robert.

B626 said...

gawd Esai Morales is dreamy
he can lean on me anytime

Deep said...

The picture of Salma and Antonio, it looks like she's carrying him on her shoulders.

Robert said...

And I love the look the woman standing next to Arnold is giving him...what is that? Thumbs up or down?

thisoldbroad said...

Esai Morales can lean on me any time he likes. YUM!

trashtalker said...

I interviewed Esai (on the phone) once. He was really super-nice and easy-going.

DJ Twisted Sister said...

How I dislike Jude it just me or has his popularity factor absolutely crashed and burned beyond repair?

There's something so sad about the split of Arnold and Maria - sad for Arnold, that is...

Basil said...

I wish they had renewed Caprica because Esai and that sexy gay brother of his were the hits of the show, along with Polly Walker.

Hey Enty? When is Polly Walker going to be in the random photos?

Tempestuous Grape said...

Awww, my boyfriend Adrien Brody is a shortykins!

Margaret said...

I met Esai Morales once. Very nice and so good looking it was difficult to look directly at him. Great.

J-Mo said...

yearn for the old Jude Law. Why is he so bow-legged in this photo?