Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oprah Wastes An Episode With Sarah Ferguson

Oprah does not have that many shows left before she calls it quits. I have not talked about this that much but lets say Oprah goes to Broadway and that does not work out and her network starts to lag, does anyone here not think that Oprah will start doing a talk show again? It might be a couple of years, but I think when you do something for 20 years and have become used to being the all and powerful that it is tough to give up being on national television everyday. I predict she will be back.

Anyway, in this incarnation she has very few shows left and you would think she could drop A lister after A lister on to her couch. So, it was surprising to me that she gave one of the final slots to Sarah Ferguson. Really? Do we care? Sure, the question about her being snubbed for a wedding invitation was great, but do we really want to know anything else? Fergie says she felt devastated and that she hid out in in a Thailand jungle. It enveloped her she said. Uh huh. This same jungle though managed to let her watch the wedding live as it happened and she spent the entire day of the wedding speaking to her ex and her kids on the phone. But, maybe the jungle enveloped her after.


Jamie's Girl said...

I don't know what to think about her. I never liked her, but later I did feel sorry for her. She's a tramp.

Mellie said...

There is a Fergie show on the new network. Cross promotion.

Anonymous said...

it's all about ratings, and oprah is overseeing her network. i don't see her wanting another talk show. she has to be tired of the 5am wake ups by now.

The Black Cat said...

I predict she will do specials, but not a regular talk show again.

pegd said...

Most of her guests are people with shows on her network. The Judds, Shania, now Sarah. She said she wanted her lasts shows to be special. Uh huh, one celeb after another selling their book or reality show to me is not special but a sell out.

Susan said...

Oprah bores the living daylights out of me. I will admit her Favorite Things epis this past Christmas made me cry with joy and envy - but I had just given birth and was majorly hormonal. Other than that she can vanish from any given spotlight and you wouldn't hear a peep from me. I think she sucks as an interviewer. She never lets people finish their damn thoughts.

OT - Why is this site all white when I first log on?!? Annoying.

Anonymous poster said...

ot @Susan

The white thing is an ad thing. Just hit refresh a few times.

Sadie said...

I have to admit I'm an Oprah fan. I've not even come close to seeing all of her shows...I've always worked while its on. I have however, dvr'd this last seasons shows and have watched most of them.
I'm disappointed a bit really. I thought that Oprah would "step it up a bit" with either A list peeps or something other then Shania, Fergie and the like.

As far as her doing another talk won't happen. Two reasons: she is contractually obligated by the over 200 television stations her current talk show airs on from ever doing a talk show again and most people don't realize this woman works morning, noon and night to get her talk show on the air. She won't be committing that kind of time to another talk show. I'm sure after 25 yrs, she's ready to chill out a bit.

Terri said...

She's promoting shows on the OWN channel....Shania, Chaz, Fergie.

I think she will return to OWN, maybe as a weekly show. I can't see her settling down and she will miss the celeb interaction.

bluebonnetmom said...

Sarah had everything a little girl dreams about in Britain and blew it. And she knows it.

Sue (in MO) said...

I always liked Oprah - I used to watch her show religiously about 8-10 years ago but it seems like the last few years she's gotten so celebrity-focused, I lost interest. I haven't seen anything on her network that grabs me either - maybe that will change but after watching a couple of those "Master" class shows I highly doubt it. It's just more celeb love-fests.

I agree with Susan - I've noticed she is bad about letting the "average" person who is on the show finish sentences but she never does that with her celebrity friends :) But - it's her show, so I digress. I just have a feeling OWN will not do as well if she doesn't come up with something that grabs people's attention... so far nothing is that spectacular to me.

Pookie said...

"...she hid out in in a Thailand jungle. It enveloped her she said. Uh huh. This same jungle though managed to let her watch the wedding live.."


oh enty, my enty. i love you so.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Disclaimer: Don't do cable, won't be watching OWN.
However, what you're seeing is exactly what Mellie said - cross promotion - why else would the guest list for the final shows "conveniently" also have shows on the new OWN?
You don't have to pay for the ad time, you're not limited to a 60 second spot, and you certainly reach far more people than you would in a standard spot.
From a financial standpoint, sheer genius.
That being said, Sarah.
For one, I don't believe that she and Andrew are broken up. They might be divorced and gone their separate ways for a bit, however as I recall, they're still sharing the house and raising their children together. A scapegoat was needed at the time of Charles and Di's scandal, and she fit the bill and was thrown to the wolves.
Unfortunately (at least for the Royals) she's far more resilient than they gave her credit for, and she survived and thrived (at least for a time)- as for the snub, she was attempting to sell access to a Royal. Something like that couldn't be ignored, and certainly wasn't by the tabs, so she was temporarily snubbed.
Certainly she won't be sitting down to tea with Her Majesty any time in the near future, however you know that no matter what, she still has communication with her former in-laws.
They are, after all, the grandparents to her daughters, the Princesses.
And frankly, I don't care whether you're common or Royal, family is family, no matter what.

Cecilia00 said...

@Merlin - my sentiments exactly.

And I do not buy or a SECOND Prince Andrew didn't know she was selling access or that others don't do it too.

That man was willing to pay about 750grand USD. Who would pay THAT much if it wasn't a sure thing a business deal would be reached?!

No. Sarah Ferguson continuously takes one for the team for that family.

I don't even buy they were even mad at her for anything but getting caught. It's all smoke and mirrors and I believe her "exile" is only a public charade.

RocketQueen said...

I agree Oprah will be back.

Honestly, if I were Fergie, I'd be thinking "fuck these bitches" at this point. They obviously don't think much of her, so stop caring so much. Unlike Jamie's Girl, I don't think she's a tramp (??), just collateral damage from the Royal Family. More like Diana than we realize.

mazshad said...

No sympathy for Fergie from me - she knew the rules and blew it ! Can't believe she even thought she'd get an invite!

Maja. With a J. said...

Fergie even says in the interview that she knows she had it all, and she blew it.

I kind of like how human she always was, although I think when you're any kind of celebrity, not matter the reason or family, you kind of need to make smart choices because the bad choices will always get out!

And I like Oprah. I know, she's extremely rich and successful and I'm supposed to hate her and call her things like "sanctimonious", but I can't. I like her.

Jessica said...

I've never understood the worship of her. At all. I don't give two eff's about Oprah.

timebob said...

All Opie is doing now is promoting the OWN network using her last few shows. So happy to hear OWN is tanking in the ratings.

FS said...

I've always had a soft spot for Fergie, and her mostly harmless but very real and relatable flaws. I agree, the Palace threw her to the wolves from day one. As far as I know, she and Andrew no longer share a house, and she doesn't live next door to him anymore. I thought she lived mostly in NYC now? I'm watching Oprah right at this moment, and I might actually try to remember to watch this show on OWN. If I had walked those same footsteps as Sarah, I might be in a padded room for years by now.

FS said...

Oh nevermind, she just said that she lives in Andrew's house with him and their two daughters now. Yeah, sounds like Friends with Benefits. ;)

MCH said...

All anyone really cared about was how she felt about not getting an invite. So she could have had a short 10 minute Skype session for that.

I get what Fergie is saying about the jungle....she probably didn't want to be caught dead anywhere in London on the day of. It has to be mortifying, knowing that everyone knows what she did...doesn't mean she wasn't dying to see the wedding.

fairylights said...

Thanks Anonymous poster, I wondered why it was white when I logged on too.

m said...

is that why my scroll bars are missing too!

very frustrating.

even refresing 6 times doesn't change it.

The Black Cat said...

I'm using Chrome as my browser these days and I have none of the issues I experienced with Internet Explorer.


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