Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Do you know who this is? Mitch Winehouse. Amy's dad. Apparently he thinks he is a singer now too.
David and two of the kids getting ice cream, which makes sense because
later David took Victoria out for dinner so you know there was not going to be much food eaten.
Eurovision has started and all the acts are dressed the same and glittery and these guys from Portugal are so different. They look like Steve Martin in a Wild & Crazy guys sketch from the 1970's.
Reese and the busted foot.
The always lovely Sandra Oh.
I love Taryn Manning but whoever sold her on the day-glo orange lipstick should be shot.
Want to be comfortable on a movie set? This is Will Smith's trailer for MIB.

Not a fan of Wilmer Valderrama, but he does look good in a suit.

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