Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Britney Spears gets the top spot, because every so often she pulls herself together, gets those extensions in a little tighter and reminds of us how she can still look really good.
Uma rocking the red carpet at Cannes.
I think the guy behind Rachel McAdams is also wondering what it is she is wearing.
When I saw Antonio and Salma Hayek taking pictures together, I wondered how soon Melanie Griffith would find her way to Cannes.
Lots of cameras for Salma Hayek.
An actual genuine smile from Angelina Jolie. Jack Black is good for her.
Catherine Zeta Jones on the set of her new movie.
The Goopster getting daring with the cleavage.
Not sure why Hilary Duff went with the yellow nails. Maybe her protest at being dropped from a movie this week?

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MM said...

Is that really CZJ? She's so skinny, and her face looks different.