Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Congratulations to Jennifer Saunders and her honorary degree.
Another blast from the past who is also a legend, Sandie Shaw.
Adrienne Maloof is tired of the tour buses bringing you to stars homes so she is going to bring
the stars to you.
Dule Hill is very embarrassed right now hanging out with Corbin Bernsen.
You can always tell a Comic-Con photo because they are always angled up like this of Carey Mullign.
Catherine Zeta Jones gets her smoke on in front of her cancer survivor husband.
And goes for another a little later.
David Beckham takes his son body boarding.


Reese said...

No idea who Sandie Shaw is, but mutton dressed as lamb is never attractive.

Michael Douglas is looking pretty good for someone who was very sick not long ago.

Ida Blankenship said...

Normally I roll my eyes at ~honorary degrees~, but HELL YES, Patsy Stone!!! Shit, I hope Oxford just made her a Rhodes scholar or whatever. I love her.

Cathy Zeta-Jones is aging quickly, and I'm guessing that nicotine is the main reason why.

RocketQueen said...

It has been my unfortunate luck to have clearly heavy smokers sit next to me on the bus the last two days in a row. I don't know if it's that these people don't wash their clothes, but they smell WORSE than ashtrays. It's like stale smoke is coming out of their PORES. That's all I can think about when I see smokers...wondering how they smell.

Ida Blankenship said...

Oops! Congrats should have gone out to Edina Monsoon -- I did NOT match Jennifer's new blonde hair to her old frizzy-haired role.

But Joanna Lumley ALSO kicks ass. Heck, someone stick a diploma in her hand, too!

bluebonnetmom said...

@ Rocket Queen, they are pretty clueless as to how they smell to a non-smoker. I guess CZJ wants to make sure and increase the odds her children won't have any parents. With the patch and all of the smoking cessation stuff out there, she needs to put the smokes away for good.

MISCH said...

You would think CZJ would quit smoking after what Michael went through......she's an idiot.

Jen Saunders YES, good for you !

Sandie Shaw, my mom loves her...she was part of the 60's, 70's British Invasion ...a great voice.

chopchop said...

My grandparents' neighbor died of lung cancer. She never smoked a day in her life. Her husband, on the other hand, chain smokes to this day.

RenoBlondee said...

CZJ must have it bad for the smokes. I will never forget a pap picture of her heavily with child and sucking the life out of a cigarette.
I'm a former smoker, and I tend to understand, but between that and her husbands' cancer, wow.

Mooshki said...


kerri said...

I think Sandie Shaw looks kick arse

ardleigh said...

WTF is CZJ thinking?? Was her husband not sick enough? She should have the decency not to smoke near him. Mike shoud tell her to put it out. He must have a kick-ass life insurance policy.

Netta said...

Holy shit, man. Amy Winehouse is dead.


generation veXed said...

@Netta. I know. We saw it coming, but god, it's terrible.