Friday, October 21, 2011

Teresa Giudice Is Crazy

I have to admit that I have now watched the first part of the Real Housewives - New Jersey reunion show twice. I just can't get enough. I could literally watch Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice go at it all day. The best part about the reunion is that Andy Cohen just can't believe most of the crap that comes out of Teresa's mouth. I love how with all the bankruptcy and criminal case questions, Teresa just plays all innocent and how everyone knows the real answer, including Andy, but Teresa just sits there and lies. It is one thing when no one knows the truth, but everyone already knows the deal made by Teresa and her husband but she is just in another world.

I still am not sure how a guy who is bankrupt and working at a pizza place can suddenly find $300K sitting around to pay off one debt and how exactly Teresa can come up with $11M or as she says $8M to pay off her bills. She does not make that much. Yes, she makes a good living but she is not anywhere near the Kardashian world of money and even they would be hard pressed to come up with that much money in a year. I figure it would take Teresa another 3 years to come up with that money.

Oh, and when Andy asks, "so you withdrawing your bankruptcy kept you and your husband out of jail right?" Teresa acts like there was never going to be jail. Yes there was which is why you withdrew from the bankruptcy in the first place. Because it was fraud. The court papers say it but she just kept saying no while taking that one finger and adjusting her hair. She does it in the most annoying way. It is like she is saying f**k you everytime she does it.


Top Stylist-in-Training said...

I only watch rhonj sporadically so will someone please tell me why everyone hates Theresa?!! I felt bad for her watching the reunion show. That 3-vs-1 was brutal.

Susan said...

@ Top Stylist, If we are to believe the final epi and reunion show, they all hate Teresa because she "wrote" some insults about the cast members in her cookbook.

But the thing it there are supposedly a bunch of off-camera shenanigans going on. And, I've read that there was a big fallout while taping Season 4, which was just going on. I've read on Housewives blogs that Melissa Gorga was set up and that it's coming out that she worked as a stripper. Not that this is suprising to me since she always looks like a stripper with too much makeup who always shouts, "Praise Jesus."

I think all of these bitches are crazy. Except Kathy. In fact, she's too normal for this mess.

Sis said...

And Theresa expects to sell more books after this? You would think she would be on her best behavior.

I like Kathy too, her husband is funny.

sunshine said...

cannot stand Teresa. Andy if your reading this please REPLACE HER!

Lauren said...

Susan, I totally agree. I have come to really like Kathy, her kids, and her husband. They just seem fear too normal and intelligent to be drawn on to this crazy train.

New Life and Attitude said...

Caroline was pissed because she always defended Teresa but then she got slammed in her book. Actually she was more pissed because Teresa took shots at her youngest son in the book. She also took shots at everyone else and then when confronted she would try and say she was joking. They were not jokes. Teresa was very likable at first, but the fame has gotten to her in a nasty way and she is just downright hateful. But I don't want her to be fired because then what fun would it be?

Jeri said...

I don't watch the show at all, never, but I know Teresa from promos and tabloids.

I think she has a deal with ITW as she is in it every week. Really lame articles as there have been so many they are running out of stuff.

She's hanging on to her 15 minutes tighter than anyone ever has I think.

Anonymous said...

Not only crazy, but she has a 2 inch forehead.

califblondy said...

When the Mum and I discussed the reunion I said the same thing..."Teresa is crazy." She wasn't making sense when answering Andy's questions.

Something is definitely brewing behind the scenes and I think that's why Caroline stayed quiet, which was a surprise.

From the other franchises (NY and BH) it does seem though that every season they take turns being the whack job or villainess and maybe with Danielle gone, it's Teresa's turn?

Unknown said...

I want to play a drinking game where you take a shot every time Teresa does that one-fingered hair thing. But you would be in a coma in the first 15 minutes.

Top Stylist-in-Training said...

Thanks Susan. Is it me or do they all seem like messes with the exception of Kathy? From what I did see of the season, Melissa was always taking cheap shots at Theresa. I'm guessing Caroline jumped on the bandwagon because the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Anyhoo they're all crazy

heatherlynn said...

I love Kathy, and I love Caroline, and I even like Melissa, but Theresa is nuts! I can't stand the stupid stuff she says (hello, ingrediences?), and when she tried on like 8 bikinis for everyone to judge, I thought she is so delusional!

It sounded like Theresa did something that caused Jacqueline and Caroline to be upset with her. That must have been an awkward stage up there....

Mooshki said...

LOL at the headline. To quote yesterday's commenters:

"Grass is green."
"The sky is blue."
"Water is wet."
"Fire is hot."
"...the bear does crap in the woods."
"Ice is cold.
"The Pope is Catholic.
"Sugar is sweet.
'LiLo is a crackhead."

Stacey Charter said...

YAY ENTY!!! Yes - Teresa has changed from last season - that's for sure. She supposedly set up Melissa and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. They aren't allowed to discuss it because it's part of the season 4 filming so they are using the book as an excuse.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Definitely agree that the "fame" has gotten to her, although I never really liked her. But I hated Caroline last season & she's grown on me. Kathy does seem like the only normal one & I loved that her kids bought her stuff for her business at Christmas. I think all these women are living way beyond their means, except the Manzo's.


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