Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jeremy London Wanted By Police

The Palm Springs police are on the lookout for Jeremy London. Should not be too hard to find him. Go to every place that sells drugs and look for the guy who is volunteering to carpool everyone over to the liquor store. Jeremy is being sought because his girlfriend is saying that Jeremy assaulted her. Apparently they were fighting over custody of their child and the fight became violent and she suffered injuries. Jeremy was on Celebrity Rehab and also was in trouble with the law most recently after he says that he was forced to take drugs or something by a guy who stole his car. It was ridiculous. I hope that guy did not serve any time in jail because Jeremy's story was crap. Now, he was married, so now it is a girlfriend, but they were arguing about a child so I am guessing he got back together with his wife? Either that or someone else was stupid enough to go out with him and make a baby with him.


Maja. With a J. said...

Oh my goodness...him and his brother were so hot back in the day!

Suhyphen said...

Indeed, Jason London almost stole "Dazed and Confused" from Matthew. Almost:)
Such good looking twins.

Alicia said...

DId you ever see his "wife " on that show? Oy vay!

On Celebrity Rehab he found out on the show from his attorney when she had to provide proof of all income for the divorce proceedings she entered a receipt for a story she sold to The Enquirer about him. She's a real gem that one.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Pinsky should have broken him down and got him to admit the kidnapping story was just an elaborate hoax to cover up another drug binge. On Celebrity Rehab he tried to say when his wife sold that stupid story to the Enquirer "It ruined my career". The guy is totally entitled and lame.

Lelaina Pierce said...

When that crazy story came out...wasn't he climbing a tree or something?

I don't think we can take anything he says seriously.

Feel really sorry for his kid.

Barton Fink said...

With whatever issues London had, a sociopath wife with chemical dependency issues is a must. I remember them having that sick, sick, sick conversation through the hedge about money and taxes and the National Enquirer -- The mind of an addict requires grudges and anger. If I can make myself angry enough about what YOU have done, I can justify getting high. I can slam meth, I can smoke crack, I can get wildly drunk, as long as YOU give me reason. For a drug addict, she seemed like the perfect wife.

Unknown said...

I'd wager his issues equal hers. I hate when people skirt responsibility. London knowingly took part in their little scam. That's that. Can't stand when people offer up excuses containing windows.

RocketQueen said...

Actually, I think it turned out at least a majority of his story was true! The guys involved actually were convicted.


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