Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

I would feel the same way kid.
Not sure why Paula Abdul even bothered to wear a dress.
Paula Patton shows off the girls to Ali Larter.
Rihanna gets herself an Ellen Snuggie.
I actually meant to post a photo that I saw that looked like Rose McGowan smiling. It was from the side though. Here she is with Eli Roth and Michael Fassbender.
Ryan Reynolds out on his bike in LA.
Seriously? Sammi is getting her own perfume? What's it called? Domestic Violence.
A very skinny Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson share a laugh in Madrid.
Zachary Quinto hooks up with his Star Trek co-star, Chris Pine.


Rita said...

A BI reveal on the Sammi perfume!

Paula actually is looking very good this year on X-Factor US. She is showing her performance skills and had done amazing work with her groups.

Oddly enough, Nicole Scherzinger is the "lost" one on the show.

FS said...

yeah, we wish Zach and Chris Pine were hooking up.

Layna Day said...

Paula Patton is gorgeous.

Zachary and Chris are looking good! Yummy.

Something about him seems oily, but Eli Roth is pretty hot.

Danielle said...

omg omg.. Eli Roth AND Michael Fassbender in the same photo. THANK. YOU.

Maja. With a J. said...

That Lady Gaga + baby picture made me howl!

PammieC said...

Why do I want to sing "Cool Rider" when I look at that picture of Ryan Renolds?

RocketQueen said...

Love that suit Pine is wearing.

nunaurbiz said...

@Rita: Agreed! I feel so sorry for Nicole's group because she is a LOUSY mentor. That's why whatsherface lost last night.

And did you see the terrible job Rhianna did lip sync-ing last night? It was comical!!!!

Still think they need to send that smarmy host home :-/

Rita said...

@nunaurbiz - Nicole is very lucky to have inherited the over 30s. She acts so immaturely around them (see her posing around Josh during practice with the spread legs and all), she's truly lucky that the other judges had helped her pick an amazingly talented and mature group of people.

I cannot imagine her taking care of the girls, or the boys, at all.

Ice Angel said...

I am just in love with Ali Larter's hair cut!

Tempestuous Grape said...

I want a C O O L R I D E R!

M said...

Rhihanna looks a little too LaToya Jackson in that photo.

Mooshki said...

It was just a few years ago that Nicole was freaking out in the middle of live shows because of her huge drug problem. I still can't believe the show hired her.

Ali's haircut is to die for!

Aww, I really do like Rihanna. I hope the rumors about her falling apart aren't true.

"Zachary Quinto hooks up with his Star Trek co-star, Chris Pine."

Have you been reading fanfic, Enty?

linnea said...

Poor Sammy. Taylor looks incredibly skinny.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I'm confused. Is the red/green part of Paula's dress or is that a table cloth??

LOVE Ali Larter's hair!!

Sometimes I wonder if celebs ending up trashing the "Ellen" stuff she gives away.

Snooki also has a perfume. She was showing off her merch to Conan last week.