Friday, December 09, 2011

A New Friday Movie Is Coming

Chris Tucker is even more desperate for money than we thought. After camping out in front of Jackie Chan's house for the past few months in what he termed Occupy Jackie, Chris was unable to get Jackie to agree to a 25th installment of the Rush Hour franchise which means that Chris Tucker would actually have to work while acting to earn any kind of money and it would not be as much as Rush Hour money. Then he remembered Ice Cube. After appearing in the first Friday movie, Chris was a no show for the next 12 of them as they slowly morphed from a great movie to more of something that resembled the degeneration of the American Pie franchise. Oh, and Police Academy. Now though, Chris is back and with the exception of my beloved Bernie Mac, the remainder of the original Friday cast. I think they should call it "Friday 20 Years Later."


Rita said...

After watching the bloopers of the last installment of Rush Hour, and reading about Chris was behind the scenes, it doesn't surprise me at all that Jackie Chan is not up for another round with Chris!

Chris got paid $20M for that movie! And during filming he kept he cell phone on, took calls in the middle of shooting scenes, and messed up his lines. Badly! No matter how hard a time Jackie was having enunciating in English! Yeah, it got to Chris' head all that money. He was absolutely rude and no one after that wanted to work with him.

And I still don't understand how you go through ALL that money! Why you always need the blood-sucking entourage?

Robert said...

"Ah, gefilke fish...ah...what is it? Ah, fegilte fish...ah, gefickle fish...ah, gevike fish..."
"His name is Lee, goddammit!"
If you've seen those outtakes, you know what Rita's talking about. Jackie Chan is doing his own stunts (sometimes repeatedly) while Chris Tucker often can't even get through a single line!

Mooshki said...

"After watching the bloopers of the last installment of Rush Hour..."

That reminded me of the bloopers from the Shanghai movies. I don't know why they haven't made another one of those. From the outtakes, it was obvious Jackie and Owen were very fond of each other.

Missjenny619 said...

Okay, only 3 comments? Haha! I guess I am the only person here who is ECSTATIC about another "Friday" movie? I have the first movie completely memorized. It is definitely in my "Top 3" all-time fave comedy movies! .

I only saw the sequel "Next Friday" once, in the theater... and I didn't bother with the thrid installment at all. It just ins't the same with Smokey!

I don't smoke weed or anything like that, but this movie is pure comedic genius! The characters were perfectly cast and there are many, many one-liners. I hope they keep it as simple as the first one.

Yayy!!!! =D

GoGo said...

I remembre when NWA actually had attitudes! And white folk was afear'd o' dem!
E'eryone's "mainstream" now: Snoop, the Ices... sad