Monday, June 17, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Jack Osbourne and his friend get ready for their role on Mountain Men.

Kate Upton showing off her body on the set of her latest film and
Cameron Diaz seems to want to display her breasts just as much. Leslie Mann pretends not to notice.
Amy Adams and
Henry Cavill promoting Superman in Italy.
Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter pretend they like each other for the
Dexter premiere party.
Megan Fox filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Martin Short cracks up Joaquin Phoenix.


Count Jerkula said...




The Real Dragon said...




Borg Queen said...

Wait..why is Rita at dexter's premiere party? Is she coming back in flashbacks?

Sarah said...

Jennifer Carpenter looks like the cat that ate the canary

nevermindthat said...

Henry Cavill always looks so stiff in photos; it's like he can't let go of that Superman ready to take off in flight stance.

Cleodacat said...

I think Cavill is HOT in that 3 piece, all kinds of yummy.

Jessie said...



Cavill said...

Amy Adams looks gorgeous in that dress!!

Megan Fox always looks so unhappy :-(

auntliddy said...

Love martin short.

MadamChef said...

I've never watched Dexter but every pic of Michael C Hall scares the shit out of me.

Martin Short foreva!!!!!

Laineygossip published an email from someone who is a Cavill twihard and hates his girlfriend. Watch out, Superman! They're coming for ya!

warmislandsun said...

The Dexter cast isn't very attractive, but I won't watch it, so what do I care....

Amy's shoes look painful - she is really arching her feet and standing on her toes.

Can Kate act? Or does it not really matter?

Sherry said...

Warmislandsun: It doesn't matter. She has breasts.
Fox does look so unhappy.
And after watching Martin Short be so gracious in the interview where Kathie Lee Gifford (obviously drunk)talks about his (recently deceased) wife as though she were still here, I will forever love him. He is star AND class personified.

Anothergrayhare said...

I think Joaquin is the answer to the actor whose sister played with his thigh all through dinner. Was she an actress too at some point? He was my first thought when reading the blind.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Joaquin Phoenix looks like 70's era Martin Scorsese. Back when Martin was coked out of his brain.

MontanaMarriott said...

Damn that Superman is like GAY HOT lol

lzahart said...

can the commenter who mentioned before that Jennifer Carpenter sucks as a person please elaborate? That makes me sad. She does look awesome in the pix I think although I understand many of you disagree with that!

And yeah what is up with Rita being there? That's weird. I guess we will know soon enough.

Quinn still looks like he needs to lay off the crack or meth or whatever, he is so grossly skinny, I suppose its good that at least he is no longer orange.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ iza She's been having an affair with a married musician for a couple years. That's why she's a sucky person.

DontRainOnMyPrada said...

@sarah,no, Jennifer Carpenter looks like the *man* who ate the canary. ;)

Erik said...

Megan Fox is unhappy because she's married to the douchiest guy in the world.

sugarbread maker said...

amy adams and yessica alba in same photos means something in blinds today right???

Jenn said...

Cavill's abs were very steely in Superman. I was impressed.

I even liked Crowe, and I don't like him usually.

parissucksliterally said...

Jennifer Carpenter is fugly.

I will never understand how Kate Upton got as famous as she is. There are so many models prettier than her, with better boobs, and with MUCH better figures.

Chigirlie said...






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