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Four For Friday - Technically The Guys Were Single

Have I told you how much I love holiday weekends? I love them on Fridays when the three days seem like an eternity of fun before me. Throw in a whole lot of football and I'm pretty much set. If you are going to be at home this weekend or looking for some entertainment during your 12 hour car rides because of the bumper to bumper traffic with all of the other people that thought it would be a great weekend for a vacation, then you can read the site, because I will be here all weekend and Monday too. I can't promise how sober I will be, but I will be posting blinds and finding some old blinds from the archives to reveal. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter. I am @entylawyer and I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend.

This movie sucked, but still made enough money to generate a sequel. If you watched both of  the movies, I'm sorry about that four hours of your life that you won't get back. What they should have filmed instead was what went on behind the scenes. There was a whole lot of sex and a whole lot of cheating. The guys involved will tell you they were technically single because one (#1) was on a break from his wife and the other (#2) said that since he was not yet married, he could do what he wanted with whoever he wanted.

#3 couldn't decide which guy she wanted to be with so she ended up having sex with both and would alternate, depending on the day or even the hour. Yeah, well, she is not exactly well known for being virtuous. #4 also had sex with both of the guys, and also another guy on the film, who was well and truly single.

It seems that #3 hates #4 with a passion and that #4 knew that #3 really wanted #1 and even thought she could snag him and marry him. Apparently #4 found #1 to be a little dirty and didn't shower much and always smelled of smoke and desperation. #1 would fondle anyone and anything that even gave him a glimmer of hope. No one could ever figure out why he even bothered to be married since he showed no interest in anything but having as much sex as possible.

#2 was much more discreet, but rarely spent a day without female companionship, he just wasn't sweaty and disgusting about it and you didn't feel like you were sleeping with a dirty old man. Yes, this will be revealed.

#1 - Former A list mostly movie actor who is now a B- mostly television actor
#2 - A list mostly movie actor who has the acting talent of a D lister.
#3 - Former B+ list mostly movie actress who has dropped off the movie making in the past two years and is now a C+.
#4 - Former B- list mostly movie actress who has returned to her roots as a B- list mostly television actress on a middling hit cable show.


FSP said...

Enties, do you prefer CFL to the NFL?

ReacherB said...

This is too much for me to read right now...

HannahBanana said...

Um my mind feels like scrambled eggs after reading all that mess. Movie, The Hangover??

skimpymist said...

Grownups 1 & 2 since I really do hate that movie.

Renoblondee said...

@Hannah That's what I came up with too.

HannahBanana said...

Maybe Jonah Hill as the desperate gropey one & BCoop as the cleaner one? Hmmmm I can't remember the females....except for Melissa Mcarthy...I'll bet her version of events is hilarious! I just didn't dig either one of those movies...

125records said...

Don't think it's "The Hangover" or "Grown-Ups" because the descriptions make it sound as though it's an older movie (like, "Former B+ list mostly movie actress who has dropped off the movie making in the past two years").

canadachick said...

Movie the Expendables. ..??

canadachick said...

Movie the Expendables. ..??

shawn scott said...


Anonymous said...

What about the sex and the city movies???

VIPblonde said...

Weekend at Bernie's. #4 also had sex with Bernie

Topper Madison said...

This should be easy to whittle down. Who is a former A list mostly movie actor who is now a B- mostly television actor?

Anonymous said...

Chevy chase????

Topper Madison said...

Ha! I just researched sequel movies and came across "Oh God, You Devil."

I sooo want this to be about George Burns and John Denver.

DA said...

List of movies with 1 sequel

sandybrook said...

Quick drop in
#1 Chevy Chase
#2 ???
#3 Beverley D'Angelo
#4 Natasha Lyonne


Jwill said...

G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra

#1 - Dennis Quaid

#2 - Channing Tatum

#3 - Sienna Miller

#4 - ?

VIPblonde said...

@Jwill From your list, #4 would be Rachel Nichols

Angela said...

Films with only one sequel starring mostly the same cast, most of them being terrible:
Analyze This/Analyze That
Allan Quatermain (but it starred Richard Chamberlain...)
Are We There/Done Yet?
Bad Boys/Bad Boys II
Cats & Dogs
Cheaper by the Dozen/The Pink Panther/Father of the Bride (Steve Martin had way too many family-friendly franchises...)
Deuce Bigalow
Dr. Dolittle
Fantastic Four
Garfield/Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (Hey, JLH could be #4)
The Haunting in Connecticut
I Know What You Did Last Summer
In The Name of the King
The Last Exorcism (and Part II)
Nancy McPhee
The Nutty Professor (2008)/The Klumps
Shanghai Noon/Knights
The Whole Nine/Ten Yards

DA said...


#3 Lindsay Lohan has to fit somewhere

Anonymous said...

I Know What You Did Last Summer:

1. Ryan Phillippe
2. Freddie Prinze jr (lol)
3. Sarah Michelle gellar
4. JLH?

This def doesn't fit, but I already typed it out, so..

Angela said...

Jwill and VIPBlonde got it:

Dennis Quaid, lately starring in Vegas. A few blinds about his cheating and his drinking issues (hence no showers) and separated from his wife at least once.

Channing Tatum would fit as production for GI Joe started in February 2008, he was engaged in September and married in 2009. But he hasn't the talent of a D-lister. He was actually fine in Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street and Enty even praised White House Down a few weeks ago...

Sienna Miller did drop off the movie making

Rachel Nichols had her big break on The Inside and Alias, had a few movie roles, now stars in Continuum.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer:

1. Laurence Fishburne
2. Chris Evans
3. Jessica Alba
4. Kerry Washington

Guys! This could work!!!

Anonymous said...

Def does not work

texas rose said...

I think you got it. My first thought was Quaid after first description of #1. Some think Tatum is higher than D talent but that has been his rep- good looking but not so talented. Didn't know Quaid had Depp hygiene.

Eros said...

I like iwill's guess. Hag i wish your guess worked... Those would have been some steamy connections.

Leo said...

I loved that movie when I was a kid. I didn't understand it but George and gracie were the cutest couple.

Leo said...

Ugh you're prob right but so boring

sarah.estell said...

I love the GI Joe guess.

The Real Dragon said...

Sound like fun ass set.

Im going with G.I Joe Guess too.

The Real Dragon said...

The other guy #3 slept with was Marlon Waynes.

annanaannnaaaa said...

The single guy (and it pains me to say this) Joseph Gordon Levitt?

The Real Dragon said...

@anna Ahhh was going to mention Joseph levitt gordon as well.

If this is true I dont understand why #2 and 3are fighting for an Old Wrinkle ass Dick when you have Tatum, levitt, Wayne(who must be Hung) and the guy was play storm shadow. Shit even Mr. Eko that was in there too.


Kristin said...

I'm on board with this guess.

Shit You Can't Buy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shit You Can't Buy said...

Cruel Intentions:

1: Sean Patrick Thomas
2: Ryan Philippe
3: Sarah Michelle Gellar
4; Selma Blair

Ryan got together with Reese on set, but she doesn't fit the rest :(

The sequels to CI are DREADFUL. But the first was good, and there are multiple sequels, so not sure if it fits. And SMG worked with SPT again on Ringer :)

Urgle Burgle said...

This is a pretty accurate description of Rachel Nichols career arc. Depresses me if true. She overdoes the sweet-as-pie thing on twitter but she seems likeable. Long time lurker, first time commenter.

Urgle Burgle said...

Actually according to wiki filming started in February 2008 and Nichols married Scott Stuber in July. Sienna miller was in the middle of an affair with Balthazar Getty. Tatum became engaged in September. May be supposed to be them but don't find it credible. They would all have to be very busy little bees.

MadLyb said...

Where's that Johnny guy? I need him to break this down and do his "Blind Items for Dummies" bit. My head hurts.

The Real Dragon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Real Dragon said...

@MadLYB is not really confusing,boo.
Basically in this whack ass movie set everyone of there mothers was having sex.

#1 is old actor that the female #3 and #4 were fighting over for. They were fighting for wrinkles balls. this older guy was married but he and his wife were in a break at the them so he thought it was okay .

At the mean time, when they weren't hooking up this older actor with old dick they were hooking up with rest of the other male cast member. Cue in number guy #2 who was engage at the time but said he wasn't married yet so he still hooked up with them. He was more chill about it. screwing and leaving. No drama like the 2 chicks fighting over wrinkle old balls. Also female #3 also hooked up with other guy on the set.

Long story short it was Big as orgy and 2 bitches fight for probably old sausag

Gytrash said...

I'm really thinking Fantastic Four. 2 and 3 really sound like Chris Evans and Jessica Alba to me.

Christopher Oh said...

GI Joe

1) Dennis Quaid
2)Channing Tatum
3)Sienna Miller
4)Rachel Nichols


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