Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Photos Part Three - Fox Television Critics Party

Jennifer Lopez in leather.

Keith Urban hung out with Zooey Deschanel
Her sister Emily was also there.
Keri Russell was there to plug The Americans.
A mini-Glee cast was there.
Jessica Stroup blends in nicely to the background.
Mindy Kaling desperately trying to keep her show on the air. It's on life support right now.
I'm pretty sure Mary Lynn  Rajskub gets younger every year. Kiefer Sutherland doesn't look too bad either for as much booze as he drinks.
Billy Bob Thornton is wasting away to nothing.


TalksTooMuch said...

Jeebus, there iS no BBT! Love Keith Urban, don't care what peeps say aboot him

Stepforded said...

I'm not a fan of the graphic prints Jessica and Mindy are wearing. Yes, I know it's fashionable ... but it's horrid.

Jessica is a very good actress - and singer! I hope we see more of her on air.

JoElla said...

I kinda think that BBT looks good here.

And Jlo, not a good look hon.. not a good look.

Murielle said...

I think that BB Thornton is the male Angelina Jolie. He so looks like her

VanVan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renoblondee said...

JLo never looks bad.

ninotchka said...

JLo never looks bad, exactly, but I watched her on Leno last night and that top wasn't doing her any favors.

Billy Bob looks like hell. I always think he's ill these days.

Keifer does look good for a raging alcoholic.

Keith Urban looks good for someone in such a miserable marriage.

Poor Mindy.

Seven of Eleven said...

Leave Mindy alone!

Lots of patterns here, and whoa, Emily D with the cage dress.

Keri Russell does not look happy. Did she eat I can't have no affair, hold the banana pie?

sandybrook said...

Those print dresses would look lots better if that wall looked different like. a solid color with no design.

fancyscreenname said...

I could b crazy, but, every time I see a guy which has lost a lot of weight (with no history of drug abuse) I think there is a woman somewhere in his life that forced a vegan diet on him.

MontanaMarriott said...

I can definitely believe BBT does heroin moreso than I can believe AJ does.

Jessi said...

If you only ate orange food you too could be thin like BBT!

trainrides said...

Emily Deschanel is gorgeous.

And so good to see Jack and Chloe.

msgirl said...

I think production is about to start on the new 24 soon.

Desiree said...

I thought BBT's drug of choice was meth, no?

Pookie said...

oh jho, honey, leave that ridiculous outfit to kim kartrashian.

keri...leather jacket w/ white heels = no.

no idea who jessica stroup is, but she's adorable in that picture.

please tell me riccardo tisci did style mindy kaling w/ leftover kartrashian couch drapery.

i want to take billy bob out for a sandwich. or three.

Harry Knuckles said...

Both of the Deschanel girls are highly doable.

Keri Russell needs to be force fed some donuts.

Jessica Stroup too.

Bill Bob looks fine. He's always been on the thin side. Live longer that way too. Except in Billy Bob's case the Heroin will probably kill him.

OneEyeCharlie said...

Imma gonna mentally use JLo's outfit, but picture someone else wearing it.

Billy Bob looks like a pubescent boy who's body hasn't grown out to match his head.

nurysp said...

white pumps?

Orvilla Bedinbacher said...

Billy Bob cleans up nice.

Keith Urban kinda looks like a lady.

NaughtyNurse said...

Zooey D really really really needs to start styling herself like a grown woman. That look of hers is so tired.

Sherry said...

BBT has an eating disorder and he's said as much. It's not just for teenaged girls.

Agreed, the wall was to blame for none of those dressing looking great.

I think Keith Urban is so cute...Hard to believe he's married to Nicole.

Keefer does look good for a guy who parties hard.

PotPourri said...

Mindy's show is hysterical! It deserves to be in the Top 10 Comedies!

Erik said...

DAMMIT CHLOE! (Am I the only one who thinks Mary Lynn Rajskub is cute?)

anon said...

I didn't think BBT could get any creepier looking but I guess I was wrong.

I was shocked to see Keiffer doing a tequila commercial - why would you hire a raging alcoholic as your liquor company spokesman?

Emily looks fantastic.

parissucksliterally said...

I love J. Lo's body. She looks amazing.

I cannot believe there is yet ANOTHER season of American Idol.

cowbulls said...

J-Lo still has that hour glass figure.

MallyMelbs said...

I love Mindy!!! I hope her show isn't cancelled before her and Danny get together!!!

ohcowie said...

love mindy's show, too. go mindy! sucks to american idol!


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