Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Random Photos Part One

Six parts today.

NeNe seems pretty shocked to have a pap take her photo.

Patrick Schwarzenegger learned the choke move from his dad.
Susan Boyle blows her bagpipe.
Sofia Vergara's feet must just kill her at the end of the day.
Tom Felton is back from vacation. Back to the grind of playing golf every day he doesn't go to the beach.
For the first time she can remember or not, Tara Reid's car got damaged and it wasn't her fault.
Hilary Duff looks thrilled to be going out.
This is Taylor Swift after a two hour dance practice. Yeah, I think she got ready for the paps too.
Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson hold hands before taking each other's clothes off. Oh wait. Forget that last part. Just holding hands.


Seven of Eleven said...

Oh, it's Tom Felton again. PR budget up a notch, I suppose.

Damn, Swifty is always groomed.

I watched the movie Ted the other day. There were some funny parts, but the one where they called to a chubby kid, "Keep up, Susan Boyle!" wasn't one of them.

TalksTooMuch said...

Um....I like Nene's purse!

figgy said...

When NeNe is carrying a Birkin bag, you know that brand has long ago jumped the shark.

sandybrook said...

Hillary looks just like Katie Holmes did right after she was set free.

MK for short said...

If I could live off millions from a Harry Potter franchise, I'd probably golf and beach it up every day too. Seems like a decent way to spend your time.

Jessi said...

That's a really cute pic of the little boy and Susan.

Kelly said...

Duff's ex is gonna be sorry. She's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love the colour of NeNe's bag.

Sofia's shoes look ridiculous with the rest of her outfit.

I don't know who Tom Felton is, but he has excellent taste in cars (it looks exactly like mine - black Mini Cooper convertible).

Hilary has been looking great lately - maybe she's relieved her marriage is over? It sounds like what's-his-name Carter is in hot pursuit of her now.

Ugh! Sick of Taylor Swift!

Harry Knuckles said...

That Schwarzenegger kid has just taken "dork" to the next level.

The girl on the left is every bit as hot as Sophia Vergara. Maybe even hotter. If she's not a drug dealing hooker like Sophia is/was that would seal the deal.

Anonymous said...

Duff looks really good there

luvgossip said...

Duff's face looks good. But her black clothes have faded. Get some new ones!

ninotchka said...

There is not a single person I'm interested in pictured here.

I agree with the Birkin/shark comment. That bag is now officially ovuh.

NaughtyNurse said...

Enty is playing with fire by making fun of Draco Malfoy.

Christopher Cruz said...

Lordy, how I love me some Nene! I love how she speaks her mind and just don't give a shit.

chopchop said...

I first thought that was Nene's hair, like the ends of a mullet. But it's just her coat's fur collar.

Jacq said...

Her watch is the one she got from the Italian guy she was schtupping to back her restaurant venture. Tacky!


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