Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Razzie Nominations

Five Academy Award winners/nominees are on this list and Lindsay Lohan got nominated for each of her three movies.

Worst picture
After Earth
Grown-Ups 2
The Lone Ranger
A Madea Christmas
Movie 43

Worst actor:
Johnny Depp, The Lone Ranger
Ashton Kutcher, Jobs
Adam Sandler, Grown-Ups 2
Jaden Smith, After Earth
Sylvester Stallone, Bullet To The Head, Escape Plan and Grudge Match

Worst actress
Halle Berry, The Call and Movie 43
Selena Gomez, Getaway
Lindsay Lohan, The Canyons
Tyler Perry, A Madea Christmas
Naomi Watts, Diana and Movie 43

Worst supporting actress
Lady Gaga, Machete Kills
Salma Hayek, Grown-Ups 2
Katherine Heigl, The Big Wedding
Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry's Temptation
Lindsay Lohan, In-App-Propriate Comedy and Scary Movie 5

Worst supporting actor
Chris Brown, Battle of the Year
Larry the Cable Guy, A Madea Christmas
Taylor Lautner, Grown-Ups 2
Nick Swardson, A Haunted House and Grown-Ups 2


Meanie Rhysie said...

Getting closer to that Oscar, Linds!!

aemish said...

Yaaa.. I knew it was gonna be cheesy but I on-demanded Grown Ups 2 anyway cuz I like all the people in it :/

Seven of Eleven said...

I <3 the Razzies! I hope Kim wins, she'd think it was an honor.

Candyland said...

I think it's funny that Tyler Perry was nominated for Worst Actress.

auntliddy said...

This year is no contest! Hope lindsay show up in coked out stupor, and interupts kim giving her thank you speech. Oh yeah, this shld be televised and ill throw out another reason: chris brown. Someone even loks at him crooked and he'll go all spazzy, making biebers egg party look silly. Oh wait.

MollyMo said...


crila16 said...

I haven't seen any of the movies nominated, but I've heard terrible things about them.

I personally don't think Halle Berry deserves a Razzie for the Call. I actually didn't mind that movie, and thought she did a decent job.

The Big Wedding was unwatchable, and Katherine Heigl was horrible...but if she beats Kim Kardashian and wins the razzie...i'd go into hiding for the rest of my life.

Jennabean said...

Yup yup and it still made me laugh cheese and all.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww is Kimmie gonna call Kanye to beat up the organisers for her nomination? #Diddums

Its just U said...

I'm so happy that I'm not the only person who didn't like Movie 43. That was 2 hours I can't get back.
I won't even watch Grown Ups 2 because the first one bored me to tears.

discoflux said...

I thought Movie 43 was hilarious. It was great to see actors of their caliber in such ridiculous skits.

Sugar said...

I haven't seen an Adam Sandler movie in ages. Does he still talk in that weird childlike voice he always uses?

aemish said...

@U.. I knowww, I should have learned my lesson cuz I saw the first one too

@Sugar.. I don't think he did in this movie but all the tweenage pranks were present

aemish said...

forgetful lucy <3

I just can't help but love Adam Sandler

nurysp said...

movie 43 had us CRACKING UP
grown up 2 also had its moments for us
where is the remake of carrie THAT SHIT SUCKEDDDDDDD

aemish said...

I am sooo glad you posted that Nurysyp! I saw Movie 43 on Netflix the other day but I skipped it cuz I didn't like the cover art. I just YouTubed the trailer and it looks pretty darn hilarious :p

sandybrook said...

If Kim wins she will show up to collect it and for some reason I think Depp might too (he has to realize how bad that was).

parissucksliterally said...

Good for Kim! She got nominated for an award that wasn't for an Adult film!!

Lindsay, will you stumble to these awards, or will you remain overseas "working"?

Susan said...

The Tyler Perry nom in the actress category made me laugh.

I saw Grownups 1 but not 2. I hate sequels.

Chris Rock needs to lay off whatever he is doing to his face.

I will admire any of these peeps who actually show up to the Razzies. I loved it when Sandra Bullock did that.

Dexamyl said...

Lindsay was surprisingly good in The Canyons. There are thousands of more Razzie-worthy performances. She was only included due to her name recognition and the joke factor.

FrenchGirl said...

Halle berry was very decent in THE CALL

8====D KermitGossnellKnobjob said...

Is there really someone who gives an f word about these awards? They are just some dudes who dislike some famous people in movies and have the chance to mock them, although they are not (usually) the worst actings/movies/whatever in the year by far.
It's OK as a joke, but LiLo could have been Marlon Brando in the Godfather that she would still be nominated.

mkrobb said...

I agree. I also read a few reviews that said Kutcher wasn't bad in Jobs

mkrobb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freya said...

@Its just U That movie was awful.

Freya said...

Anytime a Madea movie comes out, Tyler Perry is nominated for Worst Actress.


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