Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Photos Part Three

Drew Barrymore showing off her new book.

Demi Lovato showing off her body.
The women of Girl at the London premiere of the show.
Gwen Stefani continues to look great everyday.
Jane Fonda shows off the dog she picked up.
Jake Gyllenhaal gets his jog on after dumping his Christmas tree.
January Jones doing her own painting. Nice.
Long time no see Jane Krakowski.
Ashlee Simpson is glad that at least one member of the family will attend the wedding.


TalksTooMuch said...

Demi Lovato looks amazing! Shot!

Kelly said...

I wanna be Gwen when I grow up.

parissucksliterally said...

Chestica looks drugged out in that pic.

LOVE Gwen.

I wish women would stop with the selfie attention whore pics.

Anonymous said...

Jane is rocking straight short hair.

January probably wants to be a part-time artist like Heidi Klum.

Cindy said...

Does anyone really lay on the beach in real life with their back arched like that?

Marieeee said...

If you're trying to make yourself look as skinny as possible, yes. We all see your pap pictures, Demi.

Eros said...

Not if you dont want sand up your asscheeks, Cindy.

I think Jessica and ashlee should have a double wedding

MISCH said...

Jessica just wants to take Ashlee off the payroll

Seven of Eleven said...

Is that adorable ginger baby Jane's kid? So cute!

I can't help it, I like January Jones. If she does her own painting, I like her even more.

Ross Jr looks just like his mom. Run, Ross Jr, run!

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Demi's body looks yummy, until you realize Wilmer has been all over it. Bleh!

Harry Knuckles said...

Hanoi Jane should just die already.

Thought the entire cast of Girl hated Dunham. Maybe she paid them to act all happy and lovey-dovey with her.

Count Jerkula said...

Now here is a quadry for the fellas out there:

Would you go through Dunham to get to Allison Williams?

On the surface it maybe an easy Yes. Close yer eyes, plow away, and get rid of that easy nut so you can savor your time w/ Miss Williams. I'm gonna make it harder though, everything you want to do with Allison, you have to do with Lena. You wanna kiss Allison, you have to kiss Lena. You wanna go down on one, you gotta munch box on both.

Makes it real difficult, huh? I think I would. Just banging w/ spanking as the foreplay. I would just take Allison's panties, so I can pretend to 69 with her later.

JSierra said...

I love Demi, looking good girl!

TalksTooMuch said...

I know one dude that would. In fact, he would probably skip the after and spend more time with the before. Thank god not everyone has the same tastes

parissucksliterally said...

Oh, and if Demi is still hanging with Wilmer, she is not sober. That guy is evil.

Never realized how tiny Jane Krakowski is!

Sherry said...

Looking at the picture of Drew reminds me of my little sister.

Great now the UK can hate "Girls" as much as the US.

Jane always looks good.

Chestica does look messed up in that picture.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Count - Alison Williams doesn't do much for me so most likely not. If you asked me would go through Lena to get to Demi, Gwen January and Jenny Maroney, well then my answer would then be most likely, yes.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Oops...I meant Jenna Maroney.

ninotchka said...

Chestica's a huge druggie although not quite as huge as Asslee.

January Jones is just painting over the bloodstains from her latest victim.

Aww... Jane Fonda looks fabulous, as always. Can't say I like the dog much. (@Harry - "Hanoi Jane" really? It was fifty years ago. She's sincerely apologized a zillion times in a zillion ways. Do you spend your days yelling at kids to get off your lawn?)

Gwen always looks like a dressed up supermarket cashier who's trying too hard.

Oh Demi, if that selfie were any more strategically posed and cropped, it'd be in Vogue. Cheer up, girl, everyone blames Wilmer for everything.

Tippie Hippie said...

Jessica seems scrubby and scruffy to me most times. I think we she told the world she doesn't brush her teeth sickened me.

Count Jerkula said...

Now that seems like a good game to play when Lena is in the blinds: who else in the blinds would you go through Lena for?

By order of appearance:

Preggo Drew



Jenna Malone

Simpletons, either collectively or separately

Unknown said...

jessica has those same sunken in/dark undereye circles that britney has... is thi ageing or drugs or no make up or what?

allison is gorgeous... hope she finds her own fame

Unknown said...

Anyone else stumped by Jessica wearing a Ramones shirt?

Sherry said...

Looziana, she's attempting to be cool and probably has never heard a single thing they did. She truly isn't worthy.

Sherry said...

Looziana, she's attempting to be cool and probably has never heard a single thing they did. She truly isn't worthy.

Unknown said...

@Sherry - totally agree! Even if it said Bamones, she wouldn't know the difference ;)

Zeeky_Boogy_Doog said...

The Ramones shirt was the No.1 reason I clicked on the Comments link!

It would be funny if secretly Jessica Simpson was into Ramones, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Fear. Whole thing gives me flashbacks to that time Jordan Knight wore a Bauhaus shirt in a New Kids on the Block video. There were a lot of angry Goths that day!

putchka said...

Harry Knucklehead: She did a stupid thing half a century ago and expresses regret ALL THE TIME. Thoughtless. Like you are now... BTW she is still gorgeous. Have you ever been?

Count Jerkula said...

Yeah Harry. People can say "sorry" and they are no longer responsible for thier actions 50 years ago. That is why the Manson girls should all be paroled. Besides, if you need a reason to think Jane is a cunt look no further than how she treats people.

Susan said...

I love January Jones.

Drew and Gwen look SO happy. Love it!

Jessica is looking a little skeletorish in that pic.

Selfies must die.

Alexa Rose said...

OOH, Jane Fonda used to be gorgeous so that takes away from the fact that she is a traitor to her country. Good to know.
@Count, you totally took the words out of my mouth.

Erik said...

I loathe Jane Fonda.

Lily said...

I hate Jane Fonda.


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