Friday, August 22, 2014

Random Photos Part Three - Pre-Emmy Party

Sarah Hyland
Julie Bowen
Jessica Pare and Michelle Dockery
Taryn Manning and Dascha Polanco
Padma Lakshmi
Perrey Reeves
Betsy Brandt
Zoe Saldana
Aaron Paul and his wife.


AndrewBW said...

Sarah Hyland looks like an anime girl.

sandybrook said...

Aaron Paul's wife>all the rest of these.

Jessi said...

Betsy is channeling Alley Sheedy there...Wardrobe and all!

Tricia S said...

Everyone except Paul's wife and zoe..exempt due to ltd. Fashion choices- is stone cold busted here.

Revoke their SAG cards please

Tricia S said...

Dockery looks fetching actually

Lady Heisenberg said...

Marie and mah Pinkboo!!!!
Go Breaking Bad! Let's doooooo thiiiiiis!!!!

RowdyRodimus said...

Stacie Kiebler just delivered her baby girl if anyone cares.

fancyscreenname said...

aaron pauls wife is so pretty

zoe saldana is pregnant

i still dont like walter whites sister in law, shes such a bitch, and she steals

PReeves is rocking a lovely dress

that dascha person looks like ciara mixed with a swan...weird hybrid there

julie bowen looks lovely

Seven of Eleven said...

Wow, Sarah Hyland looks like a doll.

I like Michelle Dockery, but the front panel of that dress could use some tucks.

Pennsatucky & Diaz & Mrs Ari!

meme deemed said...

Except for Zoe, Aaron + wife...

Who are these ppl???

freckledk said...

Lauren Paul is not only gorgeous, she's good people. Co-founder of Kind Campaign, geared toward anti-bullying among young girls. I'm all about her.

Dena said...


Tina Mallette said...

I think Michelle Dockery looks fantastic

Padma is actually covering the cleavage what's up?

Count Jerkula said...

P: Mrs Paul

M: Hyland

B: Ari's wife

QueenAnne Guido said...

Zoe, you found my tablecloth! Thanks on you.

figgy said...

Michelle Dockery is just perfection in every way. LOVE her!!! Lady Mary!!!! <3 :-D

Susan said...

Mrs. Ari looks phenom.

I can't get over how conservative Padma is dressed.

Sarah Hyland is a gorgeous girl.

PJ said...

Julie B. and Perrey both look very, VERY hungry. But then, they both seem to do everything in their power to achieve that inexplicably coveted-by Hollywood anyway-lollipop look. Sigh. Remember way back when Julie starred on "Ed" and had a happy, healthy looking figure??

Yoj said...

Shag: Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian. "Yeah, bitch!"

Marry: Lady Mary. We can re-enact the Turkish diplomat's demise.

Kill: I'll confront Julie Bowen... with an intervention, not a weapon.

sugarbread maker said...

Aaron Paul wife got new sweater puppies. . Love my boo though. .

Aoife said...

AndrewBW hit the nail on the head. Sarah Hyland looks just like an anime girl.

Who is Dascha Polanco and why should I care?

Lila said...

Mrs. Paul is beautiful. Julie Bowen looks so unhealthy.


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