Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random Photos Part Four

Not being on a show any longer is really reducing the number of paps taking photos of Alyson Hannigan.
Henry Cavill busts out the Superman suit.
Hilary Swank is out of Paris and in NYC.
Jaimie Alexander looks ridiculously happy.
Jessica Chastain and her Sound Of Music dress. Oh, and her boyfriend.
Joshua Jackson forgoes using the wheels on his suitcases. Diane Kruger made sure he wore his hat though.
Joe Manganiello would like you to rip his t-shirt.
It's Jena Malone's world and we are just living in it.
Kate Beckinsale is an attractive woman.


sandybrook said...

Chastain has a b/f? Somebody better tell her mom.
Beckinsale is a BEAUTIFUL woman.
Hannigan may not be on any show but shes in hamburger commercials all day/everyday on my Tv singing.

secret said...

Queen Beckinsale and her hottie court looking awesome. Well done, Hollywood.

rajahcat said...

When I grow up I want to be Kate Beckinsale

she is agelessly gorg

Count Jerkula said...

P. Kruger

M. Castain

B. Band geek

rajahcat said...

what Count no Beckinsale?????????

is the Hannigan pic a reveal also about not getting product endorsements????

Lady Heisenberg said...

Niiiiiice! I guessed Jena for blind #5

Anonymous said...

beckinsale on the phone NOT talking to a woman

like that grey dress on that woman i dont know

skippy said...

I'm guessing there's more than a purse & phone in Hilarys bag. Just a hunch

Sass71 said...

Oh Henry!

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Hilary Swank is having an odd gravitational pull.

Haywood Jablomee said...

rahjahcat - Count either chooses youth over quality or he just leaves the best for me out of respect.

Yoj said...

Shag: Diane Kruger and Pacey Witter (a.k.a. The Love of My Life).

Marry: Jessica Chastain. A gorgeous, smart and talented redhead with career integrity? HOLD ME BACK!

Kill: Joe Manganiello. An oak sideboard wearing a drop arm tank top? No thank you very much.

Sherry said...

Does anyone think there is some padding in that Superman suit? I now the abs are molded on but those legs? And tasteful on the buldge in a "hung more than Ken Doll" way.

Jaimie Alexander looks amazing!
I like Jessica's dress. Electric Blue is a good color for her.

Methinks Jena Malone is practicing for something that involves dancing.

Sherry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yeoman Princess said...

Dear Kate Beckinsale,
I WAS feeling good about myself.
Going to Drink my Feelings now

audrey said...

Sandy--if you are referring to those annoying ads from Wendys with the Pretzel bun and eating all by myself...that is not Alyson.

PJ said...

Glad to see Alyson looking healthy and like she's actually eating again :)

I was going to say that I SO would with Chastain's man-soft short curls and facial scruff completely do it for me-but then I saw the loafers and no socks thing and it totally killed it for me :/ Sorry Gianluca!

Yoj said...

I had exactly the same thought process as you. Which is why I didn't include him in my Shag/Marry/Kill honour roll!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

I like Jessica's dress a lot; it's the kind of thing I'd wear, albeit with a slightly higher neckline, and in a tamer shade of deep blue.

Of course Joshua's carrying the suitcases--you don't go banging the wheels down a flight of stairs if you want your luggage to hold up over the long haul!

StuffandNonsense said...

Dear Joe Mange. Pump up your bod and press your last 15minutes of fame out of that faux mance with Sofia. I can't with this dunderhead.

Jaime Alexander is gorgeous and I love that dress.

Jena Malone made me smile. Headphones on, doing her thang ;-D

Unknown said...

Joe! I'm ready to rip it off you babe!

SugarTitz said...

Henrys thigh gap is showing. Don't give him a complex ya'll. .
Love me some Chastain

Unknown said...

I desire five of those dresses Hillary's wearing, in different patterns. Sucker for a great shirt-dress.


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