Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random Photos Part Three

Katie Holmes does her try to be sexy thing for a magazine photo shoot.
Kelly Rutherford on the last day she got to spend with her kids before they went back to dad.
The Dancing With The Stars pros got together in Hawaii. Karina Smirnoff was there with
a non competing Maksim and a competing Val.
Meanwhile, Julianne Hough is in NYC to announce she is going to be a judge.
Avril Lavigne carries her own fans. Hey, it is the only way she can say she has fans.
Ali Larter takes care of the diaper cost of having a new baby with one red carpet appearance.
Lady GaGa channels Tim Curry.
Hello Lizzy Caplan.


rajahcat said...

Ali that is some pretty great pregnancy steaze

sandybrook said...

Katie is capable of looking sexay Enty.
Maks bwahahah!
I kinda feel bad for Kelly but she reaped what she sowed.

Glitter said...

Enty, you are posting Katie Holmes pics everyday again. Wonder if Alba will show up today.

Count Jerkula said...

P. Larter

M. Avril

B. Hough

CF98 said...

That's a pic of Katie's that I liked in the photo shoot that should've been the cover

Just Another HR Lady said...

Lizzy Caplan is uniquely gorgeous.

New Life and Attitude said...

GaGa needs to give it a rest. Her shit is getting older than Phyllis Diller.

discoflux said...

How dare you insult Tim Curry. She's obviously trying to be Howard Stern meets Marilyn Manson.

secret said...

I can't handle Katie Holmes trying to be fashiony it just don't work STOP IT GIRL!
Ali larter looks fantastic.

NapAssasin said...

+1 for Curry

Anonymous said...

love larters look there. when i grow up that will be my first serious lady suit.

i thought only women and men in speedos were attention whores at the beach

katie bores the $hit outta me. rockin a$$ suite though

Yoj said...

Shag: Lady GaGa's... bodyguard? Parole Officer? Sober Companion?

Marry: Lizzy Caplan for the gift that was Gina in 'Bachelorette' ("Okay, listen to me. There are two different types of guys in bed. Number one, Brian Krakow. Didn't have sex 'til college, super grateful. Literally makes a home down here, sets up shop, wants to live in it. Number two, Jordan Catalano. Won't go near the area. Terrified of it. Very good looking, but you know, not worth the time.") Thank you for vindicating the 12-year-old me.

Kill: Maksim and Val. To free the invisible donkeys that they're posing on.

skippy said...

Julianne needs a little touch up

skippy said...

@discoflux great analogy!!

Sherry said...

Yoj: Maksim and Val. To free the invisible donkeys that they're posing on. LOLOLOLOL!!!!That was so funny.

Anyone remember that sitcom Lizzy was on? She looked so rocker chick hot.

Gaga on the other hand looks very tired. That get up is the worst so far.

Good one Enty about the fan.

Yoj said...

The Class?

Yeoman Princess said...

Katie kleans up well, non?!

Okay... so what EXACTLY is Kelly's prob that even the courts won't let her have her kids as much as the dad? I missed the story behind her. Fill me in folks :)

PJ said...

Wow. Ali Larter looks absolutely FANTASTIC :) Great hair color, dress, soft makeup; the whole thing is working for her. I think she's just one of those very lucky ladies who looks leaps and bounds more beautiful while pregnant.

Yoj said...

@Yeoman Princess
Her ex-husband's visa was revoked (after Kelly's lawyer tipped off the State Department) and he was deported.
They have joint custody but, since he can't travel to the U.S., it was ruled that their children should live with him.
Kelly's been trying to gain sole custody ever since.

PJ said...

The abbreviated version? Kelly married a significantly younger German "business" man, abruptly decided to file for divorce and come at the poor shlub with dozens of lawyers and just as many outrageous accusations that were found to be totally without merit in several differbt courts shortly before or just after the birth of their daughter, spent pretty much every dime of her Gossip Girl money to ensure that the man was extradited from the US due to shady business practices and thought as such that she would attain full custody of their children only to have the justice system take a long hard look at her and all her crazy and award HIM full custody in Monaco.

She then tried to cry poor and say that it was too much of a financial hardship for her to fly there to visit her children while simultaneously saying that she "had" to remain in the States and refused to relocate solely because (her words) acting is her "only career option" and this is where the work is. (Sounds like a great mom, right?)

The whole thing just reeked of Halle Berry from the start and much like Halle, karma turned around to bite her right in the *ss. Bet she wishes every day that she didn't get her ex-hubby thrown out of the country without the ability to return. The judges all agreed that the children should remain with him lest their mother completely alienate him and remove them from his life entirely. Girlfriend's still trying her damnedest despite all of it though! Ugh.

PJ said...

Ha ha. @Yoj, though I tried to make it short, your explanation pretty much covers the whole back story and is significantly less wordy than mine!

Yeoman Princess said...

@Yoj... Daaaaammmmnnnnn! Talk about Karma! I don't know his story but that wasn't very smart of her. Seems like it bit her in the arse! Thanks for filling me in :)

Unknown said...

Am i the only one that thinks Lily Caplan looks beyond anorexic?

Yoj said...

Oh, but your explanation is far more entertaining.
I particularly admire the way you worked in some Halle Berry shade!

Yoj said...

@Marisol Habibi
Sometimes she forgets to eat because she's so busy being awesome.

Unknown said...

Katie Holmes is never sexy.

Lady Gaga is an ant in Tim Curry's garden (where you will find him most afternoons).

Seacrest's beard got a new job? I don't want to know who she fucked to get it, certainly not Seacrest.

I don't like Lizzy Caplan but I love Masters of Sex.

StuffandNonsense said...

Ali Larter looks amazing.

Lizzy Caplan fan here but she looks very fragile in those pics, even though the styling is gorgeous.

Fucking hell Gaga - you're level of "try" is making me tired.

MinPinGirl said...

Thought Katie Holmes was Sigourney Weaver there. Would be excited to see Sigourney, not so much Katie.

Oh Avril...sigh. You and your eyeliner and "edgy" clothes are so boring. Did you NOT get the memo?

Gaga you need to stash the wigs and costumes, hole up in some secret PRIVATE hideaway and stay there, out of sight, for as long as it takes until you come up with some GOOD new music. I repeat stay out of sight. Don't come back until you actually have something good that's new for us. This look, is not new.

Unknown said...

Katie Holmes is about as sexy is month old dry toast. Next only to fish stick Gooper-Looper.

Anonymous said...

The story of Kelly Rutherford's first husband is really sad.

Damn, Lizzy Caplan is a BONE. Eat, honey! Your collarbone's gonna break off!

Anonymous said...

Yoj: I had a crush on Brian Krakow. I was such a nerd.

Yoj said...

You say that like it's a bad thing! You and I simply had better taste than our peers.

SugarTitz said...

Jesus christ on a cracker gaga even Kate bonesworth knows when to call it a day!!
Katie Holmes always comes across sexually awkward and uncomfortable. Her body language in interviews shows Many signs of Aspergers.
Halle berry tried to do the same thing to Gabrielle at Thanksgiving by setting him up in the fight to get him deported but he had enough dirt on Halle and Excellent lawyers and She paid him big time to drop everything and settle quietly. . Being the biggest bitch doesn't always win the prize.. Halle will write those checks forever for her custody stunts..

Yoj said...

Good Evening sugarbread!
I hope you have a sleepy chihuahua perched on each breast.

SugarTitz said...

was up yoj?? she is sleeping b/w my thighs on sofa... i've got laptop on upper thigh.. she doesn't like to be disturbed so her usual spot is b/w thighs where she fits perfectly.. all 5lbs of her.. what time is it in london?? watching final ep of extant..crap show but i am going to stick it out ,, final hour..
what trouble are you into tonight girl???

Yoj said...

Aww, lovely. What's her name, by the way?
It's now 04:35 here. My "trouble" is insomnia, unfortunately.
Is 'Extant' the one set in the Scottish Highlands?

SugarTitz said...

her name is ginger.. she is tiny little blue thing.. extant is halle scary thing and i had to take a break.. watching Rush now,

Sprink said...

I just watched Bachelorette, Yoj, and aside from thinking it was much better and more interesting than I'd been led to believe, was riveted by the Gina character.

Kiki was damn good as well.

violet said...

LOVE Rush! Good show.
And LIZZY Caplan is rad!

Yeoman Princess said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! @PJ... you're the unabridged version and @Yoj is the footnotes! LOL!!!!
Kelly is straight up Crazyyyy!!!!

Yoj said...

@sugarbread maker
Well, now I'm picturing a sassy little thing with a tiny tush and a big mouth.

Yoj said...

Gina = my inner voice.

PJ said...

Loves it ;)

PJ said...

Ha ha ha. That's just how I roll :P I will say that despite all her cray, Extant has quickly become my new favorite summer show :) So.Good.!


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