Tuesday, May 02, 2017

American-Canadian Couple Found Strangled And Duct-Taped in Belize

Canadian Francesca Matus, 52, and American Drew Thomas De Voursey, 36, who were reported missing last week, were strangled to death, according to a post-mortem conducted on the bodies this morning.

Police reported that the two bodies were found in a cane field in Chan Chen village, Corozal. The clothes on the bodies matched the description of the clothes the couple wore when they were last seen by friends.

Police also reported that Matus’ body was found underneath De Voursey’s and that their wrists were taped up.

The bodies were found in an advanced state of decomposition so the post-mortem was conducted on-site. The police department says it is collaborating with the US Embassy and the Canadian Consulate as the investigation continues.

The couple was first reported missing last Wednesday by American national, Joseph Milholen. He went to Matus’ house in Serenity Sands Consejo Road, Corozal because he was supposed to drive her to the airport that day. When he reached, however, he saw no sign of the couple and could not reach them on their cell phones. He noticed that Matus’ white Isuzu Rodeo was not in the driveway.

The Rodeo was recovered by police on Sunday in Paraiso village, Corozal.


AndrewBW said...

La Isla Bonita, indeed.

dianavonthirstybird said...

Sadly, this is not the first murder there involving Americans. A co-worker went there on her honeymoon and she said there is so much crime and drugs she and her groom stayed only three days of the week they planned there. Drug dealers love places like this. It ain't quaint, y'all! Go to Havana instead.

... said...

Central America and Mexico aren't safe, y'all.

Tigerlily said...

Everyone goes on and on about how cheap it is to live there (and other central American locales) but there is a price to pay. The locals are dirt poor and have nothing to lose by robbing, raping or killing. Caveat emptor. And just to be clear I am NOT victim blaming.

Laura Palmer said...

My mother always told me...no matter what never ever set foot in Tijuana!..very sad ..the murder and depravity in Mexico etc..is off the charts..so easy to be victimized there..the language and landscape are foreign to begin with so you are really dependent on the locals or the resorts to keep you safe...people are desperate and ruthless and tourists with money are everywhere.

Valentina said...

I'm South American and DEEPLY offended about all of these comments

hunter said...

You should rally your cartel buddies and do something about it.


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