Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

April 22, 2017

The creator of one of the bigger hits on ABC not named Shonda feels like the network has really morphed the show into something he does not recognize. He said he never thought it would happen but this A- list comic actress who had a similar type show says she told him from day one what would happen and to not sign with the network if he was not prepared for it.

Eddie Huang/Margaret Cho


tara17 said...

Fresh Off the Boat showed promise but devolved quickly. I stopped watching this year.

Encino Man said...

Ditch the kid actors and stick to mom and dad. Constance Wu is fantastic. That older kid is obnoxious.

david said...

Margaret understands that Network Executives know more about 'minority cultures' then the minorities themselves.


And, because of that emphasis on 'Asian stereotyping,' I don't watch that show.

Dee said...

Hardly a blind item, this is written about in detail on the show's fucking WIkipedia page. Seems like CDAN's new strategy (ergo Maria Sharapova and other stories) is removing names from stories that are already actually news trying to pass that off as a blind item.

tuga said...

Which is exactly why he didn't like it; He's the older kid, and his douchiness came across pretty clearly. He's a douche IRL too, btw.


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