Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Met Gala Photos Part Six


Mindy Kaling

Hailee Steinfeld

Mary J Blige

Salma Hayek

Sophie Turner

Daisy Ridley


Betty said...

Someone must have opened an envelope, because Hailee Steinfeld was there.

Mr. Blackwell said...

These are all a NO.

Pudlucker said...

Hailee raided LeAnn Rimes closet

cebii said...

I like Zendaya and Mindy.

longtimereader said...

Young, pretty, and making hit movies and music? sounds like an obvious invitee. Funny her alleged ex was also there, she's in the last random photos.

sandybrook said...

Sophie, Salma and Zendaya look pretty good. Daisy and Mindy look ok.

Reg said...

Hailee is such a whore IRL she must be using the wrong casting couches though because she's still not a household name or could open a movie


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