Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 24, 2017

Orange was being her usual awful self at a party this past weekend. Not one sentence out of her mouth did not have a name drop. None. At one point, it became a game for some people at the party. Ask Orange about working out and she will tell you who she works out with. Ask her if she cooks dinner and she will tell you who shares recipes with her or where she has eaten or has cooked for her. She never really answers questions asked, but twists them to add a name drop.

Jaime King


just sayin\' said...

i kind of feel sorry for her. she seems sweet and may just be excited and trying to connect with the cool kids rather than trying to upstage. and the mean kids are goofing on her naivete. (i've been that girl.)

Marlo said...

How annoying.

Guesser said...

Nope,she gets paid or is trying to get paid by namedropping products. She's been around, she knows exactly what she's doing, it's an easy wazy to make a buck.

Jessica said...

You just know it was Tay Tay and members of her crew she was name dropping, no one over 18 cares about them.

cake said...

She tries too hard to be relevant. Whenever I see her name, I'm always reminded of the time her children's nanny posted a photo in bed with her husband and then was swiftly deleted off of social media lol.

Tiff said...

How sad. I've always liked her but what a sad life to live in when you're that insecure?


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