Monday, November 06, 2017

Random Photos Part One - Hollywood Film Awards

Two parts today.

Kate Winslet
Jamie Bell and Kate Mara
Margot Robbie
Carey Mulligan
Eva Longoria
Elizabeth Olsen
Angelina Jolie


nancer said...

nice bathrobe, ange.

Guesser said...

@nancer,I just came to say the same! Looks great,for a late night at home!

mary lamb said...

Angie looks gorgeous!

Truthseeker said...

HA, that was my first thought as well, a nice comfortable silk bath robe, i guess that was her lure to Brad?

T B75 said...

If there's an event that is useful to have an early idea of who are the thirstiest bitches hungry for awards season that is the Hollywood Film Awards. So I'm not surprised by this list, even Carey Mulligan is all her usual smugness pseudo intellectual fuckery, sh'e been hustling for an Oscar for a longtime. The only ones who surprises me here as thirsty bitches are Jamie and Kate.

roxy said...

Angelina looks like she wore her bathrobe.

Love Olsen's look!

John Doe said...

Ack....What's up with Angelina, and why did she wear her bathrobe to the show? Jamie Bell is a dude and he is he best looking and best dressed person in this whole line-up. Come on, ladies. You can do a whole lot better than this!

Dotty Settler said...

Angie has been covering up her arms and wearing billowy clothes ! I wonder what she is hiding be ideas an anorexic body !

Mrs Meat said...

No one looks good here. WTF, Hollywood? This looks like a prize giving for Avon agents. A bunch of frumpy trouser suits on a posse of middle-aged housewives, all failing to hide how they blew out on the gala meal. Except for Ang, who was in the loos inhaling body spray to get high.

monteverde said...

I know you Americans love fake Kate Winslet, but in Britain, we all still remember this (I'm normal), and everytime I see her, I see this:

The Jennifer Aniston sketches are funny too btw. (I'm fine)

luckythewondercat said...

Bathrobes are in style now? Is that what Margot is wearing or did she stitch some vintage curtains and a tablecloth together?

Unknown said...

She's wearing an Art Nouveau Tiffany lamp.


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