Friday, November 10, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Anniversary Month

November 9, 2012

Almost Revealed October 12, 2013

This celebrity mom loves to post photos of her with her baby. She reviews each of them extremely carefully to make sure you can't see any of her needle marks though because she has not given up her heroin habit, but she did move the injections from her arms to her legs.

Foreign born - no stranger to publicly documented drug use- celebrity family

Peaches Geldof


sandybrook said...

And six months or so later she was dead RIP

longtimereader said...

Actually met her one time outside some indie gig, came across as another entitled 'do you know who i am' celebrity brat.

sandybrook said...

I read the almost revealed date as the blind date so a year and 6 months after the BI. Maybe Enty should have revealed it then.

Sd Auntie said...

Sir Bob protects the family name by filing lawsuits and taking custody of kids who are not his.

Few Views said...

So sad. Evidently, Michael Hutchence's estate was structured so as to leave barely anything to Tiger Lily. One can only hope that she has the strength to take care of herself in the way her parents never could.

Halloweenie said...

Enty some of your blinds are outlandish but with Louis ck fully admitting stuff you posted about years ago as blinds, I am more willing to trust this site wholeheartedly. You have yet to sell out and become a kneepads site like perez Hilton. Keep up the great work.


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