Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Blind Item #5

Even though she pocketed millions that was not hers to take, the ex-employee of this permanent A list singer is not finished getting money from the singer. You start off slow with some mild character assassination and low level blackmail courtesy of another employee. If that doesn't get the result, then the next step is going to be pictures and video of the singer which will be explosive. 


Tricia13 said...

Mariah’s manager(ex)

Guesser said...

Marian,being accused of sexual harassment.

Now! said...

I'm guessing that the videos might show alcohol abuse and drug addiction, along the lines of David Hasselholf's famous hamburger video.

Boldblonde said...

and now a bodyguard is claiming he was harassed or something like that by Mimi.

Mrs Meat said...

Oh booze and pills. Yawn. How last century. What is there to blackmail in that?

Mimi should sell the vids herself and have a reality show called Mariah Bites where viewers vote which staff member she throws shoes at. They could end each episode with MC firing someone.

Pink_Palace said...

She also “supposedly” had a gastric sleeve put in. You think Mariah would share this news on her own?!?!? Glad those 2 “broke up.” Now to get rid of her klingon boy toy who is totally using her.

I am not a fan of hers, but she has 2 beautiful children and she needs to get her act together for them.

Miss Demeanor said...

Where did Mariah find this woman?

Mrs Meat said...

Good point, Miss Demeanor. Did she find her, or was she found For her?

With her close connections to Brett Ratner and James Packard, would she have accepted a little staff help from the Co$?

BayAreaGirl said...

@ Miss Demeanor, Bret Ratner

BrennAstotle said...

Mariah hasnt realized that she is not really relevant anymore. She thinks she can get away with anything. She needs to chill.

Dannette said...

Mariah will always be relevant if she can get herself back together. I hope she has someone around that she can trust.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Oh. So this is the "end game" with the entertainment leeches, is it? I KNEW IT.

When you don't give them what they want, all hell breaks loose and now Mariah's getting blackmailed (in my case, this woman kept triggering me by constantly bringing up an arts venue where I had been sexually harassed/molested by an acting teacher at an event she knew I would attend).


Where do we even begin with these people. These people (especially the ones who prey on the mentally vulnerable/those with substance abuse issues) are second to the casting couch predator types.

I had the [dis]pleasure of having to deal with one at one point of my life (I'm not on any mind-altering drugs/have a drinking problem like Mariah, so I'm not as pliable and I have a better recollection of how it happened).

The crazy thing is, it was never even about me (good Lord, this woman thought I was the ex of an actor I've never met in my life! Stupid rumour, she wanted to ride on HIS coat-tails). She got me (and a WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE) attached to a project even before meeting me (by hiring me via people I trust, probably to avoid suspicion). The way her face lit up when we finally met the first time made me sick to my stomach... I KNEW there was something 'off' with her, but at that point I had gotten in too deep (and I was so vulnerable at the time). This all happened while I was mentally-vulnerable from being abused/tormented by an "acting teacher" (they get you when you're weak, keep track of your activities on social media, etc). She'd tailor her own entire social media so you like every single thing she posts (to the point that I felt *I* was the one being creepy), she even at one point said she wanted to do a "Shakespearean film" with me in it (because she knows I'm into that kind of thing). Stalking Mariah Carey and figuring where you can ambush her shouldn't be that hard.

They just have a "way" of worming their way into your life, you know? The woman I dealt with (starting 2016) went from being someone I never saw in the scene in 2015 to someone who's EVERYWHERE by 2017. They could kick you out of an organisation you established, and chair it. Hell, they could schmooze their way into an alumni association for a school they NEVER ATTENDED, if they wanted to! That's how crazy they are.

This woman within DAY 2 of working with her, started telling me AAALL about her ex (she was trying to gain my trust, and possibly coax me into talking about MY alleged "ex") and after about 2–3 months of knowing each other she was messaging me privately hinting "suicidal thoughts" to which I responded sympathetically, promising I would never trigger her, etc (trying to gain my trust because I had mental health issues, and I think it was her cunning way of warning me to give me what she wanted or else she might threaten to kill herself). As soon as I began to indicate that I knew she thought I was some actor's ex, she started gas-lighting me (convincing me that everything she did, all the mimicry, the sleeze, was just a coincidence). It took me about 6 or 7 MONTHS to come to my senses. And I'm sober. Mariah is NOT.

Now that I know better, she's still EVERYWHERE (like, she'll drop hints/photos here and there as a "I'm watching you" message via a sneaky photo obviously taken by her, leaving traces, influencing people, dangling her 'power'). And they ALWAYS go for positions of power in production, ALWAYS (in Mariah's case she became her manager—which is what I theorised my stalker also wanted from me initially).

I doubt Mariah just "found her on Craigslist" or something, I think her manager schemed her way into her position and Mariah's life. And now she's just doing what these people do when they don't get what they want.

shakey said...

That's some pretty heavy shit, Scandi. I'm glad you managed to wriggle away from her and see her for who she truly is. Whenever she leaves you a message, are you able to tell her to get bent, or is it not in your best interest career-wise?


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