Sunday, December 24, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 20, 2017

It is one thing when you start using Groupon for your concert tour a month or two into sales. When it has just been a week and almost everywhere on your tour is selling half price or better tickets via the service, you know it is time to pull the plug. I think these two one name artists touring together thought things would be a big success. Nope.



Moose said...

Yep - Groupon Philly is selling this show, which isn't until next July.

Boo Hearne said...
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Randaleese said...

What a train wreck getting ready to happen in 3...2...1.....

Hannah said...

I love Macklemore but tired of people blaming "Big Pharma" for their drug addictions. Originally it was their misuse of prescriptions that led to abuse and then addiction and drug seeking behaviors.


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