Friday, December 28, 2007

Random Photos Part One

This is the first time Allesandra Martinez has ever been on the site, but I certainly hope it isn't the last.
OK. Now that all the other news has settled down we can all enjoy Lily Allen's pregnancy, and everything that goes with it. As much as she drank, she must have gone through some serious withdrawals over the past month.
Dennis Hopper looks incredible. The guy is almost 72 years old. I didn't look this good when I was 22.
This is one of those photos I just love because of the combinations. I can't stand Carrie Underwood but there she is. Taylor Swift who is incredible is in the photo as well, but the big shout out goes to Kellie Pickler who came through and got me the most amazing Christmas gift and it wasn't even nude photos of her fake breasts. That would have been awkward since she doesn't know about the blog and I would have of course wanted to post them to show the world. And, I am sure Kellie gave out about a thousand presents for Christmas so don't worry if you think she reads the blog.
Carla Gugino somehow missed me this year on her Christmas gift giving list. Well there is always next year, and the year after. The sad thing is my first crush on her was because of a Pauly Shore movie. Do you think they slept together because that would ruin any fantasy ever. Pauly Shore twice in the same day. Wow. Besides Entourage this is the most work Pauly had had in years.
Chris Cornell in Brazil.
Vanessa Lemonjello spending money despite not having a j-o-b.
I think Neil Patrick Harris can do better than this guy. Seriously Neil. Find a guy without the man boobs.
Unlike most stars, I think Natalie Portman does actually read the newspapers she is photographed with.
Miley Cyrus looks more and more like her dad everyday. Better be saving up for some work Miley. But, on the plus side she isn't pregnant.
It doesn't matter what country she is in, Lindsay has gone Wino on us and refuses to change clothes. The people in Capri were subject to her new fashion outlook.


GammaGirl said...

I know its wrong to say mean things about teenagers, but I HATE Miley Cyrus!
It was one thing when her dreadful tunes were limited to radio disney, but the mainstream attention she's been getting is effing ridiculous.

Also, I love Nat!

Uber*nought said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Chris Cornell - hanging out in Brazil - in hiding from his ex-wife - who wants to kill him.

Uber*nought said...

"I think Neil Patrick Harris can do better than this guy. Seriously Neil. Find a guy without the man boobs."

This is a bit of a silly, flippant comment coming from one who's been through about six wives! These two have been together a looooong time and those aren't "man boobs", that's jogger's nipple. It must be cold.

Maja With a J said...

Oh God. I love Chris Cornell. So much. I think we were meant for each other. Look at him. He looks like he wants me to put my head on his chest. And I would, Chris. I would.

If nude pics exist of Chris Cornell, please post them. PLEASE.

Maja With a J said...

I sound so desperate. I really am not. It's just this rockstar crush I've had since I was 15 that just Will Not Go Away.

kellygirl said...

OK. I feel like MILEY CYRUS is due for some big trouble in '08.
I can see this chick going off the deep end hard and fast. She's country, ya'll - mix that with a little Disney juice and VOILA - InstaBritney.

Neil and his BF just hit the Men's Room in the airport for a little Larry Craig style lovin' - hey, it happens.

Vanessa Manilla needs to be banned in '08, Enty, same with Lohan -- unless it's something really big

Carla looks lovely

The next time I see Pickler with a fist in the air next to Underwear I expect it to have made contact

Allesandra's Prada blouse looks ridiculous! What the hell kind of bra is she wearing?

Anonymous said...


Toni said...

Chris Cornell - THANK YOU ENT!! I do sound desperate and will take any more Chris pics you run across. Yummy Yum Yum Yum!!

Judi said...

LOVED Alessandra since Hasard & Coincidence. Hopper's hotter now than at 22. Apart from hairstyles, those 3 girls look like the same person. Given that Lemonjello does nothing, can we just dispense with all photos of her? Miley's target audience is kids, which we are not, so why do we even care?
BrendaL, who's Cornell's ex-wife?! Can you tell us more? said...

Hey Judi,
Chris Cornell's ex-wife was Soundgarden's manager, Susan Silver. She was considerably older than him. They were together a long time, then divorced - who knows why. Then he married a younger model-type and has had a kid or two. But he claims his ex-wife has threatened to kill his son and has hired someone to kill him. I'm not quite sure who the crazy is in this scenario.

He is the total hotness though. Although he looks like he's really tired these days.

Hey ENT, see if you can dig us up some Cornell/Susan Silver gossip.

parissucksliterally said...

Chris Cornell is God. I turn into a 12 year old when it comes to him, so I know what you mean Harriet!

He and Susan were together for about 20 years- I was so surprised when they divorced- they had JUST had the baby like 2 years before too......

Jerry said...

Miley Cyrus looks more and more like her dad everyday. Better be saving up for some work Miley. But, on the plus side she isn't pregnant.

...that we know of.

And all this time I thought Chris Cornell was the Martian who did that "stop hating Britney" video.

RandomRamblings said...

Is Ent's post about Kellie Pickler a clue to the Idol who was thinking about taking 2 million to pose nude to change her good girl image? The mention of Kellie's breasts and sending them to people so that they can be shown to others seemed inentional.

I can't wait for the New Years Day reveals. I hope the Idol posing nude and the Gossip Girl star doing cocaine and banging two random dudes is revealed in the mix.

Judi said...

WHOA!! Jeez, poor guy. Thanks, Brenda.
Follow-up questions: The son she threatened, was he from Ch's 2nd marriage? Or the child that PSLiterally mentioned?

craisins said...

RE: Miley- she would be alot safer if she stayed away from MP!

kellygirl said...

@ brenda - pretty safe to assume they are both a bit touched by the crazy, no?

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