Friday, April 01, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

The Boobs gets top spot for finding someone willing to marry him. No truth to the rumor he cheated on her last night.
I will say this for Aubrey O'Day. At least she does not swap out her dogs all the time.
Speaking of dogs, here is Amanda Seyfried walking hers. Oh, you thought I was going to refer to Ryan Phillippe didn't you?
Bradley Cooper speaking Spanish in Madrid and answering those pesky Jenifer Aniston questions.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds reunited at a Green Lantern event.
Chris Rock growing out the hair.
The entire Pinsky clan and not a celebrity rehab participant among them yet.
Andy Dick could use some though.
Is that a wedding band on Tom Arnold's finger? Did he get hitched again?
A Johnny Depp looking Ellen Page.
Frances Fisher looks amazing.


mikey said...

Who is the Boobs?

Kara said...

I was wondering the same thing.

Lady J said...

Who's the couple in the first pic?
What have Lively and Reynolds ever done together?

Maidstone said...

Pooh - even Dr. Drew's wife is pretty. And she looks sweet, too.

Okay - I'll not stalk him anymore.

I lourve him.

Linnea said...

I actually went straight to google, typed it in and stopped myself at the very last second. I am an idiot.

RocketQueen said...

The Boobs is Michael Buble :) Hilarious snark on that one, Enty.

Is it just me, or was that caption on the Andy Dick picture a reveal?

@Lady J - that is a good smutty sense is tingling.

Cindy said...

Michael Buble is the Boobs

Pookie said...

boobs = bublé

you know, major props to p. doody for extending audrey o'whatever's 15 min. i still don't know who she is tho.

buenísimo, ese bradley cooper.

sweet, yet befuddled and messy tom arnold should not have stood next to the very polished and dapper dr. drew.

teehee...ellen page DOES look like johnny d. there.

mooshki said...

The Boobs is Michael Bublé.

mooshki said...


mooshki said...

Pookie, you mean "P. Doody Dirty Money." Every time I hear that new pretentious, douchey name, I want to track him down and smack him upside the head.

Lady J said...

@RQ I am thinking they are a blind item but I am trying to figure out which one..

Susan said...

So glad photos are back!
I watched one or two epis of Aubrey's show on Oxygen or WE or whatever girly channel it's on. She seemed endearing. All that shit she did to her pooches though...I don't know about that.

Ellen Page - You need a stylist stat.

Did any of you see Chris Rock's program on HBO called Good Hair? It was really interesting.

RocketQueen said...

@Lady J - I think we got our blind today :)

@Susan - I have, VERY interesting.

Maja With a J said...

Susan, I really liked that documentary actually - the things I didn't know about black women and their hair! :)

And thanks enty for bringing regular friday back with a Your Turn, random photos and blinds! Now I feel like it's really almost the weekend!

chopchop said...

Whoa, I thought that was Courtney Love in the last pic!

KiKi said...

Yay, Enty ... thanks for a "normal" Friday ... love the photos and blinds!!

ForSure said...

I will never be a Michael Buble fan because he stole Michael Ball's career (and Micahel Ball has a much better voice). Before you run to Google, Michael Ball was the original Marius in Les Mis and the Les Mis 10th anniversary concert. Wonderful, wonderful voice. :)

thisoldbroad said...

YEAH!!!! PICTURES & SNARK!!!!!!! Thanks Enty!!!

J-Mo said...

Good Hair had some interesting info in it. I hope to see more natural black hair in Hollywood.
Ellen Page looks really different in that shot.

Unknown said...

Sorry, but Frances Fisher does not look amazing--she looks emaciated and drugged out, along with her "friend" there with her...yuk.

Meg said...

Re: Tom Arnold - I vaguely remember seeing an interview with him on Craig Ferguson. I do believe he is married to wife #4 maybe?


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