Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Somehow Antonio Banderas ended up on top. Never really a bad choice.
Anne Heche and Neil Patrick Harris.
Did you know Anne had a sister named Abigail?
Christian Bale filming Batman.
Chord Overstreet at a party over the weekend.
Christina Ricci promoting Pan Am and hopefully finding the time to eat something.
No sign of Ashton, but Demi Moore took some photos with Lea Michele.
Gisele Bundchen, her son, and the dog.
Hugh Jackman and Adam Shankman.
James Gandolfini and family.
This is Jennifer Lopez when she tries at act tough.
Jennifer Love Hewitt at dinner. Alone.


Lurker said...

J-Lo's dress reminds me of a pregnancy test.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

Lurker - LOL - you should get comment of the day. So true. Also, JLH should NOT wear a part down the middle. EVER.

figgy said...

Okay I WANT Anne Heche's dress!! (And her sister is way prettier than she is).

Okay, that picture of Hugh Jackman and Adam Shankman could be the cover of People when he finally announces, "Yes, I'm gay." Sheesh.

lanasyogamama said...

I feel like Demi makes a point of getting photographed with women who have a similar look to her own like Lea Michele and Soliel Moon Frye.

Renee said...

I didn't think Jlove had the confidence to dine alone in public.

BigMama said...

JLH looks stoned.

Regarding the Gandolfini family - it is very nice to see a teen/pre-teen? wearing flats and being dressed for her age. She looks adorable.

christian Bale - love that crazy dude

NPH looks like he is thinking something "not nice" about Anne but is trying to hide it. LOL

ForSure said...

I don't think JLove is at dinner alone. Looks like she's at the same Women of Power lunch that Demi and Lea Michele were at last Friday. The chairs are the same.

Cindy said...

@figgy, doesn't it look like Shankman is trying to hide a boner? lol

Sylvia said...

Demi's face looks weird.

RocketQueen said...

I swear Anne Heche never ages.

Sylvia - I was thinking the same. I think that is not the same nose she had a few years ago.

I can't stand Adam Shankman. He's the one on that So You Think You Can Dance, right? Honestly, I can't stand ANY of the judges on that show. They're all so shrill and over-the-top. Shame, because I like the actual dancing, but I won't watch it because of them.

JLo can start acting her age any day.

Enough with the bandage dresses, J.Love. Please.

bluebonnetmom said...

Don't you know when Antonio is feeling naughty he whispers sweet nothings into Melainie's ear in the Puss in Boots voice from Shrek....Makes me lol to even picture it! : )

califblondy said...

Hmmmm, imagine Hugh and Adam being buddies?

RQ, don't you like Mary? WOOOHOOO. Take a ride on the hot tamale train.

I think Antonio is looking a little rough around the edges.

Baby boy Brady is a cutie.

RocketQueen said...

lol califblondy. That's EXACTLY what I don't like. Stop SCREAMING already!

cageykiwi said...

I don't want to, but I have to agree with figgy; Hugh Jackman looks deliberately posed wiht his wedding ring showing, but giving a sneaky "thumbs up" down below!!! :(

Cuckoo Armadillo said...

James Gandolfini's kid with the broken ankle is officially the most adorable Famous Person Offspring I have ever seen.

ureallyannoyme said...

God I HATE JLo's Fiat commercial. And it's on all the time. Haven't they run out of advertising money yet??? At least I get to laugh at her tan shorts outfit. And that choreography at the end when she throws her fists to the side? Comedy gold, Jerry.

Unknown said...

"Okay, that picture of Hugh Jackman and Adam Shankman could be the cover of People when he finally announces, "Yes, I'm gay." Sheesh"

I was kinda thinking that about Antonio Banderas in that photo.... such a, how can I put it... flamboyant pose.

ecua said...

Jennifer Lopez is desperately trying to cling to her image from 1999! Get a grip, ho, you are a mom. Go home and try to be a good parent to your kids-you know your anorexic ex won't! They are both vile.

ecua said...

Oh-and Demi Moore is pathetic, too. No one wants to look at her odd, plastic face anymore, so she jumps into pics with as many popular, young stars as she can. I bet she thinks she and Lea Michelle look like sisters in that pic instead of mother and daughter!

figgy said...

And yeah, James Gandolfini's kids are THE CUTEST celebrity kids ever! They even have innocent normal kid smiles, imagine that.

pusssykatt said...

The son is James' but who is the young girl? James has one child, and I can't find where Deborah has any children.

Bubbles said...

I dont think JLH is dining alone; someone is sitting next to her but something about the angle of the photo isnt flattering her face one bit.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Anne's sister is gorg!

Chord looks a little rough there.

Is Pan Am good? I have it DVR'd b/c my husband wanted to see it but I haven't watched it yet.

@ureallyannoyme - I was about to say the same thing about the Fiat commercial! So annoying! What annoys me the most is at the end, they have this build up like she is going to break it down and all she does is a sideways fist pump!!! Weak, J-Lo, weak! ;)

What do you mean at dinner alone? It looks like someone is sitting directly beside her!


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