Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Ryan Gosling and George Clooney together? Top spot for sure.
Meanwhile, Stacy Keibler waits off to the side.
I thought this was a pretty cool photo of Anna Faris.
Ashton Kutcher does not seem to care about anything except smiling big with Ryan Seacrest as he shows off his new plate.
The Bangles - Los Angeles
Bai Ling shows off her new mohawk.
Love Chris March. Andy Cohen is not too bad either.
The mysterious hand finally gets his shot at fame as he goes for a grope of Evan Rachel Wood followed by
Marisa Tomei.


RocketQueen said...

Love Tomei's dress.

Keibler, on the other hand, needs a wardrobe allowance from Clooney. All of her clothing looks cheaply made.

ForSure said...

Congrats on the bebe RQ. :)

Unknown said...

Stacy Keibler needs to get a new stylist.

bluebonnetmom said...

George should NEVER pose beside Ryan again. Ryan looks extremely good(I am seriously jealous of anyone who has had a evening naked with that man). George just looks old. And I love bad boy George....Stacy does need a new stylist.

califblondy said...

Does Marisa show-up for every opening?

Will Bai Ling ever go away?

RocketQueen said...

Tomei's in this movie, califblondy ;)

Also, I wanted to say that I don't think many men could pull off a green suit. I don't LOVE it here on Gosling, but I like that he's giving it a shot.

RocketQueen said...

Oh, and thanks FS!

califblondy said...

Thanks RQ, but she does seem to be at every premier. If Enty's right, maybe she's just looking for an open bar.

ecua said...

God, I bet Clooney is SO hot for Ryan Gosling! When on earth is he going to come out, already??!

Why Bai Ling???? Weren't her 15 minutes up sometime around 1989??

I like that look for Evan Rachel Wood (the hair.)

I think Stacy Keibler is in over her head, but damn, do I envy her her legs!!

girltrav said...

Oh yes RQ, congrats! I didn't get a chance to say so yesterday :(
Love Marisa's dress too!

Sylvia said...

Can't stand that idiot Azzton

Ice Angel said...

Are the Bangles playing their local elementary school gymnasium?? What's up with that???

Ice Angel said...

RQ Congrats? What's that for? Curious...but congrats anyway! said...

Stacy Keibler has legs for days.

Hurray for some Bangles!

Anonymous said...

I don't get the appeal of Gosling, I'd take George any day.

Evan Rachel Wood annoys me. She's a terrible actress and just seems the type that would do anything for attention.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I always thought Gosling was cute, but I was blown away by the hotness in Crazy, Stupid, Love.
@RocketQueen - I meant to ask you if you caught him on Conan a week or so ago when he was promoting Drive. He is hilarious.

I LOVE, LOVE Andy Cohen! He called out Patti Stanger for her remarks on WWHL.

mooshki said...

"I always thought Gosling was cute, but I was blown away by the hotness in Crazy, Stupid, Love."

Ditto! I never watched The Notebook (and never will, fuckin' Nicholas Sparks), so I'm late on the bandwagon, but I'm all there! It also helps that he looks like a grown up now - I just can't with early 20s guys - they look like babies to me. I thought he was awesome in Drive, too. The best part was imagining the shock all of those Notebook romantic girly girls probably felt over seeing their dreamboat smash a guy's head into mush, lol. After that scene, my bff said "he's officially forgiven for The Notebook."

Speaking of Marisa Tomei, I liked her in Crazy, Stupid, Love too, especially since it seemed like she might be playing herself, lol.

Tinnie said...

It's official: I need to sit down and watch that copy of Blue Valentine that I have laying around.

Lelaina Pierce said...

@Mooshki - I feel the same about Nicholas Sparks. For some reason I could stomach him in HS & read Message in a Bottle & The Notebook but everything else I've read makes me CRAZY. Too mushy or sad. BUT that being said, The Notebook (movie) is SO good. The chemistry between McGosling is amazing. But I understand the boycott. ;)

Marisa Tomei was so good as batsh** crazy in CSL. So funny!


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