Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

If you watched Real Housewives last night I bet you are still feeling the pain of what Adrienne and Paul felt. Can you imagine spending an entire night with Kim Richards drunk or medicated off her butt like that? First of all I blame Adrienne who invited her. Well, probably a producer invited her but made it seem like Adrienne would. This is a game where you might get attacked by fans and you want to bring Kim? Drunk Kim? The same Kim who thought all the people at the game who wanted Adrienne's photo also wanted hers? The same Kim who told the same story at least four times that made it into the show. Can you imagine how many times she said it for real? Question. If your power goes out during the day on the entire block, how is it possible you cannot see to do your makeup but you can go to your neighbors and do it there? Has Kim heard of natural light? Does she not have any, but her neighbors have some? Does she think sun coming through windows is magic light?

Hey Taylor. Umm, could you have sold the information to the tabloids? Why does it have to be Lisa? Nice job by the producers to make it seem like it was Lisa with their careful editing and use of the word skinny by Lisa repeatedly. How about the fact you look 40 pounds thinner than you did last season and someone deduced you were not eating? Oh, speaking of Taylor she was the person I was most annoyed with last night. Not for being her usual annoying self, but for the person she brought with her to the fundraiser.

Did you see the woman who is Taylor's life coach? She had the blue Birkin. If you have not, go back and look. Taylor introduces her to Lisa and she does not stray from Lisa's side until the cameras go to Brandi when she is introduced to everyone. Whoops there she is again. All the women start talking smack about Brandi in front of the cameras? There she is again and throwing in her own jokes just so she really gets some airtime. She is even in the previews for next week.

Brandi, Brandi, Brandi. How did she meet Adrienne? No one ever answered the question and they do not seem like they would run in the same circles. I think it went like this.

Bravo Producer - Adrienne, this is Brandi, Brandi, this is Adrienne. Please bring her to Kyle's party.

Back to Brandi, Brandi, Brandi. Best lines of the show? Brandi. Love how she introduced Eddie Cibrian as the biggest douche bag ever and you can tell that Brandi can play with anyone and keep up. Note to Brandi. Umm, next time you have your confessional, it is okay to actually wear something over your bra. People will notice you anyway.

Tia and Tamera. I love you both. How you manage to talk at exactly the same time, in the same tone and with the same words is incredible. Plus you are funny and you should go on Andy's show every week. Usually the people Andy gets are really stiff or insult gays, Jews and smart women and when they play the game it is awkward and formal. Tia and Tamera were worth the wait.

One final note. Elliot Mintz. Umm, who hires you and why? Wow. You are quite possibly the worst PR person ever. Did anyone understand a word he said? I guess though when every word is alternated with a drink of wine, it can get a bit confusing.


joymama said...

Last night's is the last episode I will watch. It is painful to see these people be so shallow, mean and immature. Kyle has the meanestean girl laugh ever--loud and obnoxious.

joymama said...

Meanest mean girl....

selenakyle said...

Forgot to DVR it last night...aughh! Have to wait until this evening's rerun...

pegd said...

Agree Tia and Tamera were great! Very funny!

Get a Life said...

What I don't get is how Taylor had diaheria of the mouth with Kyle at Camelle's cabin and then tries to point the finger at Lisa for the tabloid story. Puhlease! Wasn't it obvious? Kyle is related to the most famewhoring of families who have probably already sold their souls plus 100 other's to the tabloids.

Mango said...

Damn, missed it again, and will have to catch it on the replay cycle. Which will happen, because that's how Bravo rolls.

But to the Maloof haterz, I like Adrienne and often wonder why she is slumming with these crew. I get that Lisa (another one I like) has time to kill, but why is Adrienne on this show? I find her smart and savvy and she has a certain reserve and dignity. But hey, Adrienne, please do not do ONE MORE THING to your face or you ~WILL~ look like that Madame puppet, as one CD poster so wisely said.

New Life and Attitude said...

I watched last night's episode and it was painful to watch Kim and her constant blabbering. I think Paul wanted to punch her at one point during the game. I agree - I think a producer made Adrienne take her. As someone who is a King's fan and lives in Sacramento, it was a very highly emotional game for everyone involved so I can't imagine that Adrienne wanted to take anyone to that game. I'm kind of torn on it though as a fan - I want to believe Adrienne was sincere about loving the fans but that the move was because of economics.

As for Taylor - I don't know who blabbed to the press, because it could have been any of them.

nunaurbiz said...

I still think Kim's got mental health issues and likely is self-medicating.

That said, I think Adrienne brought her as a self-sacrifice. Did you see how Kim had to walk before them? I think she was a decoy. then if the fans mobbed her, Adrienne could scream, "Dingo ate my castmate! Dingo ate my castmate!" (Yeah, I know the Sac Kings are "lions," but just imagine dingos.....)

Robert said...
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Robert said...

Mean girls is right!
Elliot Mintz is using references that only someone who was alive in the 70's, is in their 70's, or has even the vaguest sense of historical perspective would understand.
Poor Adwienne Mawoof! The entiwe expewience was emotionawy dwaining. Who is she, Elmer Fudd's daughter?

bandy said...

I agree w/Enty. I thought during the whole Taylor wondering who went to the tabloids drama, that it was Taylor herself, not Lisa. I think Lisa is way to classy to tattle to the media.

Jasmine said...

Finally- this episode was the best one so far...I am really glad Brandi is on now---the other women just arent doing it for me collectively anymore as a group and the show definitely needs some fresh air breathed into it.

It was obvious Adrienne was emotional about the possible move BUT Sac really does need more of the jobs that the sports team provides there rather than shitty LA. Economic purposes nonewithstanding- to me that just meant they wanted more of a greedy profit than what they were getting. Considering the Maloof money has to be split by all 3 kids and judging by Adrienne's excessive house/lifestyle- I think the descion the Maloof's make regarding the Sac Kings is going to be more about money and less about the humanity aspect. So I was uncomfortable with her story line in this episode.

Am getting bored with Camille- her martyered, 'brave' single woman face she is putting on is wearing thin. This is the only face she is showing and lord knows that woman can be a c--t! I find her tepid behavior this season more fake than Taylor's.

Taylor looks like an anorexic lizard and I think if she lived anywhere else besides LA, her emaciated plastic surgery ass would SHOCK other people in person.

I was surprised how much I liked Brandi-
I was surprised how much I disliked Kyle's whole mean girl shtick--her and Faye and Taylor and Taylor's friend were MEAN spirited regarding Brandi. It was sorta grating and shocking and very hard to watch.

Jasmine said...

oh yeah- and I dont think Lisa leaked shit
Taylor obviously has been telling everyone all over town about some parts of her marriage--she probably just said it somewhere and someone overhead at a party or something.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I figured the power outage thing was a lie. And wondered the same thing about getting ready just w/ natural light since it was in the daytime.

I somehow missed the life coach but I think she was on another episode?

Brandi def. came across better than I thought she would but mostly b/c the rest of the girls acted like such bitches about her.

I watched WWH and thought Tia/Tamera were hilarious. They were SOOO giggly though and the finishing each others sentences. It was quite entertaining. I wouldn't say EVERYONE Andy has on there is stiff. Neil Patrick Harris was great. Speaking of insulting people, I will NEVER forget Joe Gorga calling Rich Wakile an "Arab" who was in "Arr Queda."

I think Elliot Mintz had a lot of make up on. I thought the Taylor/Elliot kiss was super awkward/gross.

Barton Fink said...

Elliot Mintz scared me. I'm thinking of throwing out my volume 20 peroxide and my fake tanning products. He looked so scary. Taylor, standing beside him, looked like the face of natural beauty. That was a creepy scene.


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