Friday, January 20, 2012

No Plea Deal Yet In Aspen For Brooke Mueller

Eventually Brooke Mueller will get out of rehab and eventually she will face the court in Aspen Colorado. Despite there not being a plea deal yet in the case, there will be. This is the same court that let Charlie Sheen decide his own sentence which was basically to take a vacation. Not the prosecutor, but Charlie. Charlie told them what he was willing to do and made up his own rules and they went along with it. Threatening to kill your wife with a knife while you beat her does not really compare to drug possession. For that, Brooke will probably just have to say she is sorry and the court will be so happy with the apology they will give her a key to the city.

When Brooke gets out of rehab this will be a real test. She has never done the residential facility thing before and she is probably clean now for longer than she has been in years. You know Charlie is her trigger and she just cannot be with him or near him or she will use. So, how that all works out should be very interesting.


RocketQueen said...

I don't know if Charlie is her trigger. She had drug problems long before she met him. She's got a lifetime of trips to rehab behind her, and possibly ahead of her.

Lady J said...

Brooke's problem is hers and hers alone. Placing the blame on others does nothing but allow them to continue to pass the buck on others instead of where it needs to be, on them.
Her and Charlie are not good for each other, but because they have kids together they are forever connected. If she truly loved her children and want to see them grow up she would get her act together. But she is an addict, SHE won't be clean until SHE wants to.

Rose said...

It says a lot about a society that punishes more heavily for carrying drugs than for violent crimes like assault against your wife.

selenakyle said...

ITA, Rose. It's disturbing.

Alicia said...

So true Lady J.. People and situations can be triggers but no one is responsible for ones relapse. Shes been around the block and knows what to do if she feels she wants to use. I wish her luck.. For those babies sake.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

This story makes me cringe.

Where are her kids? Who is taking care of them?

Actually, every story involving CS or any of his ex-wives/goddesses makes me roll my eyes and make involuntarily stupid faces at my computer screen.

There are, what, 5 kids now... all around this crazy mess of a family. Tsk. Hope they have Mary Poppins as a nanny.


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