Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills Re-Casting

Camille Grammer says that producers of the Real Housewives told her they are looking at other housewives and my recast Camille. I think that is a bad idea. Sure, she went from the center of everything last year and must see television to a much much quieter background person on par with Adrienne, but she did call out Taylor and told the truth when it needed to be told. Plus, she kind of grows on you. Camille says she wants to come back for a third season and so does Kyle Richards. Kyle though says she is more interested in helping her sister Kim Richards stay clean and sober after rehab. Not sure if I believe that is Kyle's number one priority. Call me what you will, but did you get the feeling Kim's sobriety was number one on Kyle's list this season?


WednesdayFriday said...

Dear Bravo, please dump Taylor.

Laura said...

I agree, get rid of Taylor and keep the rest including Brandie.

Terri said...

no Taylor, phase Kim out, and get rid of Dana.

Taylor said...

Get rid of Taylor, Kim and Dana, please. Keep everyone else and bring back Brandi's friend Jennifer, too.

jensun said...

I agree: ditch Kim for her own health's sake (and because she's boring), get rid of Taylor because she scares me, get rid of Dana because... er, Dana who? Exactly. Yawn.

EmEyeKay said...

Please please please no more Taylor.

I want to see Kim get better, but I doubt that's going to happen if she stays on the show. I'll settle for reading about it.

Sherry R. said...

I'd be disappointed if Camillle was let go, she's still interesting to me.

To me, Adrienne adds the least to the show and should be let go. However, they have to keep Paul, Plastic Surgeon To The Stars.

Taylor makes my skin crawl and should go off in the sunset with that absolute creeep Kim was with this year.

I think in general they are going to have a lot more turn over on all of these Housewives shows.

Anonymous said...

Taylor should stay. God help her and her daughter but I hope they have a happy ending.

princessnikki said...

First of all...your right her or hate her, Camille does grow on you..I think she should stay!

Secondly, puhlease....Kyle could care less about her sister....she just wants her 2 minutes of fame...she needs to get off the show and go get a hair cut! That hair do, is so 2 decades ago!!!

crila16 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Brandi. She cracks me up. I like Camille soooo much this season too. I hated her last season and couldn't stand watching her. This season she's changed and I like her way better. It's almost like Kelsey brought out the worst in her.

Kyle is 2 faced, and no...I don't think Kim was a priority. Brandi called Kim out on her drinking and drugs...and Kyle attacked Brandi. If Kyle cared, she would have used that opportunity as an intervention. Lisa's awesome and Adrienne is awesome...I also love Paul. Can Taylor. I can't stand her.

Middle-aged Diva (Carol) said...

So tired of Kyle's constant crying about her sister. She does nothing else. Both those sisters need to move on. Taylor needs to move on, too. What exactly does Adrienne add? Paul adds more. Brandi's pretty interesting, as is Camille--the producers are clearly out of touch with their audience. And did I miss why folks are referring to Ken as "Ken"? Is that not his real name? That was a very strange pairing.

Diane said...

Kyle is vile. Hate her!

crila16 said...

Do you think Brandi looks at Kyle and thinks of Demi?

Cancan said...

I don't want to see anyone on this show unless their net worth is at least $30 million. Basically I want the Robin Leach show.

Keep Lisa, Camille and Adrienne. Drop the others.

Lori said...

I like Camille... granted, I only started watching this season, but I really dont get why Taylor is on. she doesn't seem to add anything to their dynamic except fake tears and trouty mouthed whining. ugghh. Don't like Dana or Kim, either. I am, however, a big fan of Brandi and would like to see more of her friend and former sober house matron, Jenn.

New Life and Attitude said...

It's hard for me to say to can any of them because some of them are trainwrecks and I love a good trainwreck (makes my own messed up life seem so much better). But I have to admit it is painful to watch Kim and Taylor. And it seems in the last few episodes that Dana has kind of fallen to the wayside. I love the addition of Brandi though.

Susan said...

Good lord, Bravo. You're going to get rid of Camille?!?! WTF. If I have to see Taylor, Kyle or Kim cry their eyes out one more week, I'm going to need to self medicate myself while watching this snoozefest.

This week's epi was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever seen on Bravo. I mean, it was even worse than when Theresa's daughter "sang" that self-written song in the pizza shop on Jersey.

BH is so fucking depressing, it is making me SO impatient for Jersey to come back. Actually, I really just need Mad Men to come back on so I have something intelligent to watch. These bitches make me hate myself.

The histrionics at the parties are over the top. Taylor makes everything about herself. I can not for the life of me understand why she would put herself and her daughter through this if her marriage was truly in shambles.

Everything this season seems so fakety fake except for Kim's uberobvious drug addiction. I feel like Bravo is aiding and abetting an addict.


Unknown said...

the "Malania (sp)" New Jersey song-THE BEST of THE WORST!

Sis said...

Love Camille, Brandi, and Lisa! Painful to see Kim's struggle and Kyle only cares about herself and her 15 minutes, after all it was Kim who got them famous. Taylor needs to get her life together, and hopefully she will.

No Dana, no Faye (she keeps showing up), I hope they are not adding her. Adrienne is finally showing some backbone in this last episode in making Taylor acknowledge and apologize for her husbands nasty emails through the position it put the girls in (based on what Taylor had been telling them).

I love Lisa's sense of humor.

nolachickee said...

Camille has grown on me too. I agree with the majority of you - get rid of Taylor. She's so wimpy and spineless that it's not even funny when someone picks on her.

Kyle is a straight up mean girl who makes herself her number one priority at all times. I think that deep down she hates Kim, or at least doesn't like her on some level. Yeah, Kyle defends Kim when others attack her. But when Kyle feels like laying into Kim, she does it with 110% energy and tears Kim up like a vicious animal.

Did you see the episode where Kyle and Kim are in a clothing store and Kim breaks down in tears? You can tell that Kyle is annoyed and doesn't want to be in that moment with her sister. Help Kim stay clean - my ass she wants to do that.

flip said...

I am so glad it's virtually unanimous to FIRE TAYLOR. I have read so much about her grifting ways, she does not deserve to be paid for this gig. She needs a real job, but we all know she'll just marry a skeezy rich guy. I do not care for Kyle either, she is probably the most obvious of the famewhores. I don't think they'll let her or Mauricio go, though. I think Andy Cohen likes Mauricio topless.

I pretty much agree with @Cancan, let this be the one franchise where the principals really are wealthy. Love seeing Lisa's house and Adrienne's over the top taste in interior design (Faux French Louis XVI?)

Mary Ann said...

They need to let Kim go for her own good. They need to let Taylor go for the good of the show. They need to fling Dana ("These glasses? $25,000.") as far away as possible for the sake of my sanity.

Jasmine said...

Lol, Flip, agreed that Adrienne's taste is odd and tacky, which I would assume would be hard to pull off with all that money/decorators but who knew?

It's like faux french louis with a gothic tacky twist. EW. It's almost as bad as her make-up choices. Seriously it's in the middle of the day and you're wearing heavy dark eyeshadow and lip liner that is so dark Helen Keller could see it, sheesh.

I think Taylor should go BUT it would be amusing if she was reduced to a secondary character ala Dana/Faye/Brandi and was on only sporadically. What a blow to the ego that'd be for her, well deserved I think.

Im actually worried only Kyle and Camille will be left on. I really want Lisa, Adrienne's tacky ass and Paul to be back. Kyle is so so mean and yet so pretty, it's mesmerizeing to watch her be mean. Like staring into the eyes of a gorgeous but deadly snake :))

Oh yeah, and make Brandi a lead character! But she has to always wear that painted on cindy crawford esqe mold on her face, please god

Jasmine said...

LOL, mole not mold
freudian slip me thinks haha

rareavis said...

Oh wow. You guys have tons to say about RHOBH. I am a superfan. Here's my 2 cents.
I think Lisa is the star of the show. She has the most interesting friends, she runs 2 huge hits of ubertrendy LA restaurants, and she's fun.
I CANNOT stand Kim. She sucks the air out of every room she's in. Taylor does the same thing. I am in favor of throwing them both off. They won't with Taylor though. It would be a huge publicity mess for them. Kim though, it's ENOUGH with the coke.
Kyle again interesting friends (sorta), cool husband, nice kids.
Camille is wonderful. She called Taylor out, she called Kyle out. For God sakes, whose gonna do that?

Lisa, Adrienne, Camille has the real money on the show. Keep them, everyone else, meh.

Although that Brandi's a loose cannon, in a good way.

foofoogirl said...

Must dump Kim for her own good, although how is she going to make any $$ to support herself. But she was not a major character b/c she NEVER could show up this season. I still do not know what her "drug of choice" was and am curious. I agree Kyle is fun to watch and it cracked me up about if Brandi thinks about Demi when she sees her!

Jaded said...

I think most of them do add something to the show, love them or hate them, but please, please, please get rid of Dana. She adds nothing, is clearly a social climber and sooo focussed on what everyone has and what it costs it drives me insane. I also can't stand the sucking up she does to be with the 'in' crowd

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Oh God, if they ditch Lisa, I'm done with this show FOREVER. Adrienne is boring alone, but great with Paul. And they need Brandi -- she's waaaaay too entertaining to let go.

NO ONE likes Taylor. She needs to tuck her lying tail between her legs, and get the hell out of this franchise.

I'll miss Kim's Jerri Blankish ways and her hideous gold shirt, but I think she needs to get out of the reality show biz for her own health and to save whatever shreds to sanity she might have left.

Kyle? *ZZZZZZZ* Her husband is hot, but so what? I don't watch RHOBH for the eyecandy. I honestly care more about Giggy's outfits. In fact, a button on one of Giggy's tuxes has more of a personality than Kyle.

Camille is responsible for the phrase "morally corrupt Faye Resnick," and is constantly dropping hints as to how tiny Kelsey's peen is. And I appreciate all that. So, basically, she needs to stay.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

*shreds OF sanity.

I get really excited whenever I talk about this show. Sorry.

Cheryl S said...

I liked Taylor on Season 1, but can not stand her now. Camille needs to stay, would like to see the new hunky boyfriend show up in Season 3.

Lelaina Pierce said...

They need to fire Taylor and Kim, so they can both handle their own personal issues. Anyone see Andy Cohen call out Taylor on WWHL for bringing her shrink to Lisa's party?

Lisa is my favorite. I like Brandi for the fact that she calls these women out on their BS (even though I thought calling Kim's boyfriend a gay bull mastiff was a bit harsh).

I think Kyle is full of shit. :) And if I was Mauricio, I'd be pretty ticked off that so much drama had to surround Kim/Kyle on his Hawaii b-day weekend. My GOD that man is beautiful.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I stopped watching BH because of Taylor, so if they get rid of her they'll get at least 1 viewer back.

car54 said...

I kind of doubt Kyle will leave voluntarily--she loves the fame the show has brought them. I hope Taylor and Kim will drop out for sure. Kim for her own sake, Taylor because I don't think I can stand anymore.

I would like to see Brandi made an official housewife and Dana can go--she was kind of awful.

mooshki said...

The original article about this is b.s. Bravo didn't tell her specifically they were thinking about cutting her, they told her they were interviewing for new HWs, and hadn't made ANY decisions about who's coming back. Camille is in the exact same boat as everyone else on the show.

I really doubt Taylor will be back, because her drinking is apparently out of control. After what they just went through trying to film Kim, I don't think there's any chance in hell they'll take a risk on her, no matter how much they love her drama. If Taylor does come back, they have to keep Kyle around as well, because she cries enough tears to make up for all the ones Taylor can't manage to produce.

They are considering doing a spin-off for Lisa that revolves around the staff of Sur. If you check out the restaurant's website, the staff photos make it look like it's a cabaret. I think the whole business with the waitress who was Eddie's mistress was a setup that may have been part of testing the waters for a possible spinoff. Cedric's appearance definitely was. He posted emails from Bravo to his agent saying that if he and Lisa reconciled, he might have a place on her new show if they decide to greenlight it. If they don't go with the spinoff, Lisa needs to come back for the next season. I love her and Ken, and Giggy, of course.

I don't think it looks good for Brandi - when Mauricio said she was his least favorite housewife, Andy just about sprained something blurting out that she isn't a "real" housewife.

p.s. Damn you all for getting me hooked on this stupid show.

Mango said...

They need to ditch the fuck out of Taylor, Kim and that hanger-on, Dana.

Kim is a total train wreck and I felt sorry for her for a long time, until I saw how disrespectful she was to Pumice in front of her makeup artist while she was getting ready for Lisa's restaurant grand opening. "Charge my cell phone, get me a soda. What... no ice??" She was a real twat to him. He's no prize but c'mon!

I like Camille this season, now that she's been humbled somewhat. Brandi is fun. They need to keep her, especially since it must bug the shit out of LeAnn that she's on the show.

Loooove Lisa, especially her talking head segments. She's warm and funny.

Katja said...

I agree with everyone.

The only thing I have to add is that Marecio has the BH Real Estate show with his young agents. Isn't that enough Andy???? Just have him show clients how to use the pool now and again :)

Please get rid of the dead wood that is Kyle, Kim, mastiff, Talyor, Dana and Faye.

Robert said...

Kim's substance abuse is Vyle's bread and butter. She called Kim's boyfriend "manipulative," but I don't think she cares about Kim being manipulated as long as SHE's doing the manipulating. That last episode, Kim was a MESS.
Taylor is just pitiful; Adwienne's kind of boring, as Camille is for me; Lisa and her hubby seem like the most level-headed, and Brandi seems somewhat taken with herself. (Where's Wayland Flowers when you need him?)

Elizabeth said...

I think Andy lurvs Kyle and Mauricio. And I think Kyle is viciously jealous of Brandi. If I were to choose, I would so choose Brandi over Kyle. And truth be told, I don't think Mauricio is all that. He's a weird little mama's boy with a metro streak. I much prefer Paul, then Ken and Mauricio a distant last.

I like Lisa, Camille, Brandi and Paul best. Then Adrienne and Ken. Last would be Kyle and Mauricio - they can stay or go. Kim is tragic (what's with the white flower?) and Taylor and Dana should go.


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