Sunday, December 07, 2014

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Mr. X

May 16, 2014

Which R&B songstress once cursed out her A/V guy after a lipsync performance went awry?

Mariah Carey


allthesun said...

I wonder if Mariah is the new Milli Vanilli from the ongoing blinds. I figured it was just Britney, but then there was that story this week about her sounding awful after her voice was isolated....

Ay said...

There are plenty of videos on YT of Mariah sounding just fine. NBC only put out that video of her sounding a hot mess because they were pissed she cancelled on them the day before.

Erin said...

Finding out J Lo or Britney are frauds wouldn't be THAT much of a surprise.

The country would collectively shit it's pants if it were Mariah. I think you're on to something, @allthesun!


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