Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mr.X Blind Items Revealed #2

October 24, 2014

What B-list R&B singer's PR people are good at masking the truth? There were no A-list guests at that recent bash he threw, just his family members and a couple of close non-celebrity friend. In fact, the A-listers barely know him.

Robin Thicke/divorce party


WTH R U Doing said...

1.) The A to Z listings are random and arbitrary on this site.
2.) Please do some cursory research on him before you write about him so you don't look as ill-informed. A-Listers barely know him? So the people's whose songs he's featured on and have featured on his songs etc. don't count?

I mean it's pretty clear that there's some bias against him on this site. He may not be a great guy (he probably isn't) but at least, when you're criticizing him, get some of the background info accurate so that you don't look as blatantly ill-informed and so the items seem plausible. At least this time you didn't refer to someone with multiple top 10 albums (multiple Gold and Platinum records, too) as a "one-hit wonder".

Shakeandbake said...

I am no fan of Enty, but chill out man. The A-listers being referred to here are Leo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy, neither of whom have any musical connections to Thicke (despite T-Hard's passion for rap), but were widely name dropped for his divorce party. An easy google search too much for you?

WTH R U Doing said...

Oh please. I am not even agitated. Nonetheless, a cursory Google search for you would have indicated that Leo partied with him before for his birthday party earlier that year (I have no clue why you made me Google that) but also worked with his dad for years on Growing Pains so they probably know each other a bit.

Anyhow, my issue is not even that. It's the general shoddy nature of the site. Whether it's the many poorly written items, the inconsistent categorization, or items that are revealed multiple times as multiple different people - it gets to be annoying at some point. I mean the site is a distraction but, at least, they should try a little bit to up the site quality. I've read it for several years and rarely comment but, eventually, even a patient person needs to say something.

Eros said...

is an easy google search too much for you? LOL you need to chill out man. Leo was also on Growing Pains which starred Robin's father.. BOOM YOU LOSE lol lol

Avivasleg said...

is an easy google search too much for you? LOL you need to chill out man. Leo was also on Growing Pains which starred Robin’s father.. BOOM YOU LOSE lol lol

Penelope 2 said...

He threw a divorce party? What a lister would attend a divorce party??

aemish said...

And who throws a party for getting divorced when they spent like a year publicly begging their spouse not to get divorced? LAME

Malibuborebee said...

WTH picks Robin fucking Thicke to wig out over after reading here for years?

Um... okay. He's douchetastic!

Shhh... said...

Agree completely WTH R U Doing. Robin Thicke may be a dbag, but he has been in the industry a long time, even before hitting gold with Blurred Lines. People in the entertainment industry def know who he is. Whether he is well-liked or not, well, that's another matter.


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