Monday, October 26, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #1

August 27, 2015

This foreign born B list mostly movie actor has not done much since his decade long franchise ended. He sure is enjoying the fame it is bringing him while filming out of the country. He has been having so much sex that he has been late to set or leaving early. He really has gone crazy.

Rupert Grint


Violet said...

Young single man has sex shocker.

sandybrook said...

He looks nearly as bad as Ed Sheeran, maybe hes hung like Fassbender or Hammaconda.

HH314 said...

Let the ginger enjoy this time while it lasts

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

Rupert hasn't done much since the "Harry Potter" movies ended???

Let's take a look at his filmography:

Into The White 2012
American Dad! (TV Series) 2012
Charlie Countryman 2012
Underdogs (English version, voice) 2013
CBGB 2013
Super Clyde (TV Pilot) 2013
Postman Pat: The Movie 2013
Moonwalkers 2014

And, before the end of the ten-year success of the "Harry Potter" movies, he did:

Thunderpants 2002
Driving Lessons 2006
Cherrybomb 2009
Wild Target 2010

And there was also a West-End play and a Broadway play in there.

That seems a pretty respectable run, to tell you the truth.

H2O said...

You are so tedious with the facts JAS. :)

Hegg said...

He keeps working on his craft and doesn't just wait for his checks to come in, which at his age, would be likely. That is what my lazy azz would have done. Enty really needs to fact check first!

Crackblind said...

Also, he had a really good pilot 2 years ago that CBS passed on called Super Clyde. It also had Stephen Fry in it. It was a helluva lot better than what was picked up.


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