Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #3

August 10, 2015

It is really splashy and the internet is talking about it, but just like everything in this B list rapper’s life, it is all for show and leased, not owned.

Tyga presenting Kylie Jenner with a Ferrari. 


sandybrook said...

Enty Im waiting for you to re-visit the Chriss Angel married BI you're bragging about over there ----------> on the twitter twats area.

Marianne said...

I'm shocked!! I never would have guessed that one.....he has his sugar "baby" literally. Or shall I say sugar teenager..

Tumblr said...

I followed that blind before, only because I know the guy Criss Angel's wife was with, at the time they had an affair. Anyway, been talking to Carrington (the guy) and yeah, lil Johnny Jay has cancer. Even Shaunyl's friends Loni Jane and Vanessa Prosser have mentioned the situation. Only now admitting the fact that indeed Shaunyl is married to Criss Angel. You can actually view their wedding pics in her friends' accounts except the groom was never pictured.

back again said...

Actually,that picture of Chriss Angel holding his lil' angel Johnny after his 4th Chemo treatment made me teary-- wish them the best.

TheCousinEddy said...

Re: Criss Angel. I remember commenting on that blind somewhere along the way because a commenter using the name "Shaunyl" pretty much laid the whole thing out. I laughed when it showed-up in the mainstream media recently because i thought it was already common knowledge. Say what you will about Enty, but more times then naught, he is correct with his blinds, especially recently: see Goop & Coldplay, Ben & Jen, Halle & Olivier, etc, etc. Just wondering when Nicole and her Madden brother will announce their inevitable separation/divorce.


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