Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Kindness

December 3, 2015

Finally this B+ list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show spent money on something other than the pap who takes her photo every day. Our actress, appearing at charity event for kids, had a moving truck pull up to the offices of the charity a few hours before the event and unload over two thousand unwrapped toys for kids. Get this. It was the second time in two weeks she did it. Impressive.

Emmy Rossum


sandybrook said...

Your fingers must be aching after typing out that name Enty. But you probably think she did it for the publicity and acclaim.

LadyWawa said...

Her fiancé gave a very touching shout out to her at the Golden Globes. Maybe he is having a good influence on her. Love looks good on her.

back again said...

Kudos Emmy!This is a great Kindness Reveal
i don't care about all of Enty's bias,I like her and she's no slouch.She does not simply get by on daily calls to the Paps as Enty constantly insinuates.She's quite bright,a good actress & she's got a beautiful voice.I think some forget that she was classicly trained & sung with the likes of Pavarotti long before she acted or was a twinkle in the Pap's eyes.
And,not for nothing but she looked great at the GG & her fiancee is a talented writer & seems humble & kind.I'm happy for her

lila fowler said...

I laughed at Ricky's joke at the GGs that some who were there weren't nominees but had married a nominee. Camera should have panned to her at that point. Or Amanda Peet.

carey said...

emmy has always seemed like a genuine person tbh, not a fame whore

Spook said...

I was thinking of Amber Heard, honestly.


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