Monday, February 29, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 7, 2016

This very young openly gay foreign born A- list singer was A list for a brief time but needs some new music to keep from falling down the list. He paid for two men in their 50’s to go home with him the other night. Our singer has never been with anyone his own age.

Sam Smith


Cinabun said...

He's talented but so are 1000s of others. He likes older guys? So do I. And?

Ms. Anne Thrope said...

sorry, I'm not a fan of his. He thinks his sh*t doesn't stink. I watched back the Oscars after I got home last night. I enjoyed watching him make a complete fool of himself. His performance was so blah. That Bond song was HORRIBLE and it was agony when that piece of junk song won the Oscar. Somebody paid a lot of money for that award. Most overrated person in music.

Ms. Anne Thrope said...

and Enty, from what I've heard Sam ISN'T that young. A lot of people say he lies about his age & is really 10 years older than he says he is.

sandybrook said...

He's too busy getting $hitfaced to even want to do more music. He gets wasted everywhere he goes.

nancer said...

i thought he sounded bad and he looked bad too.

Sbreezy29 said...

That song and performance were both boring! Gaga was to theatrical, I wish The Weekend would have won! He came off a little full of himself during his speech, he's very bland!

cebii said...

He certainly doesn't look 23, 33 makes more sense.

Guidedog said...

Watching him give himself a pat on the back for being the first openly gay person to get an Oscar. How adorably self-involved. Let Elton John be the first to crush this one-note talent.

Mrs.K said...

Sam Smith will never fall of the A-list. He is too talented for that. He is going through a weird phase since he lost so much weight and can attract more men. Let him have it. He is still young and we all do and say weird and stupid shit in our 20's. He is only 23!!!

Cupcakes4all said...

he's overrated and he can't sing EVERYTHING as evidenced at the Oscar's.
that kind of song is not for his voice it was horrid.

unimpressed w/his hoe hopping and self importance.
others have noticed he is full of himself.

He is not the first GAY anything.

that guy HAS to at least be 30, 23?? LOL!!!
NO celeb tells the real truth about their age, everyone knows that.


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