Saturday, August 27, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 31, 2016

With her doctor here not extending any further credit to her, this foreign born one hit wonder turned reality judge had to resort to seeing a new doctor while she was traveling. That doctor will quickly find out the singer has no money to pay. She basically did an ad for her regular doctor. Any referrals from the ad he will deduct from her six figure bill.

Iggy Azalea


Ettacettera said...

What kind of doctor runs an iggy-ad?

glue said...

She's, this is boring unless we know the scoop. What type of doctor? Is it for plastic surgery? Or is she addicted to Oxy? Ritalin? This blind reveal is "meh," w/o details.

AC said...

Conflicts with previous blinds saying the nose and chin job was a christmas gift/suggestions from her at the time boyfriend. Unless we are just talking fillers.

Bibsee said...

She's done most of her body incl her butt though.


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