Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blind Item #1

This initialed rapper/actor/reality star is going to go ballistic when he finds out his wife slept with an A lister from a different corner of the entertainment world. It doesn't matter that our rapper has slept with hundreds of women during his marriage, he expects his wife to stay faithful.


Soapy said...


sandybrook said...


Barbara RiceHand said...

Yeah. When I hear TI complain about his wife and Floyd Mayweather. I'm like 'hello!' You are a man whore. Pot calling kettle black.

david said...

Double Standard?
'I do as I want.'
'You do as I want.'
An example of a weak and disrespectful man.

(Just my two cents. Stepping down from my soap box now.)

AndrewBW said...

They all do.

RenShaw said...

Yeap, it's them, TI and Tiny. I saw a video clip of a naked woman rolling on the floor while the couple enjoy the scenery. Carry on.

Dream said...

I doubt you will be off the soapbox long.

Hot Cola said...

Stake him through the heart, Girl!


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